January 31, 2010


I haven't been really living at my Cottage since Friday. With no heat, it is simply unbearable. I mean WITH heat it is still cold in the winter. But without it, even a small electric heater can't take the chill away. I can see my breath in my living room. That just doesn't seem proper, does it?

Thankfully (I'm trying desperately hard to be thankful and content in this situation, but I'm failing miserably), we do live at camp, which means there are many options of places with warm beds. So my roommate and I packed up and moved into the Lodge.
I actually lived in this building when I first moved here. The Cottage was still full of people, so I occupied the 7th window from the right on the second floor of the Lodge. I saw one of the most amazing meteor showers I've ever seen from that window. I could lie on my bed and see out those that big window. Oh, and this side of the building faces this....
...the water view, not the children. Although, in the summer, it does have a view of them too.

Anyway, this year, the Lodge got a geo-thermal heating and air conditioning system. That means it's toasty warm (most of the time) in the winter now. And it has air conditioning in the hot, hot summer.

When the heat in the Cottage decided to be difficult and I couldn't handle not feeling my fingers and toes anymore, my roommate and I packed up and moved out. Not very happily.

You see, I love being home. I LOVE it. I'm a home-body. I don't need a lot to be content. But take away my one refuge and I go crazy. Literally. This little annoyance has been of epic proportions in my head. I'm so frustrated that the problem can't be fixed. I'm frustrated that our house can't handle a little space heater. I'm frustrated that God just won't answer my simple prayer of fixing my heat and letting me relax at home after a stressful week of work.

It's been tough to be patient and not yell at the heater service people. It's been hard to be gracious to them and show them the love of Jesus when they are rude and VERY un-helpful. It's been hard to just be accepting of this situation.

I've realized how much I need to work on in my life. Little things like this throw me into craziness and that just can't happen. God is in control. He knows exactly what He's doing. Why do I lose it when something doesn't go my way?

Because I'm selfish. It always comes back to that doesn't it.....

January 30, 2010


It's 19 degrees.

It's been snowing all day.

We now have about 7-8 inches.

More is coming.

I've been working 10-12 hour days since Wednesday with no end in sight.

I'm tired.

The heat is our house is broken.


For the 3rd time this month.

You can't feel your nose or fingers if you sit in the cottage for more than 15 minutes.

It's supposed to be 10 degrees tonight.

My patience is gone.

Was Sundance really less than a week away?!

January 29, 2010

The very best thing about Sundace....

....wasn't the movie stars and world premieres. Don't get me wrong....they were great and all. But they just didn't compare to some face to face time with this kid.

Golly....I miss him. He was such a peach. He got our tickets weeks early so we could see the movies we wanted to see. He took his two "off" days during the festival when I was there and came to see movies with us. He went out to eat with us. He gave us all kinds of inside info about the festival.

I love him. I miss him. And I'm so darn proud of him.

January 28, 2010

Can we talk Jane Austen for a moment?


Now, I know I haven't finished my Sundance debrief, but can we switch gears and talk Jane Austen for a moment? Please?!!

I didn't fall in love with her beautiful stories until I was older. I was much more into L.M. Montgomery (my all time favorite author) and Louisa May Alcott. And truth be told, I'm still not a big "romance" genre girl. Movies, books or otherwise. I tend to steer very wide around them almost every time.
But Jane Austen...I've come to love her and become enveloped in her stories like so many 1,000's of people have over the last few hundred years. There is something about her characters that just stand the test of time.

So tonight, as I was watching the newest Emma (have you watched it?!!) with my roommate, I said to her, "I don't think I could pick a very favorite male character of hers. There are so many."


I love Mr. Knightley, Edward Ferris, Colonel Brandon and Edmund Bertram. All of them for different reasons, but I think these are my favorites. I don't think I could choose between them.

Dear sweet Edward who is so kind and generous even though he may be keeping a secret he regrets.

Adorable Edmund, who befriends lonely Franny and can't help but fall in love with her.

Colonel Brandon who is so patient with crazy, impulsive Marianne.

