December 31, 2010

2010's top 10

*in no particular order

1. Being a Show Hope volunteer. (meeting Julia, being behind the scenes, meeting adopting families, introducing people to SH)

2. Joining the volunteer crew at An Orphan's Wish. (editing the photos each month, hearing how the kids are doing, telling people about AOW and getting them excited to sponsor a child)

3. Going to the Sundance Film Festival. (One of the craziest, funnest things I've ever done. It was on my "things to do before I die" list for years.)

4. A week at the beach. (It was exactly what I needed at the end of a crazy summer.)

5. Smoothie night. (Best costumes we've had in years. Laughter, dance, fun)

6. A cruise with my Momma/swimming with dolphins. (It was colder than we hoped, but we still got to swim with dolphins. Ah-mazing. Checked another one off "the list.")

7. Seeing the Tim Burton Exhibit at the MoMA. (One of the most inspiring things I've seen. So thankful I have a roommate who will go on road trips on a whim with me.)

8. Going to LU/College roomie reunion weekend. (I still have happy sighs about this one. Words cannot express my love for these two amazing friends.)

9. Being a bridesmaid in Ashley's wedding and dancing it up at the reception. (Her reception was probably the most fun I've ever had at a wedding.)

10. Camp 2010. (Boiling hot. Boat driving filled. New friends. It was a tough one for me. One of the toughest yet. But still....I loved it.)

It's always equally exciting and terrifying for me to stare down the new year. What will it bring? Being a pessimist, it's always tough for me to be excited for the joy that will come. I tend to lean towards the fear of pain and sorrow that are always a part of life.

Making lists like these always help me focus on the blessings I've been given through the year. So many this year. Great trips. New friends and visits with the old ones. New experiences. Time with family.

Ok, 2011. Let's see what you've got.

December 30, 2010

Books loved in 2010

1. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak I couldn't put this one down. I was up super late finishing it. And the story has stayed with me months later. ♥ ♥ ♥

2. Coraline by Neil Gaiman So fascinating. Delighfully creepy. A wonderful graphic novel adaptation.

3. Gilead by Marilynne Robinson A beautiful surprise found this summer.

4. Anne of the Island by L.M. Montgomery It never, ever gets old even after about 537 re-reads. My copy of this book is about 20 years old and is underlined and dog-eared and very well loved (all by me).

After hunting through my blog for the past year, I realized that I read a quite a bit this year. But most of the books weren't things I loved in the end. I read lots of "just ok" books. Kinda sad....

Time for some new recommendation, if you would be so kind.

December 29, 2010

in my bag

From earlier this month.

Details posted here.

Why is it so fascinating to see what people carry around with them?

ps...I'm feeling more human tonight. Less zombie/sick like. I'm not on the couch watching movies and am still awake at 10pm. Hallelujah!

December 27, 2010

Traveler's delight

Since the parents are travel agents, their house is always full of travel magazines and talks of next trips. Great distraction from the sniffles and fevers that have been running rampant here. I've finally succumed to my doom. Thanks to my sweet niece who licks airplane seats. What a gem.

December 26, 2010

Family Christmas

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We had lots of paper flying and happy squeals from the kiddos. Family and friends came to share the day with us. And I didn't take a single photo....oops.

Now almost everyone is sick with a yucky cold (not me...yet). The Bro's flight was cancelled. It's snowing like crazy. We've been house bound for most of the day.

Ah, family holidays. Always an adventure!

December 24, 2010

Thomas vacations there

Reasons this photo is blurry:

1. Pure joy and excitement
2. Thomas and Percy (yes, the trains)
3. 3 year old boy's dreams come true
4. Kid height train room
5. The trains run all over the room and he can follow them.
6. Jumping up and down and up and down and up and down
7. He just saw Thomas and Percy.
8. He just saw Thomas and Percy again.
9. And 10 more times

It was adorable to watch him (and his sister) in complete glee over the train room. They loved it. L-o-v-e-d it. And we loved watching every single second of it.

The botanical gardens in a magical place for every one. And the fact that I've been twice in the last 2 weeks is like a dream come true. I it there with chocolate on top. I'd live there all winter if I could. I think Luke would too, now that he knows Thomas takes his Christmas vacation there.

