January 30, 2006

Twigs and leaves

I love trees. I love hearing the wind rustle in their leaves in the summer. I love seeing their dark profiles with a backdrop of oranges and pinks in the winter. I love seeing them burst with 20 different shades of green in the spring and then change to reds and golds in the fall. And I love taking pictures of them....

Here is one of my favorites. There is just something so peaceful about this tree in the summer. Then winter comes and it turnes into twisted branches all turning and pushing to reach the sunset in different directions.

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January 26, 2006

Going to.....?

I'm headed out of the country again. This time it's to the land of warm beaches! Can't wait, can't wait! It's been WINDY here with COLD weather to top it off. My new pair of Christmas present Teva's look at me sadly every day that I have to put on socks. But with flip flops come bathing suits and, well, I'm not that excited to wear one of those when I've been covered up from head to toe for the last 4 months. But oh, the warm breezes and ocean waves. Snorkeling and swimming. Lounge chairs and fresh fruit for meals. Puffy white clouds. My camera is the first thing going in my bag. I'm hoping to be able to update from there so you can all share in the fun.
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January 25, 2006

and babies make 5

Girl time was fantastic this past weekend. I forget how hard it is to say goodbye at the end of each visit. I spent a good 15 minutes crying on my way home.
When I get together with my college girls, we usually have lots of pictures of us hiking or seeing new places. This time, I got home and had 2 pictures of the 3 of us together and a ton of the babies. Who can resist delicate curls and toddling feet? When I was a high schooler, I hated babysitting. I did it often cause it was a source of income and the kids were usually good. I always feared that I would be a horrible auntie and kids would run in terror as soon as they saw me. Well, when your friends have babies, it's a whole other story. I had the best time just watching the babies and making them laugh and feeding them and putting them down for a nap. Being an auntie is magical. I fall in love with those 2 little girls more every time I see them. Everything they do is so much more amazing because I see my 2 best friends in their babies faces. I love seeing my friends as mothers, so loving and compassionate and funny. It's fun to think about college days and who they were then and now to see them raising little ones (with their significant others of course!). We didn't really do much of anything on this visit. Between naptime, feeding time and running around to use up energy time, we didn't have time for much else. And since I was the only one without a baby, I wondered if it would be hard. No way! It was magical. I know that's such a strange word to use, but its true. Every moment, even the crying tantrums, was enjoyable. Meal times were more fun with high chairs and bibs. Car time was more fun being in between 2 car seats with 2 angels to talk to. The mom's got to talk and I got to play.
I'm so thankful for my roomies. We still talk about everything. We still laugh at each other. And it still feels like home when we're together. I love seeing them grow and change into 2 amazing mothers. If only the goodbyes could be erased....
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January 24, 2006

second generation

( I can only pray that their friendship will be as great as mine with their moms)
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January 18, 2006

power out

No power for most of the day today because of high winds here last night. We have had the strangest weather this winter! Extreme winds that feel like they are going to take the roof off of the tiney, tiny cottage.
It was like someone chopped off my right arm this morning. How do I do any work without a computer. How do I check email? How do I answer the phone (which doesn't work without power as well). How did people live without this miracle? I'm happy to have heat blowing through the vents again and my keyboard happily clicking out my thoughts. mmmm, life is back to normal.
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January 17, 2006

roommate reunion

This weekend is going to be great. I can just feel it. Both of my college roommates are going to be in town with their husbands and their kids! We haven't been all together in years. I've seen both of them recently, but to have all of us together is like catching lightning in a bottle these days. This past weekend I was going through my old picture albums from the college days. What times we had! These girls know more about me that just about anyone. College life tends to lead to lots of late night chats, embarrassing moments and memorable dance routines (so many great stories there!). I was able to see each of them fall in love with their husbands and then become mothers. They are so patient with me and everything that has happened in my life. I can call either at anytime and know that they are listening, not just hearing, everything I say. We have all changed so much, yet each time we get together, it's totally comfortable. It's home.
I can't wait!
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January 13, 2006

Squirrel for breakfast

This morning on my walk into work, I saw quite a sight. Down in the grass there was something moving that caught my eye. It was incredibly foggy this morning so I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. But on the ground was a hawk with a squirrel in his talons having a feast. I stood there for a moment to see if it was real. Then the squirrel started to move! It was still alive! The hawk was pecking away at it's head region. The eyes, I'm guessing, were it's first course. Gross! Nothing like walking into work nauseous. Yuk....
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January 12, 2006

Antique treasures

I found all of these priceless gems at an antique store this summer. Something about each one just seemed to tell such a great story. I couldn't put them down. My mother kept asking why I would want pictures of people that I didn't even know. Somehow, it just seemed sad that someone's memories were forgotten. I'll just make up my own stories to go with each one...
Just look at this little girl's face. It's priceless!

This is my favorite. Those chubby little cheeks! Who did this baby grow up to be?

Aren't they stylin'! I love the smirk on his face.

