April 14, 2013


Here's a few things on my radar lately...

Society6 is my new favorite thing.  I already ordered two prints from one of my favorite photographers who I found on Flickr years ago and now follow on Instagram.  It was hard to whittle my choices down to two.  But now that I've seen the print quality, I will happily order more.   I also love this, this, this and this from various other artists.

My brother posted this video on FB the other day.  And now Big Sur has moved up 3 more spots on my "must go there" list.  Right after Iceland and China.

The Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter reached $5 million!  That deserves an exclamation point.  They also broke the record for most backers.  My roommate and I got in on the action the day the Kickstarter was announced. (We constantly re-watch, quote and still adore that VMars.)  It was so fun to watch the numbers climb and get excited with all the other marshmallows.  It's over now, and I must say I'm going to be so sad to not have that counter to watch.  What a fun month.  LoVe forever.

Kickstarter in general is a favorite of mine and has been since before the VMars movie deal.  I personally love the app and am constantly looking at all the creative and fun ideas.  So many creative people.

I'm currently reading and loving this.  What a fascinating human being, that creator of Apple was. Crazy, but fascinating.

Just finished Matched. It was good.  I wanted to know what happened.  But it was no Divergent, by any means.  And I must admit that I've seen it for years and haven't picked it up because the cover seemed so silly to me.  Then I read what the story was about and decided it give it a try.

Iron Man 3 comes out in about 3 weeks.  I'm just slightly excited.  Okay, maybe I've been counting down the days since they started filming last year.  And this picture that Gwyneth tweeted last week...awesome.

Speaking of Gwyneth, I spent a good long time going through her new cookbook in the book store the other day.  So many of the recipes looked delicious.  And the photos were so beautiful.

I'm still obsessed with Dr. Quinn.  Constantly re-watching episodes.  Today was the classic season one episode where Sully gets beaten up and temporarily paralyzed.  Dr. Mike nurses him back to health and convinces him not to kill the man that tried to kill him.  That show is like comfort food.  It's so silly and predictable, but I love it so much.

I've about finished up one year with Amazon Prime, and I will happily sign up again.  It has been well worth the money for me.  I order from Amazon often and love the free 2 day Prime shipping.  And then there are all the Prime Instant Videos that I've watched, now that there is an app for iphones.  And I've read a few books for free from the Prime Kindle lending library.  It's been a great investment.  I highly recommend it.

I made this delicious (found via Pinterest) treat a few weeks ago.  A not-so-terrible-for-you sweet that is actually delicious!  I added a bit of agave because I'm not a big fan of honey.  It was a big hit with friends too.

And lastly, I turned 36 this weekend.  Gulp.  To celebrate, I spent the day antiquing with my mom.  She was super sweet to buy me some of the treasures I found.  It was such a lovely day, and we got chocolate!

April 03, 2013

Resurrection Day celebration

My sister and her crew were in town for Easter this year.  Of course, we had to do some garage door photos.  It's become a tradition.  Even at their house.  That bright white backdrop hardly ever fails, especially at my parents house where the light is always perfect.

Since I was my parents house, I went to church with them, but I have to say that I desperately missed my church.  We always have baptisms on Easter.  It's become a tradition since we moved into our first permanent building a few years ago. It's energizing and exciting. There are a few that are planned and then there are always one or two that happen in the moment.  People in dressed in their Easter clothes who meet Jesus for the first time and take that immense step of faith.  It's amazing to see Jesus change lives right before your eyes.  I missed it.  I missed the worship too.

But it was nice to see old friends (my parents church was the one I grew up going to) and be with my whole family.  And then have a meal together afterwords.  That doesn't happen very often any more.  I take it when I can get it.

I hope that you all had a lovely Resurrection Day, as well.
Hopefully it included a few silly face photos.

ps...anyone else love Easter almost more than Christmas?  It's so joyful and alive and the weather is warming up (or attempting to.  ours was rather rainy and chilly).  It's a celebration focused more on church than presents and gift giving.  And there's always loads of chocolate!