And Mr. Knightly who is so understanding of bratty Emma. He loves her in spite of her haughtiness.

Ok, I'll stop. Because goodness knows, Jane Austen is over done now-a-days.

But could you tell me, do you have a favorite?

Who would you choose?

And please will you all tell my sister that she is crazy for refusing to watch Pride and Prejudice? I've tried everything under the sun and I just can't bear the thought of her missing such a wonderful, addicting film! I can't turn the channel any of the 1,000 times it's on TV, for gracious sake!

ps...to answer your question, Audrey, no I haven't seen Lost in Austen. When is it on and what is it about? I have a tough time with "Austen" copy stuff. Is it like those things?

January 27, 2010

I was not ready to leave

How could you be when your life consists of movies, celebrity sightings, dinners with your brother, free bus rides, tea in local coffee shops more than once a day and warm furry boots....all contained in one of the cutest, most charming small towns in America besides the one I live in.

Everyone needs to see Park City in the winter, whether they go to Sundance or not. You'll fall in love with it too.

January 26, 2010

"my head is starting to get fuzzy"

Name that movie.

My dear brother gave me a wonderful send off gift. A cold, complete with runny nose and stuffy head. Thanks for sharing, little brother. At least it didn't start until the day I flew home.

So with a fuzzy, cold-induced head, I'm going to tell you about the movies I saw while at Sundance. There's so much to say about each one, so I'll keep try to keep it short and just hope they all get picked up by a studio that will release it so every one else in the world can enjoy them....

We (my roommate and I) wait-listed this one. Wait-listing basically means that you show up 2 hours before the movie starts, get a voucher with a number on it, leave for a while and come back 30 minutes before the movie starts to stand in line and hope that there are enough empty seats in the theater for you to get in. We did, and I'm so glad!

I'll be honest. I don't know a great deal about world events. This one was completely unknown to me. It's like a story in a movie. Beautiful, smart woman, who is the daughter of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, becomes Prime Minister herself. I'm telling you, this is a great one. Tragically sad and SO, so well done.

This was the first movie we saw, and it was emotional. It's about a man who was sponsored as a little boy by a woman in Sweden. Kinda like Compassion, but not a Christian organization. The little boy grows up to work for the United Nations in human rights. He decides to start an organization that helps the kids in the village where he grew up. He wanted to help others like he was. He meets the woman who sponsored him years later and finds out that she was a Holocaust suvivor.
It was a beautiful story of hope. The director, the sponsored "boy," the lady who sponsored him and several other people in the documentary were there. Wow. You need to see this one if you have ever sponsored a child. I think it helps you realize what type of impact you can make on their lives.
This film was backed by HBO documentaries and will be shown this summer. It's definitely worth a watch!

An amazing documentary (we love us some documentaries!) on the public school system in America. This one was so well done. So thought provoking. Incredible.

We were lucky enough to have tickets for the premiere, so we got to see the director, Geoffrey Canada and Bill Gates. It was really neat to hear them talk about the film and answer questions that people in the audience had. I'm in awe of Bill Gates. The man is just super smart.
ps: if you listen to This American Life, you would remember Geoffrey Canada from the episode about The Baby College. And the program they did about the Rubber Room. Horrifying.

This was the first movie picked up at Sundance (by Paramount). It should get released across the nation, so be on the lookout for it.

I think anyone who has seen Kristen Stewart's haircut in the last few months has heard about this one. It's the story of the band The Runaways, Joan Jett's first band. We just happened to get tickets for the premiere, which meant it was a crazy madhouse. Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning, Michael Shannon, Joan Jett and Cherrie Currie were all there along with the director.

I'm gonna say this....I think Michael Shannon will get another Oscar nomination for this role. The 70's clothes and style will make a comeback. Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning will be "it" again. These are my predictions. Of course, it's also possible that people will just hate it, but those are my opinions.

