April 28, 2006

A good long post

Friday. Ahhhh.....It's especially nice when it's a weekend that I'm NOT working! The thought of having a couple days that I don't have to do anything work related. I can sit on my porch and read or watch a movie or clean my house or drink a cup of Earl Grey. The freedom of nothiness is divine.
A few thoughts for today:
1. I got this awesome new book last night that teaches you how to improve your handwriting. I've been wanting to do this lately because I'd love to incorporate my own handwriting in my paper crafts. It's much more fun to include it when it looks pretty. Really excited about it!
2. Visited "the black hole" last night. This is my new name for Barnes and Noble. I went there to pick up the afore mentioned book. Decided to look around for a "couple minutes" since I didn't have to be anywhere else at the time. I looked at my watch after what I thought was a "couple minutes" and realized that almost 2 HOURS had gone by. Gracious! What was I reading? I got lost in the religious section this time. Books by Donald Miller I've mentioned his book Blue Like Jazz before. Then I got sucked into CS Lewis's A Grief Observed. I was reading the intro by his stepson which sent me to the biographies. Down hill from there. Love that store.

3. Sight to remember last night: A grandfather sitting at a B&N cafe table with his grandson. The little boy, maybe 9 or 10 years old, could barely touch the floor with his toes as he was sitting in the chair. The best part? They were playing chess. So adorable. I love people's faces, especially kids, when they play chess. His elbows were on the table and his fists were leaning on his forehead, each with a handful of hair. Thinking so hard. I desperately wished that I had had my camera.

4. Also, I was still lingering in B&N after buying my book. Headed to the magazines cause I saw an article that I wanted to read at the checkout line. When I got over there, there were 2 young girls sitting on a bench reading magazines. The littlest, maybe 6 or 7, was swinging her legs as she read a comic from a kids magazine. When she looked up, my heart did a little jump. She definately looked Chinese. Her sister was not. Could she be adopted from China? I sat down on the bench next to them. (I wasn't stalking them, it was the closest bench with an open spot. promise!) She was ADORABLE! This is my dilema when I see little Asian girls. I want so desperately to talk to their parent and hear their story. But after reading so many blogs and books on the subject, I've learned that that intrusion can seem rude. So, I didn't say anything. I just smiled the entire time I read my article on Evangeline Lily. The family finally left and the little girls face still haunted my thoughts.

Okay, off to start the weekend. Yard sales, girls get-away, Harry Potter 4, weeding the flower bed.

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as promised, more paper crafts...

This is what I've been working on lately. "Thank you's" for some of my birthday goodies. I wish it didn't take me so long to do just one. The more I finish, the faster I get though. Plus, I LOVE doing it! Most of the ideas came from scrapbook magazines. Well, the inspirations at least.
My favorite is Simple Scrapbooks
I found it because one of my favorite photographers is published in that magazine. It has great ideas and so many fun products that I want to buy with money I don't have.
Here you go...

April 25, 2006

last night

Last night, I was doing errands around town. I had the car window down, drinking in the cool breezes. The evening was just so perfect! The weather here has been unbelievable. No humidity and perfect spring temperatures. I quickly got my camera out to snap a couple pictures. If only it would stay like this. I love the sunset/twilight. Something about that time of day is creatively charged for me. The colors in the sunset. The different color blues in the night sky. The cool breeze floating through the leaves and grass. Shadows everywhere. Here's a few of my favorites....

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April 24, 2006

Don't freak out

It's still the same old thing. I just needed a change. This is step #1 in more to come. I liked the white cause it was simple and wasn't distracting when I posted pictures like the blue polka dots used to be at times. Let me know what you think. I'm loving Blogger because it's so user friendly for a web design idiot like me.
I have a bunch of pictures to post. This is one of my favorites from the other day. Love the lighting. Makes me want to go and sit in that spot and read!

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moving again

My little sister is moving. I found out several weeks ago, but haven't had the heart to post about it. She's been married for a couple years now and has lived in another state, but within driving distance for a weekend visit. Now, she'll be a plane ride away. Not too happy that she is leaving. I am excited for her husband who is getting a job he is going to love. I just know she will get pregnant the moment they get up there and my niece or nephew will only know me from a distance. sigh.....
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Playing catch-up

I have been so busy with other stuff that I have a huge back up in blog entries. Then today, when I tried to begin posting, the system was down. arggg. Had to keep trying and finally, it's working! Here's a catch-up....
Birthday – I had a wonderful birthday this year. There’s nothing like being treated as a loved and special person. Presents are nice, but I love being with my friends and family much more than any material gift. I just wish that some of them weren’t scattered across this great nation from one end to the other. Oh, and I had a party at this shop in town where you can make your own necklaces. (will post photos of cool project soon). So much fun! Anything creative is perfect. Thanks Jenny!
Easter – church was good. Then I went to the homestead and had a nice afternoon with the fam. An old friend and his new wife came over. We played badminton, “trespassed” on the construction site next to my house that used to be “the woods” we played in as kids and I got to use my brothers awesome Nikon D50. (that may be the camera on my “digital SLR to buy” list.). This friend was like my little brother growing up. It’s so strange that he’s married now and lives so far away. I miss the days of him living next store and coming over all the time. So many memories.
Photos will follow….

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April 19, 2006


* I thought about posting about inspirations today. Then I checked one of my favorite blogs and that was the title of the post of the day. Freaky! I have a list, but will post later...