December 23, 2010

make it

This has been fun month for creating and dreaming up fun new projects. Here's something I did for a friend's birthday earlier this month.

She's a fellow photographer. An amazing one. We both have Nikon's (yes!), which are great camera's, but have those not so pretty camera straps with the world "NIKON" in bright yellow all over them. A few years ago, I made a camera strap cover to go over mine. You know, doll it up a bit. My friend was so nice to say that she really liked it. Perfect gift idea!

I used some of my favorite fabrics and sewed up a few covers. I made little photo tags for them by cutting up some old UO/Anthro catalogs, drawing cameras on them with a Sharpie (patterns from Red Velvet Art embroidery sets were used as examples) and pinning the tags to the straps with safety pins.

Then I put them in a clear treat bag and made a paper topper with some old Love, Elsie paper I've been saving for years.

It's rather disgusting how much I enjoy wrapping things. I think it takes me just ask long to wrap my gifts as buy/make them. It's such a fun, creative challenge every time.

December 22, 2010


This year, we did a gift exchange for our full time staff Christmas party at camp. They called it white elephant, but I think white elephant is a silly, funny gift. Like rocks in a box or a roll of toilet paper or an old sock. This wasn't one of "those" gift exchanges. We had to buy something nice. Or as nice as you can get for $10.

I instantly knew what I wanted to give. I'm kinda tired of the giving of useless junk just for the sake of giving a gift. It seems like such a waste of money. So, I went a completely different route. I bought a pair of pajamas for a Chinese orphan through An Orphan's Wish. These pajamas will go to one of beautiful children living in the House of Love.

Isn't that the best gift, ever?! Something desperately needed. A sweet kiddo sleeping, all warm and cozy this winter.

After I bought the gift, I wanted to make it special for the recipient of the exchange. I used some craft supplies I had laying around and came up with this ornament for them to hang on their tree as a reminder.

The back has the organization's name to remind them who was getting their gift.

I also included a post card I made with the faces of some of the sweet children that live in the House of Love (including my sponsored sweetie, Shannan). It also had a the web address for An Orphan's Wish so the recipient could see what AOW was all about for themselves (not that I don't talk about it constantly already...)

Just a fun way to think of others this season and not get so caught up in the whole "gift giving" thing. And talk about AOW a little more too!

December 21, 2010

brothers and rollercoaster

I'm so ready for The Bro to get here tomorrow. SO, so, so. This will only be the 3rd time I've seen him this entire year. Yuck. I love that he loves where he lives and enjoys his job, but, gosh darn it, I hate that he lives so far away. These next few days are going to fly right on by.

But then....I'm headed to Sundance to see him next month. Oh, yeah.

On while we're on the subject, I miss roller coasters. Next year, I have to visit a few of my favorite amusement parks and ride roller coasters all day.

Roller coasters are my fave. Spinny, up-side-downey, super fast-y roller coasters.

Any roller coaster recommendations? I love old wooden ones and new, fancy suspended ones and pretty much everything in between.

December 20, 2010

Stressed out

Stress and Anxiety. Do those words describe you as much as they describe me? If so, check this out. God totally used this in my life this week. Fear and anxiety are a constant struggle for me.

You can download the MP3 version here. nephew ran down the airport hallway into my arms tonight. Straight to me. Christmas is here!

December 18, 2010

Lazy weekend


Finished Christmas shopping just as the traffic and crowds went craaaa-zyyy

Watched White Christmas

Started a new book

Watched more Smallville and ER

Found the cutest stocking ever in this book that I picked up from the library

Crafting, crafting, crafting

I love lazy weekends. Oh my, I love them.

December 17, 2010

December movie list

I want to see more movies (that are in theaters) this month than I have all year. What?! Summer 2010 was a huge disappointment movie-wise. Thank goodness for a happy note to end on...

1. Somewhere (#1 on my list for the whole year)

2. Tron

3. The King's Speech

4. The Fighter

5. Harry Potter #7 (wait...I saw this one.....twice. But I would totally see it again.)

6. Tangled (wait...I saw this one too. But I would totally see it again. And buy it to watch it again)

Bring on the dark theater and $6 Tuesday tickets. (Our tickets are $10.50 at night! So ridiculous!) And maybe a brother or friend to go to one or two with me. I'm sure I could convince my parents to go see Tron with me. They are the reason I love sci fi in the first place.