I'll also give this disclaimer, the movie will be rated a very strong "R" unless they delete a bunch of scenes. (Sundance movies aren't rated) It is definitely a sex, drugs and rock-n-roll movie. That being said, I liked it. It's kinda weird and trippy and a little choppy in the story telling, but the performances are fantastic. The cinematography is great. You can see the trailer here.

It was really cool to see the actors. They all answered questions after the movie. I think Kristen Stewart was adorable. I've never been a huge fan of hers, but in interviews that I read of her, she seemed so normal and down to earth. She was so nervous at the premiere that it made her endearing. I also really liked her style. I think she was one of the people I was most surprised over after seeing them in real life.
Dakota was very poised and well spoken. She seemed to take on the "older" sister role between her and Kristen.
Joan Jett and Cherie....can you imagine watching a movie about yourself with other people playing you? Weird, right?! They both loved, loved the movie and had nothing but amazing things to say about the actors who portrayed them and the film itself.

We saw one other movie, but it wasn't that great. On the whole, I have to say, that seeing movies at Sundance is much more of an all-around "movie experience." There are so many documentaries too, which I love and rarely ever get to see in the theater (hear that Hollywood?!). Seeing a premiere is one of the coolest things ever. I love the question and answer sessions. I love that people are there because they love film; they love a good story. It was amazing. Sundance was fantastic.

And no, I wasn't ready to come home. I definitely would have stayed longer, if work and $$ would allow. And yes, I would definitely 100% do it again!

January 24, 2010

Spotted last full day here:

Dax Shepherd (was looking so hard for Kristen Bell, but no luck.)

Amber Benson (Tara from Buffy...anyone? Anyone?

ASHTON KUTCHER (that one deserves all caps)

Jessica Alba (she really is beautiful in person)

Kristen Stewart (I think I really love her style. She was adorable)

Dakota Fanning (she was a-mazing in the premier I saw her in. Wow.)

Joan Jett (can you guess what movie premiere I saw?)

Michael Shannon (he may be getting another Oscar nom soon.)

that is all. Be home tomorrow for proper reporting.

Bye Sundance!

watch tonight

I was sneaking this on Youtube in 10 minutes increments before I left for Sundance. Oh, it's so wonderful. If you love Jane Austen's Emma (even the Gwyneth Paltrow or Clueless variety), this is definitely one not to miss. It's charmingly fantastic. Can't wait to see all of this delightful new telling of Emma!

January 23, 2010

Spotted Day 3

Ok, ready for this? I'll do the ones you may know first...

Ben Affleck (he was being mobbed by people so the Bro ran down the street to figure out who was in the middle of the maddness. He's kinda tall.)

Ian Ziering (sp?) (of 90210 fame. He was just sitting in the artist gallery trying to look aloof. It took me a minute of casual staring to really realize it was him.)

Tony Hale (Buster of Arrested Development fame. He's adorable.)

Alan Tudyk (sp?) (of Firefly and Dodgeball fame. I admit I was totally geeking out over him. LOVE.)

James Franco (did you see him on 30 rock!)

Shooter McGavin (what's his real name? We saw him twice)

Adam ____ (Warren on Buffy) (brushed right by me)

and finally one you probably don't know but I was freaking out over....

Justin Lyons (he is a photographer in the Mammoth Men clan.)

That's it for now. When I get back I'll do a post on Park City itself. I'm in love with this place!


Two incredible documentaries. "A Small Act" and "Waiting for Superman."

Robert Redford. (Yes, indeed.)

Bill Gates. (Totally freaked out when I saw him 3 rows behind me at a movie.)

Mr. Canada (can't remember his first name) - the creator of The Baby College and the subject of one of my very favorite episodes of This American Life.

SNOW, snow and more freakin' snow. We're getting buried alive!

January 22, 2010

post ahead

Just a few quick things I found lately. Didn't want you to feel too neglected this week whilst I'm cell phone posting...

This beautiful idea found on Etsy (via Design is Mine). I think I would die of happiness with such a lovely gift.

When I get home, I want to check out all the links in this post. Especially that magazine.

