April 30, 2007

April 29, 2007

window shopping

stack of fun

My collection is outgrowing my shelf space. This little pile is stacking up beside the TV.

I went out and bought a used copy ($6.99...loved used movies!) of Marie Antionette the other night at Blockbuster. I just had to see the colors and dresses and hairstyles again.

And my copy of the Scrubs musical on VHS. I'm high tech, baby... Oh, and seasons 3 and 4.

Plus, Dennis the Menace with Walter Matthau. My brother and I quote this movie constantly. Walter is the PERFECT Mr. Wilson. I laugh out loud every time even though I've seen it about 100 times.

A little bit of Buffy season 3.

A Little Princess, one of my favorite children's movies.

Some Audrey Hepburn, cause I adore her.

One of my top 5, Master and Commander. All because of Paul Bettany's performance.

Everything is Illuminated which I started watching months ago and must finish.

And my current obsession. I can't get enough of Arrested Development.

April 28, 2007


I absolutely cannot wait until June 6th. Why? Well, that day begins yet another summer of fun, hot weather, boat driving, crafts, nephew snuggles, snack shop, laughing children and a million other sights and sounds.
I live for the summers, not because of vacations and pool time. Oh, no. The summer is the busiest time of my year. They are work, work, work. But when you love your job, somehow that work just seems too much fun to miss out on. I'm excited to be tired and hot and wet and sandy. I'm excited to hear the screams of delight from children outside of my windows. I'm excited to take pictures. I'm excited to have my family all around me EVERY DAY 24/7!!! I'm excited to go to chapel and hear 100 kids singing silly praise and worship songs. I'm excited to have those treasured moments with kids, explaining to them who God is. I'm excited to give hugs. I'm excited to see God move and work in my life. I'm excited to live in a community of people who come together for 10 weeks to be continually poured out before God in the hopes that even 1 child will come to know Jesus.
Yup, June 6th can't come fast enough.

April 25, 2007

Same blog

New look.

Check out Designfruit to get the ultra cool Photoshop (I use the old, old version of Photoshop cause I'm poor and can't afford the new ones..) brushes I used on my banner. They are totally free and easy to use.

April 24, 2007

the photo gods

Tara Whitney is one of my favorite photographers in the world. She just launched her new site. You MUST check it out. I was mesmerized forever. Her pictures tell stories.

Plus, I watched this slide show of pictures again the other day. Click on Engagements. Love these!

And these guys....if only, if only, if only they could shoot my wedding one day. I'm in love with their style. And NEED their Photoshop actions.

And then there are the dozens upon dozens I've found on Flickr. It's a photographers paradise.

Do you have any favorites?

the only reason I'd read a comic book

Thanks, Kimmy!

Can't wait...

for this...They just released the full trailer here. So fun! This book was FULL of twists and turns.

And......this comes out the week before. Oooo..... Bring on the Harry Potter summer. Can't wait to get lost in this last book. Absolutely, positively can't wait...

April 22, 2007

more photo shoot

the path
Originally uploaded by cottagegirl1.

Here's one more. There are a few more on my Flickr page. The link is on the right -------------->

April 21, 2007

photo shoot

more to come....

***thanks in abundance to my dear friend whose name begins with a "B."

April 19, 2007

happily installed....

and waiting to be used. Thanks Mom and Dad!

My friends are the best

Got these in the mail today. (Steph, I LOVE them!! I've been wanting some for a long, long time and haven't been brave enough to try them on my own. The scarf is too cute! I'll wear it happily thinking of you each time!)
They are from my friend that I visited last August in Alaska. We have been friends since my freshman year in college, oh so many years ago. I hope and pray that all of you have friends like her. She is so compassionate and caring and funny and friendly and the best storyteller I've ever met. I used to sit in her dorm room and listen to her tell stories about her growing up years for hours. She one of those people that I feel totally comfortable around. When we saw each other for the first time in about 6 years, it was like we had just seen each other the other day. We email all the time. Big long involved emails. It's great.
I've said before how greatly Liberty effected my life. She was a big part of that. I love her to pieces.

I have so many creative friends. Another one of my friends made the coolest gift. Will share pictures soon.

April 17, 2007

link-idy, links

Found today on two of my favorite blogs.

#1 Photo goodness

#2 Pearls Before Breakfast. Get comfy and read away.

April 15, 2007

The past few days

Here's what I've been up to:

  • getting healthy after a yucky cold
  • watching Lost
  • having a "The Office" party with a re-viewing of the Scrubs musical. I can now sing almost all the lines in all the songs and had to resist the urge to do it with a room full of people
  • getting hand made cards from friends
  • getting a brand spankin' new printer from my parents
  • making thank you notes
  • listening to podcasts of Battlestar Galactica (sooo good)
  • getting hooked on Arrested Development. (gone from casual viewer to obsessed. I've resorted to renting it from disk one/season one at Blockbuster)
  • was given this from my brother and parents. Total, glorious surprise.
  • watching the end of Pride and Prejudice...again. (yes, that's 3 times this week)
  • yard sales. 4 books for $1.
  • Expanding my grocery shopping to include Trader Joe's.
  • shopping on Etsy. Well, "window" shopping more than busying.
  • too much Flickr.
  • turning 30. Can't really wrap my brain around that yet.
Will be adding more pictures to Flickr soon.