What's on your December movie list?

December 16, 2010

JW is it

I have a deep love for John Williams' music. It's been a life long love. I remember buying the Jurassic Park soundtrack on cassette tape and listening to it on my Sony Walkman for hours upon hours when I was a teenager.

I got to see John Williams conduct live once. It was at the Millennium Celebration on New Years Eve in DC. I stood with my family and a dear friend outside for hours in the freezing cold by the Lincoln Memorial. It was crazy. Everyone thought the would would end when 1999 ended. Remember that?! JW had composed a piece to go along with a short film that Steven Spielberg had made. Yes, it was super cool. And it happened right after Will Smith performed.

Then another time, a dear, sweet friend, who also shares my ridiculous love of JW, took me to the Kennedy Center to see the National Symphony orchestra perform his music. That was a night I shall never forget. We died of happiness that night.

John Williams soundtracks have been a part of my life for years. And Christmas wouldn't be complete without a listen to Home Alone's beautiful-ness. It feels like Christmas when I hear it.

December 15, 2010

strange addiction

I have this strange addiction. Addiction to my siblings. I love them. Like....really love them. They are my best friends. They are just about the only people I call on the phone (and I hate talking on the phone). They are the only people that I miss every single day of my life when they aren't with me.

Don't get me wrong. We fight. We argue. We drive each other bonkers. We had drag out fights as kids. We tattled on each other. We were mean to each other. Brothers and sisters just seem to do that. Thankfully we grew out of most of that.

I would choose them over anyone else in the world to hang out with. They are the first ones I call (after Mom and Dad, of course) if anything good or bad happens in life. I count down the days that we get to spend together now that we are scattered across the country.

And since December is birthday month for both of them, it makes me miss them all the more.

His is today....

Her's was a few days ago.

Love you both! Can't wait to all be together for Christmas.

And thanks Mom and Dad...

I don't know how you raised three kids to get along so well. I know that Jesus had a lot to do with it, but still. That's a pretty big accomplishment in the parental book in my opinion.

on a completely different note: I'm having major distress over my hair cut last week. It's not even that different. I got about 4 inches of "summer hair," as my hair dresser called it (ie: dead, dry, sun baked), chopped off. Only a little more than she said I needed. But I miss those 4 inches constantly. It's kinda ridiculous that it's bothering me this much. The long brittle dead stuff was bothering me just as much. And it's not even really that much shorter. But, I was just loving my long hair. Every time I look at photos of my like this one I cringe inside.

Vain. That's me.

December 14, 2010

Current guilty obsession


I love it.

Can't help it.

I know it's cheesy and silly and so completely unbelievable.

But it's superheroes and Clark Kent.
Always been a sucker for that Clark Kent.

Season 10 is turning out to be one of the best yet.

My old season 5 DVD's have been on constantly while I'm finishing up Christmas presents.
It's the perfect background atmosphere for creating right now.

What's your guilty obsession as of late? to HP7 again with some friends this morning. Woo-hoo!

December 13, 2010

Action plan

Reverb10 + Action
When it comes to aspirations, it’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen. What’s your next step?

I'm all over this one. The sad thing for you, my dear readers, is that I can't share any of it yet. But don't you worry. I have fun things on the horizon to share. I'm so excited about it. I'm deep in the planning and prep stage. Organizing, setting things up, researching. All things I get ridiculously excited over.

So, stick with me for a while, and I'll share soon. All good things comes to those who wait!

ps...I made it to the Nation's capital this weekend. The evening turned out a little different than expected, but was still so fun. I'm so, so thankful for my camp girl friends. They make my life brighter and ever more meaningful. I love them dearly!

December 12, 2010

New food

Reverb 10 + Favorite New Food
Did you find a new food in 2010 that you now can't live without?

Oh, yes I did. Lebanese. We have a restaurant in our area that my brother had begged me to come to for years. I resisted. Only saying "yes" one time. It wasn't love at first bite, so I didn't go back.

This year that all changed after I watched an episode of Anthony Bourdain. I suddenly just had to try it. Try it I did, and LOVED it! Hummus, baba ganoush, tabouleh, pita bread, falafel. Oh, yummy! Now that restaurant is a favorite of my roommate and I.