Another beautiful wedding blog. If only I had an excuse to use such beautiful ideas!

My roommate and I are setting a date to go see the Tim Burton wonder in March. Can't wait!!!

This fantastic Tumblr full of inspiring images. I've already fave'd so many!

I just got this facial lotion this week and am already in love. Everything I ever get from this shop is exactly what it claims to be. And it always smells divine. All my face soaps come from here. Now my lotion too!

This post made my heart hurt for the little orphans in Haiti. Praying for their safe trip home to their mommies and daddies.

And speaking of orphans coming home, check out this adorable little one that will soon be making that long flight home with her mommy and big brother. Is she not one of the most beautiful little girls you've ever seen!

January 21, 2010

Sundance, Park City, Utah

I'm here!

It's snowing like crazy. The rental car is sitting in it's parking spot, and we (my roomie) and I are taking the FREE public transportation buses all over. Thank goodness cause the car is buried in snow and there still more falling!

It's beautiful here. Cute snowy and small towny. We haven't even really seen the mountains yet beacause it was dark when we landed last night and it's foggy and super snowy today.

But Main Street is charming. We sat a window table a local cafe having breakfast and watching some sort of...something...being set up. Lounge, interview center, photog backdrop. It was big whatever it was.

No celebrities yet, but it's just begun.

Right now we are warming up at the public library using the computers since neither of us own a laptop. It's quiet and lovely.

Tomorrow we start seeing movies and hang out with The Bro. I promise more updates via cell phone if anything exciting happens.


Cottage Girl

January 19, 2010

adieu, adieu, to you and you and you

Ok, friends.

I come to bid you adieu.

Jumping on the plane tomorrow morn.

Sundance is finally here.

This trip is YEARS in the making!

I'm just about packed. WARM cozy clothes with coats and gloves and scarves and sweaters. As much as I hate the cold, I'm so happy to see Park City in the winter.

I will have my eyes peeled for fun people. Got the book, journal, knitting and daydreaming face ready for many hours in coffee shops. Got my tickets for fun movies.

And to put the cherry on top.....a visit with The Bro! SO so excited to spend some time (when he isn't working like a crazy person) with that dear boy.

Since I don't have a laptop, you'll have to suffer though cell phone posts for a few days.

This is Cottage Girl signing off...for now....


January 18, 2010


I have realized recently that I must resign myself to being "old" by several standards.

#1. My favorite radio program is on NPR. I never miss a week (by way of the podcast) of This American Life.

#2. I have no clue, seriously, no clue what music is popular at the moment. I couldn't tell you who sings any song on the top 10 charts.

#3. I'm super excited for the new PBS (PBS!!!) presentation of a the BBC's new version of Emma. Jane Austen and PBS. Hmmm....

#4. I KNIT in my spare time and am currently deciding which project to take with me on the plane.

#5. My current project list includes sewing my own clothes and making terrariums.

#6. I will be 13 years older than the average age of summer staff this summer.

#7. I'm already wondering how in the heck I'm going to stay up for an 11:30pm showing of a Sundance movie I have tickets for.

#8. I have wrinkles. Sun wrinkles around my eyes. Or smile lines. These, I actually love because they remind me of summers at camp and laughter.

#9. My blue and purple hair is gone. I felt older the instant those streaks turned brown.

#10. I'm embracing my age instead of be-moaning it.

As I was making this list, I realized something though. I'm probably happier in my 30's that I have been in any other decade. I'm comfortable with who I am. I'm still wanting to change and grow in my relationship with God. I'm challenged in new ways. I'm content in a way I have never been.
I think these realizations only come with age, experience and living of life.

January 17, 2010

should have watched this the moment I felt stuck

It never fails to make the magic come back.

ps...I literally bawled when I read this. Praying so desperately for Haiti tonight.

January 15, 2010


I've been suffering from some major writer's/creative block the last few days.

Need some new inspiration.

Anyone have any ideas, blogs, photographers, websites, magazines, TV shows, movies etc...that have been inspiring them lately?

