September 23, 2015


Today marks 10 years of this weird, random little blog.  TEN YEARS.  In some ways, how has 10 years gone by?  In other ways...who was that person who posted that first time all those years ago?

Obviously I don't post here very often any more.  Instagram sort of took over my blogging obsession.  And I just felt a change and didn't feel the need to write all the nonsense I used to write anymore.    As I've learned to say from one of my favorite blogs, "that's okay."  There are seasons to our creativity just like there are seasons in life.  Maybe one day I'll be creatively pulled towards blogging again.  Maybe not.  But no matter what, I have years and years of records/posts of who I was.  Almost the entirety of my 30's were documented in posts here.  I started at age 28.  In some ways I don't even remember being 28.  In others, I feel exactly the same as that young girl.

I'm so thankful for this tiny space though.  Thankful for the photos of cherished times.  Thankful for the lists upon lists of the things I was excited or obsessed over.  It's a strange thing to come face to face with yourself 5 or 8 years ago.  Hear your voice in the words.  Remember the emotions that flooded your heart.  Realize you are no longer that person, but that person is still inside of you.  See how you have grown and learned and changed.  I love having that record.  I love reading the old posts.

My mind still swims with blog post ideas.  Ideas for subjects I want to explore like being single in your late 30's or writing short stories.  Maybe one day that will happen.  Who knows.  But no matter what, I'll still feel the thrill of having a place where the words can spill out if I need them to.

Happy 10th, little Cottage Girl blog.  I'm so glad you exist.