December 11, 2010

11 things

Reverb10 + 11 Things
What are 11 things your life doesn’t need in 2011? How will you go about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life?

Yipes. This could be tough. Here goes....

1. Piles. I have piles of stuff (magazines, mail, craft supplies, books, linens that won't fit in my closet) around my room. They need to disappear. I go through them often, but I need to be better with throwing stuff away. I must say that living in a super tiny house limits the amount of things I can have. Just need to better with getting rid of more.

2. Clothes I don't wear. Time to clean out my closet. Important.

3. Negative thoughts. I think the evil one is really good at zapping my trust in the Father by just turning my thoughts against me. I need to be better at memorizing scripture to end that negativity.

4. Books. I hate giving away my books. I love being surrounded by them. But they have outgrown my shelf. Yes, I only have one. I can either buy more shelves, or learn to live with less.

5. Money. Yes, I know I technically need money to live. But each year I pray that the Lord will give me a new ministry to support. I think it's important to increase my giving more than increasing my stuff. And, no, that's not easy.

6. Stress. I would love to eliminate this. Completely. I know this isn't really possible, but I do think I need to be better at handling it.

That's all I can think of at the moment. Such a good thing to ponder. I need lists like this to keep me accountable.

December 10, 2010


Reverb10 + Decisions
What was the wisest decision you made this year, and how did it play out?

I've made a few big decisions this year. Most I have never shared here. Some I will share when the time is right. It's also hard to know if they will be life changing until they play out a little longer.

I will say that making decisions is not my strong suit. I'm terrible at it in fact. I will falter back and forth over the tiniest thing. It seems to be a family trait though. I come from a long line of indecisive people. Right, Mom?!

post script...Reasons I know that winter is here:

I have both a heater and a humidifier running in my room all the time.

I have to warm up my mascara each morning to unclump it from being so cold
Slippers are a necessity at all times in the Cottage.
If I sit on the floor, it must be with a blanket or two to take the chill off.

I wear my coat, scarf and gloves INSIDE the office all day.
I'm already counting down the months/days till spring is here.

December 09, 2010

party, party, party

Reverb10 + Party
What social gathering rocked your socks off in 2010? Describe the people, music, food, drink, clothes, shenanigans.

Oh, gosh. That's an easy one. Smoothie night is always my favorite party of the year. I know that's kinda selfish cause my roommate and I are the ones that throw it. But I just love it. Costumes, smoothies and dancing. What could be better.

This year, we used another building at camp because our tiny cottage can't handle 70 people dancing. The floors almost (literally) fell in two years ago. So we moved it across camp.

The theme this year was Storybook. Come as a character from a book. It was one of the best ones yet. I cut up comic books and old Reader's Digest condensed novels to make bunting for the ceiling to make it a little more festive. LOVED the way it turned out.

The best part of smoothie night is seeing everyone's amazing costumes though. We don't spend a lot of money. And most of use the camp prop closet, but still, the costumes and creativity always astound me.

This year I was Anne Shirley. My roommate was Molly Weasley. These two were The Narrator and Tyler Durden from Fight Club.

Then, of course we had Mary and Joseph. And later, Baby Jesus.

The little boy and the tree from The Giving Tree.

Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf.

And a whole host of other characters. You can see some more here.

And it is a full on dance party. Our executive director is the DJ. He takes requests the week before the party and has them all ready to go. It is too much fun.

Ah, Smoothie Night. I can't wait for you next year. How you fill my heart with love and sunshine!

December 08, 2010


Rever10 + Beautifully Different
Think about what makes you different and what you do that lights people up. Reflect on all the things that make you different – you’ll find they’re what make you beautiful.

Can I admit that this one is really hard for me? Truly. I don't really think I am "good" at any one thing. I do a lot of things mediocre. I also do a lot of self comparison, which is another reason I'm don't really think I'm any more special than anyone else.

As for what makes me different...
Isn't everyone different? That's what makes us all unique.

I'm really, really shy. But I don't get scared speaking in front of large groups. Kinda strange, right? I'm not one of those people who would rather die than speak in public. It really doesn't bother me. And the fact that I blab about my life all over the internet for any and everyone to read. Hmmm....

Also, I am one of the most un-photogenic people I know. I can't even begin to tell you how many awful photos I have of myself. But I love taking photos of other people. I love capturing connections between families and friends. I love the small moments that are caught during the in between moments. But if I'm in front of a camera, I freeze up and can't do anything.