Being a creative person, this type of thing drives me insane! It's almost like being physically sick. You just feel horrible.

Your suggestions would be so very welcomed!

ps...maybe the answer is a vaca to a new place. Wait...Sundance is a mere 5 days away. Score!

January 14, 2010


I won't have time for a proper post tonight. Busy, busy.

I need a pair of sensible shoes to wear at Sundance. Warm, boots I would think. Or something like these. These are much prettier.

And, just in case you're wondering, My current crafty inspiration background noise is Veronica Mars season 1. It's just as delightful as the 30 other times I've watched it. And it's helping me knit some new super fun projects!


Cottage Girl

January 13, 2010


January 12, 2010

Camp is here....well, almost.

This month, we begin recruiting and hiring our summer staff. There are 7 of us that work full time/year round. There are another 10 or so that are part time and live on the property. In the summer, that number grows to about 70 people. Yes, 70! That means that much of the spring is not only spent registering campers, but recruiting staff.

Most of them are college kids, but not all. I actually didn't come here until I had graduated from college. I was so young then....young, short hair, less sun wrinkles and completely oblivious to the major life changes that would be-fall me after I stepped on to this property. But that's a another story for another time....

Back to my point. We have started hiring for the summer, and let me tell you, it's exciting! Returners are getting placed in new positions. New applicants who find us who find us in the most crazy of ways sometimes ("I found you when I researched Christian camps online" that's our summer director's story from 10 years ago), are sending in applications. They are from all over the country. They fill not only counseling positions, but kitchen jobs and programming jobs and life guarding and...and...and.

Every year, about this time, we also start to do the mental freak out of "how in the world will we find all the people we need to." And every year, God gently, lovingly reminds us that this isn't our ministry. We really aren't in charge. He's got everything under control. That's, by far, the coolest, awe-inspiring thing about the whole hiring process. As long as we are open to His leading, He will have exactly who He wants to be here. He will fill up those 70 spots with people from all over that are exactly what we need.

I just wanted to put that out there cause maybe one of those "somebodies" is YOU. Maybe you are supposed to be here this summer. Maybe YOU are supposed to have God use you, teach you, grow you here in ministry with us. I've never posted about this before, but I just felt like I needed to this year.

So there it is. If you are interested in having the summer of your life and seeing God in ways you never expected, email me (my email is on my profile) or leave me a comment with your email. I can send you a bunch of cool info and maybe a video or two that will give you an idea of what we are about here.

Camp is almost here, and the kids can't wait!! (Actually they just wanted to leave the pool and run as fast as their little legs would carry them to snack shop and get the first spot in line. They were getting ready to trample me to get to the sweets. "move it, lady! we want the sugar!!!")

January 11, 2010

TV boyfriends

Just for fun.....

In answer to Allison's post on One Glad Morning...

My TV boyfriends

Zach Braff

Zachary Levi

Adam Brody

They all seem to fit the following mold:
awesome, messy, dark hair
casual fashion sense

Oh, and these three definitely make my list of "celebrities to meet during Sundance and not make a fool of myself."

Ok. I'm done. Serious post coming tomorrow.

January 10, 2010

It's back!

Anyone else counting down to 9pm tonight?!!

I'm SO ready for summer weather....

...anyone else?

January 09, 2010

lazy weekend plans

  • Photo shoot with friends. Hopefully, the bitter cold won't chase us inside where the light is horrible!
  • Watch at least one of the following:
Battlestar Galactica: The Plan (I almost don't want to watch this final BSG installment. That means it's truly over!)
The Village (because I love it and just need to watch it when it's cold outside)
Veronica Mars Season 1 (because....Logan. And Veronica too. And I miss it.)
Up in the Air (anyone seen it yet?)
  • Watch Chuck season 3 premiere tomorrow night (eeeekkkk! so, so excited about this one!)
  • Church (a happy Sunday activity I always look forward to)
  • Grocery shop
  • Read a little of one of the following:
The Blue Castle (one of L.M.'s best, about a 29 year old single girl who finds love. sigh....)
The Mysterious Benedict Society (must finish)
  • Knit (whilst watching the "watch" list). Several gifts and maybe even something for me!
  • Paint. (a new project to try)
  • The myriad of chores, cleaning and other things that seem to pop up on a moments notice.