These girls loved their horses. Their outfits are to die for! I love how the picture is faded and almost washed out.

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January 10, 2006

Gentle readers

A couple months ago, I started reading a blog by a lady who was adopting with her husband their first little girl from China. It fascinated me. She was my inspiration to start my own bloggedy blog. I decided that I was going to start so I could keep friends and family up to date while I was on my trip to the other side of the world. It became such an enjoyable thing to continue. Even though my entries may not be filled with great exciting news every time, I have so much fun jotting down my thoughts.
Why? Not so sure. I'm an extremely private person most of the time. Shy, actually. Most of my thoughts are penned in a journal that I don't share with anyone. So why is the idea of broadcasting my thoughts all over the world wide web so appealing. Truthfully, I have no idea. I just enjoy writing and it feels like a great creative outlet. I love sharing pictures I take and thoughts that wave in and out of my brain.
But, I have no idea who actually reads my blog. I don't have a counter to track who is here. (note to self: must do that.) The only way I know if someone reads it is if they tell me, leave a comment or a note in the guest book. (I feel like such a huge computer geek when I say it in those terms!). So if you do read and do delve into my thoughts along with me, let me know! I'd love to hear from each of you and what you think about. And if you are feeling brave, sign up for your own blog and let your thoughts go! You'll love it!
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January 09, 2006

Writers and wishing I could be one...

I may have said this before, but I am in awe of writers. True, make me cry, make me laugh out loud, make me believe in a world that is literally impossible, writers. I have so many that I just love, but here is a quick list of my favorites..

L.M. Montgomery. (Oh, how I love this woman's style. She wrote things in her books things that I think, but can't put down on paper. I've read the Anne series so many times, that I almost know it by heart. I loved being in Prince Edward Island and seeing all the things that were her inspirations for her stories. The Lake of Shining Waters. The Haunted Woods. Lover's Lane. Her stories are fun, imaginative, honest and real. It's hard to believe that Anne Shirley isn't a real person.)

Joss Whedon. (So he doesn't write books (isn't TV just another form in the art of writing), that doesn't mean that he isn't an genius writer. He creates multi-layered worlds that are full of 3 dimensional characters. It's hard to believe that Spike and Buffy aren't real somewhere on the earth or in the 'verse. Or that Captain Tightpants isn't roaming the skies with his hap-hazard crew o' eight. Shiny, indeed.)

J.K Rowlings. (Say what you may about "that Harry Potter stuff", but J.K. is a writing wizard.)

Louisa May Alcott (Meg, Jo, Amy and Beth. They were like my own sisters when I read this book. I cry every single time I read about Beth's death. Every time.)

If there were one thing I would love to do before I die, it would be to write a book. A really good book. One that means something. One that tells an amazing story. I often think about what the story would be about. Who would these characters be? What would their lives be like? Where would they live? How would the ideas for them arrive in my brain?

These are the thoughts that were running through my head on the walk to the mail box today.

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January 06, 2006

It used to be soap

I took this when I was at my parents house for Christmas. There was this bar of soap sitting in a soap dish in the bathroom. I have never seen anything like this. For some reason, it was so fascinating that I had to take a pictures to save the image forever. How does something like this happen?!!

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January 03, 2006

A whole new world

I've been thinking lately, "what would my life be like without the internet?" I remember distinctly getting my first email address. I was in college at the computer lab trying to figure out this new world I had been told about. "You just sign up and some "one" writes you letters and you get them and you don't have to pay for it? Ahh, zah! This is a new fun territory I must be a part of."
Now I can't survive without it. My life revolves around it at times.
I've been blessed in my life with so many wonderful friends. The not so wonderful part is that they are scattered around the globe. I can send them quick notes about how my day is and what I'm up to. We can chat online if need arises (don't really do that much, but it's there if I need it). I get as excited to check my inbox each day as I do getting the real mail. (ps...does anyone else absolutely love getting the mail? It's like winning a prize when there is something fun in it for you!)
Then there's online shopping. My dad would have found no present under the tree this year without the internet.
I'd never get movie times.
Paper tickets would be my only way to travel on planes, trains and boats.
I'd never know if LOST is new tonight or just a repeat.
No meeting fun new people through their blogs. This is my favorite new addition to my world o'net.
No Conan O'Brien clips of the Chuck Norris Walker Texas Ranger lever. (check out this. Go to his website, click on video, click Late Night at the top, click under Conan "late night feature clips", and then scroll down and go to nubmer 18 and click on Late Night: Walker Texas Ranger.....I know this sounds confusing, but I couldn't get a link to work for it....There are 3 of these clips. My brother showed them to me and I couldn't breathe I was laughing so hard.)
Let's not forget about an entire resource library at your fingertips. Remember the days of research papers that meant hours of encyclopedia research...don't miss that!
Less picture sharing with friends. I'd never see their kids grow up without the invention of the internet and the wonderful new device called the digital camera. Ooooo!
What is this world we live in?

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