There are things that people tell me I'm good at, but all I can see is how I don't stack up to other people that I admire, who do the same things so much better. When someone tells me I'm "good" at something I immediately deny it and judge myself on the scale that's in my head.

So, yeah. This one was tough. Maybe one day I'll find that one thing that makes me different/special/unique. Until then, I'm content at just being "ok" at lots of little things.

"You didn't watch that gory, zombie show did you?"

Um, yes....I did. And I might, just might, have loved it.

And the fact that Bear does the soundtrack.....icing on the cake.

December 07, 2010

AOW community

Reverb10 + Community
Where have you discovered community, online or otherwise, in 2010? What community would you like to join, create or more deeply connect with in 2011?

I found a whole new community this year. It all started with a photo. This one...

It still makes me gasp a little. A huge lump gets caught in my throat. I get lost in those deep, dark eyes. I image her little voice. Her smell. Her little hands gripping mine. This little face stole my heart.

Janie was a child at An Orphan's Wish. I saw her on a blog one day. A blog I read all the time. Her face wouldn't leave my thoughts. I decided to sign up and sponsor her. That began a beautiful connection to An Orphan's Wish. In February this year, Stefanie wrote this post. I instantly knew that God was calling me to do more, more than just sponsor a child.

So, I sent off an email. I found out that I could use talents I already have, things I'm already passionate about to help out these sweet orphans. It's not much. My time is so limited, but it was something I could do. I said yes with a grateful heart and have been overwhelmed by this whole experience.

I have found a community of people who love orphans. Really, truly love them. They give of their time and finances to advocate for them. They are passionate about making sure they are loved and cared for. They are fighting to see that these dear ones get the surgeries and medical care they need. They are doing everything they can to see these sweet babes are no longer called "orphan" but "sister, daughter, brother and son."

We weep over these children. We bring them before the Throne begging on their behalf. We pray that they are told that they are valued and loved and special. We cheer over their accomplishments and soak in every smile.

I'm so, so thankful to have found AOW. Or should I say, I'm so thankful that God sent them to me. It has radically changed my world. I can't wait to see where we are led next....

December 06, 2010


Reverb10 + Make
What was the last thing you made? What materials did you use? Is there something you want to make, but you need to clear some time for it? (Author: Gretchen Rubin)

That's all you get for now. The rest are presents.

I am always in the middle of making something. I think I would go insane if I didn't. Creating is my stress relief. It's my sanity. I feel better and more alive when my room is covered in fabric/wool/yarn/paper/paint/glue/etc...

Frontier it

This past weekend, I (and my roommate) got hooked on Frontier House. I've always been a fan of PBS' House series. (A group of people are taken out of the 20th century and put in another one to live and survive for months at a time. This edition is in the 1880's.) This one is going to be one of my favorites right behind Colonial House.

I just think it's entirely fascinating to be able to go and experience a time period that is long gone. Living history. I'm not usually a fan of reality TV, but this is so neat to me. I'd definitely try it. Sure it would be tough, but what an experience!

ps....Colonial House and Frontier House would be great gifts to give!

On a completely unrelated note: The Mammoth Men are on another adventure this week. In Hawaii. Now commences the constant website checking and refreshing. And the grumbling about them being in warm beach-filled Hawaii, whilst it's 30 degrees and uber windy here. Haawwwwaaaiiiii.....

December 05, 2010

Let Go

Reverb10 + Let Go.
What (or whom) did you let go of this year? Why? (Author: Alice Bradley)

Maybe because I'm getting older. Or maybe because I'm finally more comfortable in my own skin. About time at 33 years old. Anyway, one thing that I noticed this year is that I'm getting better at being so self-conscious about myself. I was highly insecure as a teenager and into my early 20's. I was shy, scared and timid. Constantly afraid of doing something stupid or wearing the wrong thing or saying something that would make others laugh at me or think I was strange.

This year, I've noticed that I'm more secure in who I am. I wear what I like and don't fret over it as much. I say stupid things. I dance. I sing. I make things and give them as gifts and don't worry if the receiver doesn't love them as much as I hope they do. I stop being so afraid to simply try. I tell people who I am and what I do without being terrified that they will think I'm small and insignificant.