Seems like dull list, but that's fine with me. I'll take a dull weekend because I know it's going to turn into insanity here any day now. That's just the way it works.


Cottage Girl

January 08, 2010

newest facination

(found on Flickr)
1. Terrariums, 2. Old Jar Moss Terrariums, 3. Terrarium, 4. Mini moss terrarium, 5. DIY terrarium, 6. tree, 7. we got moss..., 8. Untitled, 9. Koko's Big Girl Room, 10. Terrarium, 11. a brief existence, 12. wants it

The last few weeks, I've become addicted to terrariums. Moss, stones, a little earth inside a glass jar. It's like a little container of magic on a shelf. I made one when I was little. Time to do it again. The big, beautiful one I saw a few weeks ago at the the Botanic gardens (#12) sealed the deal.

I'm already looking at all my jars with new terrarium crazed eyes. The options are endless. Plus all the fun things you can put inside! I love these found on Etsy (but the shop is closed at the moment. boo-hoo.)

I also found 2 great tutorials to get started. If only the ground would un-freeze so I could dig up some moss. Darn these bitter cold temps!

And...ps...apparently terrariums are the "in" thing again. Who knew?! They are everywhere online right now.

January 07, 2010


Currently compiling the following lists....

  • Celebrities to spot/photograph/have coffee with.
  • Reasons why I'm not skiing (other than "I hate it", and "it's cold")
  • Clothing to wear in the sub-zero temps. (why don't I own cute boots?!)
  • Things to do while in a coffee shop while trying not to look like I'm looking out the window for famous people. (read book, knit, daydream, journal, stare into space, talk to my roommate)
  • Create a rating system for the movies that I'll see (stars? numbers?)
  • What to say if I actually do come face to face with an actor I adore. (More than "um...yeah...I like you...your movies are cool." This could be bad. I don't handle things like this well.)
  • Ways to get my brother to skip work and come hang out with me and my roommate. (besides going to the movies with us)

I'm starting to completely give in to the excitement and overwhelming "freak-outness" that has been building for the last few months! Sundance is exactly 2 weeks away!

ps...did you see Modern Family last night?! It was the funniest one yet! I have seriously laughed OUT LOUD several times today just thinking about "OH, that's cancer!!." Kinda embarrassing actually...

January 06, 2010

home sweet home

It's drafty.
The walls have no insulation.
The floor squeaks.
Sometimes racoons live under our shower.
There are no closets (except in the bedrooms)

But it's often filled with friends.
It (until 2009) hosted the sweetest costume party of the summer.
The living room and kitchen are big.
Happy memories fill the cracks in the cinder block walls.
The view, oh, the river view is the best.

This little cottage is home sweet home.

January 05, 2010

BSC forever!

This post on Pop Candy today had me re-living my younger days. I LOVED The Baby-sitters Club!! I still have my set of books somewhere at my parent's house. I couldn't bear to part with them. There were such a big part of my childhood.

I have to say it makes me kinda sad that the re-issue will change some of the dated stuff like technology and fashion. Wasn't that all part of it's magic?! Claudia and Stacey's push-down socks, stirrup pants and perms. Remember when Mallory's family went to Surf City, and they all went to Trampoline Land. Or when they all went to visit Dawn in California or Stacey in NYC. Or my favorite...when they all did the Disney cruise and then went to Disney World?! I re-read those books until they were tattered and well loved.

Sigh....happy memories of Scholastic newspaper print flyers brought home from school. I could buy the next book in the series as they were released for a dollar! I would get it on my desk on delivery day and have it read by the next day.

Yes, I was a book nerd.....and loved every minute of it.

Did you every read BSC?

ps...check out this gem I found of my TV crush. Hilarious!