* Beautiful sunny weather the last few days. Barefoot and soooo happy about it.

* Goin' to see Riverdance. Cannot wait!

* Watched Garden State again yesterday and got chills once again. What is it that I love about that movie?!!! Zach Braff, I guess. There are so many lines that I want to remember.

* Paper crafts are coming along. Made some great ones that I love. Will post those soon too.

* Been thinking about changing up my blog format. Need something different. Still in the works, but changes are coming.....
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April 17, 2006

Napoleon never dies...

The bro showed me this over the weekend.
Love Napoleon.
Love that this little indie movie with a sweet, clean, funny plot got so much attention.

April 13, 2006

Tall, dark and forehead

A friend sent me this awesome shirt for my birthday. Yes, it's a vampire. Yes, he has a huge forehead. Yes, it looks like it was haphazardly drawn with a pencil. All these things equal up to a favorite Buffy inside joke.

Anyone else know what episode this drawing is from? It goes along with the title of this entry....
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I was sitting on my couch the other night talking on the phone. I glanced out the window and this was what a saw.

Needless to say, I said a quick goodbye and ran for my camera. Obviously, I tinkered with the first one in PS. The second is 100% click of the button.
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April 11, 2006

The luckiest

Today, I was watching "Everwood" which I taped last night because I was watching Jack Bauer save the world at the same time Ephram was in the depths of despair. 2 shows at the same time is so annoying! I've really started to enjoy that show and last night sealed the deal. It's sweet, sappy, fun family drama. It makes me laugh and last night it made me cry. What more could you want.
So, the reason I loved it was because they played one of my favorite songs in the world at the dramatic end of the episode. "The Luckiest" by Ben Folds. If you have never heard it, stop now and go listen (when checking itunes for it, I noticed there was one labeled "clean." I think that's the version I have). It makes me smile everytime I hear it. Plus a good friend with whom I have shared lots of fun memories and laughs introduced me to that song. It reminds me of our summers of working together too! (you know who you are!)
Music mixed with video is one of my favorite things in the world. It adds so much when placed appropriately. Good stuff...

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April 08, 2006

Two things

These flowers (begonias) have been blooming constantly since I got them in May of last year. I have loved having them inside all winter brightening up my house. There is nothing like spring colors in the middle of winter.
One of my paper crafts. I made this to go along with a friends bridal shower gift. I really need to take more pictures of what I make though because I forget if I don't. The pink "paper" was the insert to a gift box that came from the store I bought the gift from. I stained the edges to give it a worn in feel. I'm so loving this new creative outlet! Will post more as I finish....

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April 05, 2006


Morning routine...
Get up.
Take shower.
Turn on Today show for viewing pleasure while getting ready.

This morning, my Today show news was not so fun. The oh, so funny group of 4 is losing their little sunshine. No more Katie Couric. No...she has to go to CBS and do the evening news. Don't people ever stay in place anymore (yes, that's a song, but it fit so well).

Oh, my how I love my Today show fix in the mornings (and yes, I have gone to Rockafeller center to see it being taped, and yes I had signs, and yes it was SO much fun!!!). Katie, Matt, Al and Ann make me smile. I love the way they joke around with each other and tease each other. I love Halloween when they all dress up and laugh at each other's costumes. I love when Matt makes fun of Katie and rolls his eyes when she gets the giggles. It just won't be the same.

Ho-hum. Does anyone else feel like they are losing a morning friend or am I the only crazy one?
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April 03, 2006

This weekend I....

had such a nice, relaxing time. No plans. Just fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants fun. The weather was spring-like. Friends were in abundance. Life was good

Sis and I went shopping. Bought lots of stuff to continue on my current creative outlet - paper crafts. Lots of alphabet stickers and paper. It's getting rather addicting. Now I just need the inspiration to actually use what I've bought.

The bro was over for the weekend. New car included. Took me for a spin. Was brave enough to let me practice driving a stick shift. We, along with "welcome back," went to the first service in our church's brand new building. So cool. The building is beautiful. You could just feel God's presence during praise and worship. Good stuff.

And Battlestar. Oh, how you taunt me. It's so freakin' good. I had a scare though. They almost killed my "Battlestar boyfriend," as I like to call him. I only have one more episode to go and then I have to wait like the rest of the world for season 3 to begin in October. Uhhhhhh. If you still don't believe me. Check it out on itunes or run as quick as you can to Best Buy.

And then there was Lucy...

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Lost Lucy

Once upon a time there was a dog named Lucy.
She liked to explore.
See new fun places.
Smell new smells.
One night she decided to go out past her yard and explore a little bit further than she should have.
It was dark outside and she got lost.
Home seemed very far away.
She began to howl and bark trying to get someone's attention.
"Help! Help! I'm lost! Where is my house?"
Then she heard someone whistle.
Quickly, she ran over to find 1 very nice boy who picked her up and carried her to a house.
There were 3 girls in pajamas waiting at the house. They gave Lucy hugs and pats so she wouldn't be scared.
Lucy looked up at them very happily. She barked again, "can you take me home?"
But the 3 pajama girls and 1 nice boy didn't know where she lived.
So they bundled her up, gave her some water and a nice warm chair to sleep in for the night.
The next morning, after many phone calls, the 3 pajama girls found her family.
They quickly came to pick her up and take her home.
Before she jumped into the car, she turned around and gave a "thank you" bark to the 3 pajama girls and 1 nice boy.
What a fun adventure!

The end.
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