I know that much of this comes from finding my security more deeply in Christ. When He is everything to me, "I" don't really matter as much. I can be me and be the best me that He asks me to be. That such a freeing feeling. I don't have to care so deeply what other think.

And I think it also comes from being surrounded by an amazing group of friends, both near and far, that love me and accept me for who I am. They challenge me to be the best version of myself that I can be. To use my one life to glorify my Maker. To live my life in a way that pleases Him.

So, in 2010, I bid a fond farewell to feeling insecure and shy. I happily pick up my Battlestar Galactica DVD's in my right hand and my felted crafts in the other and skip off into the next stage in life.


December 04, 2010


Reverb 10 + Wonder
How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year? (Author: Jeffrey Davis)

I feel like I rediscover a sense of wonder each and every camp summer. Working with kids, it is almost impossible not to do so. Well, I guess, maybe, if you don't listen to them.

I happen to love the listening part. I love seeing their eyes light up when they realize that someone thinks what they have to say is important. I love listening to them talk just to figure life out. I love hearing them ask questions about God and creation and life.

They have so much they want to learn. They are in awe of so many things that I take for granted. Each little minnow in the river is a new creation that is just discovered. Each crab egg buried in the sand is a treasure trove of wonders. Each horseshoe crab is a creature of the deep that no one has ever seen before.

What a blessing to be reminded of that each summer. Camp is a wonderful place for kids to get away from the distractions of today's culture and just be filled with wonder with what is around them. And thankfully, they generously share that with those of us that work here too.

December 03, 2010

liberty in the moment

Reverb10 + Prompt 3
Moment. Pick one moment during which you felt most alive this year. Describe it in vivid detail (texture, smells, voices, noises, colors). (Author: Ali Edwards)

My drive home from Show Hope volunteering was one of those moments I will never forget. Jesus was speaking to me. I could feel His presence. Almost like a giant arm around me while I was sitting in the driver's seat. I couldn't stop crying. Big huge tears streaming down my face. I mopped them up with the back of my hand, brushing the water out of my eyes to see the road.

It was quiet except for the wind whipping by. No music. No radio. Silence. Just me and Jesus talking it out. Okay, honestly, I talk/pray out loud in my car all the time. So there was a lot of me talking and crying to make noise in the quiet car.

It was one of those moments where things that He had been trying to tell me for months...finally clicked. It just made sense. As long as I had Him, everything else was fine. Circumstances didn't matter. What I did with my life didn't matter. As long as He was the focus and pursing Him was my only goal, everything else will fall into place.

So simple, but so welcomed to hear again. Jesus. All that matters is Jesus. Terrifying and full of liberty all at the same time. I felt incredibly alive and free.

space bound

I've been watching When We Left Earth.

It's incredibly moving and inspiring.

I loved thinking about how these men, who were the first to go into space, were just test pilots. They were brave enough to get in a contraption built by people who had no idea what space was really like.

I love hearing how they were adventurous and competitive with each other, yet seemed to genuinely care about their little group.

I, myself, can't imagine being that brave to step into the unknown. Not to mention that I about had a panic attack just watching the tiny capsule that they used. I would have clawed my way out in a millisecond.

And the whole motion sickness thing. Just hearing the name "Vomit Comet" made me almost lose it. I was not made for space travel.

It was so fascinating to see how the whole country was glued to their televisions and even the beaches of FL watching every moment. The world was changing before their very eyes.

I was born after man had walked on the moon. The world I lived in already knew about moon rocks and zero gravity. It had already seen the earth rise and knew what a lunar module was. But that generation was full of children seeing the moon for the first time. They watched it on television as breaking news.

I loved seeing all the crowds of people in their 60's clothing and sunglasses, using the cameras of that era.

America looked up in 1960's. I'm kinda sad that that magical time is gone.

If you are fascinated by space and space travel, check out When We Left Earth and step back in time.

I'm signing off to finish off the Apollo missions and jump into the shuttle era. I do remember that one! I even got to see the shuttle launch once. My grandma lives a hop skip and a jump from Kennedy.

I think that's another reason it has fascinated me. I wonder, every time I visit her, what that area of Florida must have been like in those days. Now is very run down and emptied out. But back then, it must have been a bustling, exciting place to be.