April 11, 2007


I've watched this TWICE in 24 hours. And when I'm not watching it....I'm reading the book and getting lost in the language. Somehow the Old English is soothing when I'm sick.

April 10, 2007


I've started a Flickr account to try and keep up with my 1,000's of pictures. I've added a couple from Michigan and the cherry blossoms trip. Check them out here.
I also added a link on the right -------------->

Cherry tree, monuments and a cold

You know that part of The Empire Strikes Back when Han Solo (Harrison Ford, my first movie star crush) gets thrown into a room right after he and Leia were tortured. He says "I feel terrible" (in a way that only he can). Yeah, so that's how I feel right now. Yucky fever, stuffy nose, watery eyes. Lovely. I can't complain though because I have avoided sickness all the winter after everyone I know has been stricken. Here's hopin' I'm better tomorrow.
This picture is from my trip to see the cherry blossoms in the Nation's Capitol last week. I went with a group of friends and had a spectacular time. We just caught the end of the blossoms' splendor, but managed to get there before it snowed that night. Yes, snow on Friday night and 80 degrees the Monday before. Springtime on the East Coast. I took tons of photos and am playing with them a little before I post them.
Found a new favorite monument. It is absolutely beautiful. How have I never seen it? It's only about 10 years old. Waterfalls, statues, quotes carved in stone. My favorite, "This generation of Americans has a rendezvous with destiny" Surrounded by cherry trees. About 7 acres of pure tangible history. Took lots of photos. Am so ready to go back and soak it in some more. If you ever go to DC, take the walk around the tidal basin by the Jefferson and be sure to take a stroll through the FDR memorial.

April 08, 2007

home love

A few things around my house that make me happy...

This pot was a gem of a find at World Market, when my sister was living in Richmond. I can stare a the colors all day. All my favorite shades of my favorite color. And impulse buy and haven't regretted it one second.

The chalk board in the kitchen. It was created with chalkboard spray paint on an empty wall. Everyone leaves little messages when they come over. I've left these up for a while cause they make me happy.

The "bar." This used to be a big wall. The cut away now lets you see the water from the first moment you walk in the door. Plus I love this picture from Ikea.

The fridge covered with pictures of friends and family. A different one catches my eye each time I go by it.

I'm on a posting spree!! Blogger has been difficult for a few days and I've had tons of stuff to post. Enjoy....


My sister has the best scrapbook store near her. These were my purchases this time. The new lines from Basic Grey are to die for. The paper is a work of art.

What did you do today?

I enjoyed 5 hours of the Masters. Yes, I did. I LOVE, love, lovedy, love, love, love Masters weekend. I watch hours of it from the beginning on Thursday to the final shot on Sunday afternoon. My favorite sports tournament of the year. Love watching Tiger play. Love that Zach Johnson won. Love that he said it was even more special winning it on Easter because it was important day for his faith. Love that he said that he gave all the credit to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Goosebumps and a big gulp. Another great Masters.

April 04, 2007


Originally uploaded by cottagegirl1.

My favorite picture from this past weekend. Those cheeks are so kissable. His smiles, which are abundant, melt my heart. Isn't he adorable?!!


Yesterday was a nice warm day here in the Mid-Atlantic. Warm sunshine. Cool breeze off the water. After work, J and I took a bike ride to a new coffee shop around the corner. (this is a big deal here because we live on a peninsula that takes exactly 10 minutes to get off of in order to reach the rest of civilization. Yes, I've timed it.) It was a nice ride and the coffee shop is adorable. Yummy iced Earl Grey with a hint of sugar.
On our ride back, we were in our neighborhood when 3 little girls came riding by on their bikes. I smiled at each of them as they rode by. Their reaction? We hear one of the girls screamed "My bike is better than yours!!" Those were her exact words. Nice.... Insulted by a 3rd grader.

April 01, 2007

three things

Happily enjoying my time with the fam. It's actually warm here this time. Sun is out. Blue sky and puffy clouds.
Don't have my pictures uploaded yet. Surfin' the net while the munchkin is sleeping. These 3 things made me smile and got the creative juices flowin'.

This blog. Her stuff has always facinated me. She used to scrap and now has moved on to other things.

Elsie's new stuff on Etsy. And have I mentioned how addictive Etsy is? Never seen it? You must go!! I have gotten lost for hours just amazed at some of the things that people create.

A new post from Zach. I often dream that if we could only meet we would be friends. The boy makes me laugh. Hands down my favorite actor right now.