January 04, 2010

a song and a story (not connected in any way)

First the song. Just because.

Second the story. Because the new year has already begun with a vengeance.

It's been COLD here. 20's. Blustery cold with 30 mph wind gusts. Yuk. Not to mention this fun fact. Our heat has broken TWICE in the last 3 days. First time was New Years day. Second was a mere 24 hours later.
Yesterday was spent bundled up. It was like Apollo 13 when they had to figure out the exact sequence for running all the most important electrical pieces of equipment without blowing the fuse. We had electricity, but the cottage is wired like a shed with one light bulb. Fuses blew all day when we tried to turn on 2 (oh, no not TWO!) lights in the house along with the small electric heaters we had borrowed to keep the pipes in the house from freezing.
Thankfully, everything was fixed (again!!) today. And it we got a new years day present too. A QUIET motor for our heater. Yes, it's true, all you who have endured the Cottage heat. It no longer sounds like a Boeing 747 landing in our living room when the heat turns on. I almost cried the first time I heard it. What a beautiful moment.
It's the little things in life, you know?!!

January 03, 2010

an epiphany and a challenge

The other night, I had an epiphany as I was getting ready to climb under the covers to go to sleep. It's like God just opened my eyes to something that had been in place for a while now. I just hadn't noticed it before. It was one of those moments that I could almost feel Him holding my hand and pointing.

As I said a few days ago, one of my favorite blogs this past year was A Place Called Simplicity. They have a family that is from many nations. One big happy family blended together by the Lord. It's a beautiful picture. It's one that instantly clicked with me.

You see, if I ever get married and have a family one day, I always picture that family as a rainbow of countries all living under one roof. Happy faces (cause in your dreams everything is happiness and light) of different colors and nations all crowded into one family photo. I don't think I've ever pictured a white, American child. Don't know why. That's just the way it is.

So as I was reading the blog of this family and bemoaning the fact that, hey, I'm 32. I'm still single. I'm getting older by the moment and parenthood is looking less and less like an option for me. It was kinda disheartening. It kinda had me depressed for a moment.

Then, I climbed up in bed and looked up at my frame that is at the front of the bed.
It is full of photos for people that I pray for. Three of those photos have a little face of a specific child on the other side of the world. A child that I support through Amazima, An Orphan's Wish and Compassion. And then it hit me. I teared up and got chills. These aren't technically "my" children and they aren't all orphans, but this was a rainbow of faces and nations all on one photo board.

It was like God was tapping me on the shoulder and then pointing to those photos and saying SEE. He guided me to these specific children from the millions that are in the world in the 100's of organizations that support children. He hand-chose these little ones to be the ones that I support and pray for and love even if it's a country away. Ok, I have chills again.

At this point in my life, a family isn't my reality. It isn't a home full of children. But I am still doing my best to care for the orphan and be an advocate for the least of these. I'm still working on this dream in the best way that I can at this point in my life. And my "family" is these little ones that crawled into my heart. God put them in my path and I'm so, so thankful that I was brave enough to step forward in small way to support them. I spent a few moments just thanking Him for answered prayers that were answered in ways I didn't expect. It was amazing!

So, my challenge to you is that you look around in the things that are happening in your life right now and SEE what God has right in front of you. How is He blessing you and growing you in ways that you might just now be noticing? Remember to be thankful for those things. Remember to glorify Him in them as well.

January 02, 2010

I'm random sometimes

This is my new favorite photo (found here) at the moment.
If I told you why, you would laugh at me.
So I'm keeping it a secret.
Unless you think you can guess,
but I seriously doubt it.

the end.

January 01, 2010

A whole new start. Clean slate. "Fresh, with no mistakes in it" - anne of green gables.

Can we all take a collective sigh of relief and just enjoy this moment? And make lists. Lists about what we want to accomplish this coming year. Random happy lists.

Yes, it is the new year. I'm choosing (against my pessimistic nature) to see the bright side of things. And I'm finishing up those happy lists.

Here's to another brand new year!