March 28, 2013

Checked that one off the list

I have this running list in my head called "things I want to do before I die".
I think almost every one does, right?

This past weekend, I got to check one of those things off of my list.
And thankfully, it was just as amazing as I imagined it would be.
Was it ever.

I got to see Sigur Ros in concert.
In person.
Playing right there in front of me.

I was dead center.
Staring straight at Jonsi.
On the isle (my personal favorite.  claustrophobic.)
Not standing on the floor swallowed by 400 other people that are 4 ft. taller than me.
High enough that I could get the full experience of the screens, lights, etc.

Now, I totally understand that Sigur Ros isn't for everyone.
Their sound is very different.
They sing in Icelandic.
But for me, I think they are one of the most creative bands in the business.
They love film and incorporating it with their music.
Their music is like a work of art that you listen to.

Their live show was an explosion of creativity.
One of the biggest reasons I went was that I knew that it had the potential to be incredibly inspiring.
I think they actually sounded better live, which hardly ever happens.
In fact, Jonsi (whose voice I personally really love) sounds even more amazing when he's standing there in front of you.
It is other worldly, that voice of his.

Seeing all the songs played live with 3 girls playing violins and 3 girls playing trumpet, trombone and French Horn, plus the guitars and drums and cymbals and Jonsi playing his guitar with a bow.
Add in all the video that they use as a backdrop and the lights.
Tons of small bulb lamps all over the stage lighting up in time to the music.
It was a wonder.

My favorite moment was the song Fljótavík.  
I had chills and tears welling up in my eyes. 
It was so beautiful. 
Achingly beautiful, really.

I also loved their new song Brennisteinn.
It's a great concert song.
Rock and big and loud.

Words don't ever seem to express correctly what you feel when you are inspired.
They don't accurately convey the emotions you experience.
When you experience something that connects with you,
whether it's a perfect sunset or a painting or photograph you can't take your eyes off of,
it's an emotion that goes beyond words.
I think for creative people, we are always on the lookout for things like that.
Things that make us feel alive.

This was one of those moments for me.
Just sat back and enjoyed every second.
And wished that it could go on and on and on.

Fljótavík by Sigur Rós on Grooveshark

***Thank you, brother dearest, for showing me the wonder of Sigur Ros all those years ago.
***I've posted about Sigur Ros a few other times too.  1//2//3

March 21, 2013

history is fun

If my history classes had been as entertaining and informative as The Men Who Built Amercia, I would have been a history major.

My parents introduced me to this mini-series when I was home for the holidays.
It's fascinating.
The story of Vanderbuilt, Rockefeller, Carnegie, JP Morgan and Ford.
I never knew how much their stories intertwined.
And how very, VERY wealthy they were. (At one point, Rockefeller had more money than the federal government.)
And greedy.
And smart.
And how they changed America.
How we have oil, steel, modern day banking, automobiles and assembly line factories because of them.

If you are into history,
or if you think it's boring, but wish you knew more about it,
give The Men Who Built America a try.
I just finished it last night and am already wishing there was more.

Reading side note: I just started Steve Jobs biography, which I have been wanting to read since it came out.  People's stories always fascinate me.  People who change the way we do things, even more fascinating.  I feel like there could be a mini-series about men like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and all the other computer geniuses one day.  They have changed the way our world operates and the way we communicate forever.  

March 08, 2013

Goodbye, week

(by the fantastic Nan Lawson.  A forever favorite artist of mine.)

I'll be glad when this week is over.
Anyone else?
Just one of "those weeks", you know?

Here's a few pieces of randomness for you on this Friday...

>>>  I've been watching It Happened One Night again, hence the above artwork.  

>>>  Joss is doing a big ol' bus tour with the cast of Much Ado on their way to SXSW.  Love it.  Can't wait for the movie.

>>>  The new Divergent book comes out in October.  Oh-so-long-to-wait October.  I've been thinking about Tris lately and wondering how this story will end.

>>>  David's Tea.  Oh, good gracious.  I could spend way too much $$ on their deliciousness.  My current favorite it Read My Lips.  It came as a sample with my order and now I need more.  It's crazy delicious.

>>>  Finished Bunheads and now I must wait like the rest of America for the new season to start.  It definitely fills that Gilmore Girls hole.  I love the dancing.  LOVE.  

>>>  Loved this post from Elsie about lifestyle photography.  I find myself gravitating to this style 90% of the time.  Very few moments that are posed or "look at the camera".  I like the little moments and details, the bits and pieces that catch my eye while life is happening.  

>>>  I've found myself looking forward to Tuesdays thanks to You Are My Wild.  Several photographers post 1 photo of their kids from the past week.  I want to soak in all the light and perfection in each shot.  This is crazy inspiring to me right now.  

>>>  Speaking of inspiring...does it get any more inspiring than a shoot like this one from the great TW?  For years now, I just drool over the light she paints with in her photos.  

>>>  Another post from a blog I follow.  The third photo...I want to live inside those perfect colors.  

And so on and so forth....

What's caught your attention lately?

March 01, 2013

Dear, Spring...

I am very ready for spring. By that I mean that I'm already sitting in windows on warm(er) days to soak in every second of bright sunshine.  I also mean that I'm contemplating pulling out my summer clothes even though the highs are still in the 40 degree range here.  I finally mean that I am missing running.  That's right.  I said it.  I miss my morning runs.  But I cannot make myself run when it is in the 30's outside.  I spend the rest of the day coughing because of the cold air.  No thank you.

So, Spring.  Yes, you, desperately missed feel free to come at any time.  It is March 1st, you know.  March seems very appropriate for your arrival.  I vow to bring flowers to announce your presence.  I vow to get rid of all the winter leftovers such as weeds and brown grasses and pale, covered skin.  I vow to use the sunlight and warm weather to its potential with gardening, outdoor games, beach walks, morning runs, hiking adventures.  

We'll be friends, dear Spring.  We will.  We will enjoy each other's company, I promise.  I won't take you for granted.  I'll be thankful for every day. And you will be the reason that I will make it through the insanity that comes to life when one lives on a camp schedule.  

So, please.  Please, won't you?  You must be ready for all of this too, right?!