May 31, 2008

Hurricane a comin'

We had a pretty good storm today. First one of the "summer." The storms that blow up here almost always come the same way. Right up the river on the right side of camp. They are so cool to watch. Terrifying in some ways, but cool too. I finally took pictures after the bazillion I've seen over the years.

***Jon, these storms always remind me of you sitting in the beach mobile doing the countdown. "30 seconds till the rain hits. 20. 10. It's here! It's here!" Don't you miss it?!

May 30, 2008

Friday finds

I haven't had the heart to click around much this week. Even my favorite blogs didn't entice me until Wednesday night.

This is about the only place that I've gone to.

There are some amazing stories hidden in the comments of these posts. Stories of orphans finding families, people coming to Jesus, hearts being burdened for complete strangers. I have cried each time I have read through them. God is moving and doing amazing things amidst such deep sadness.

May 29, 2008

Just what I needed

A night with my Bible study girls. We ended our "year" (since we camp girls drop off the face of the earth for the next 10 weeks cause of camp) with a super fantastic dinner. Lots of yummy food. Too much! We had such a lovely time eating and chatting and just enjoying each other's company.
I'm so blessed to be surrounded by women who really love Jesus. Our study of Acts this year was so amazing. Can't wait to see what God has for us next year.

Love you, ladies! My prayers for each of you continue.

***edited in Picnik. It's such a fantastic Photoshop substitute and totally FREE!

May 28, 2008

I am His

"Fear not
for I have redeemed you
I have called you by your name;
You are mine.
When you pass through the waters,
I will be with you;
And through the rivers,
They shall not overflow you.
When you walk through the fire,
You shall not be burned."
Is. 43:1-2

The Word has come alive these last few days as I search it, looking for something solid to grasp when my heart is heavy. Prayers are constantly at my lips. Everything else seems silly and "earthly" as my mind is constantly on the eternal. Things I usually waste my time on seem pointless and so very worthless in light of eternity.
I am so thankful that God is using this heartbreaking time to draw me to Him. As camp (training) begins this week, I am so ready to jump in with both feet and be used up for the Kingdom. I won't let the evil one lie to my heart and let precious moments go by.

p.s. Sorry to all of you that come here for happy posts. I just don't have it in me. My heart is so heavy and I want God to do with me what He wants. At this moment, that means tears and prayers. Not despair, but hope and peace amidst the pain. God knows the Chapman's (and those who surround them) need the prayers and, for some reason, He has (moment by moment) burdened my heart for them.

May 27, 2008

sneak peak

in my bag
Originally uploaded by cottagegirl1.

Inside my bag. Flickr-ites do this a lot and I always think it's so interesting to see what people carry around with them everyday.
Click on the picture to see the details

May 26, 2008

still praying

I"ll be honest. I've spend much of the last 4 days in prayer for the Chapman's. Crying. Earnestly seeking God on their behalf. Their pain has consumed my thoughts. Even holding Luke this weekend and laughing with him choked me up cause I could only think of that dear family who won't be able to do the same with their little one again. During the hours of the visitation and memorial service, I couldn't think of anything else.

I also wondered what it was that made me feel so attached to a family that I have never met? Why would I feel this loss so profoundly? How could I cry so easily for a little girl I had never met? I asked God these questions knowing that there were 1,000's of other people around the world that were praying and mourning in the same way I was.

The only answer I could come up with was that God knows this family needs these prayers.

He knows, better than I, how greatly this whole family HAS indeed affected my life. How their passion for God and their willingness to do whatever He asks of them has been a constant encouragement to me. They have given me a way to help orphans in China through Shaohannah's Hope. They have shared their laughter and struggles through their blogs. And Steven's songs have continually made me get on my face before God and seek Him. Their ministry is so evident of the God they serve. Steven's passion for knowing God is evident in the concerts he gives.

I feel so connected because they point me to Jesus. I can't think of a more appropriate way to put it. I only hope and pray that I can live a life like that. They aren't perfect. They aren't, I know. But I'm so thankful that they choose to run after Him with everything they have and let all of us come along too.

My prayers seems like such a small thing in a tragedy this big. But I also know that God is so much bigger and loving that I can understand. My prayers for them have brought me closer to Him. How amazing that He can draw us to Him even in the midst of such sadness. I am again humbled and in awe of this God who loves me.

May 25, 2008

Oh, praise Him.

This video was used in my church this morning. Gave me chills.

It's so cool how music can take us before the throne no matter where we are, isn't it?!!

The message the pastor gave was about being free in God.

Wanted to share it with you guys too.


No, really! That's what he was screaming. (My sis calls me Auntie cause my name sounds really dumb with the word "aunt" in front of it.)

More to come. Photoshop was having some issues, so you'll have to wait for the rest. This one was SOOC.

May 24, 2008

we like roller coasters

Swiping pictures from my mom again. I'm home for the day to visit the fam. Found these from our trip to an amusement park last fall.

We LOVE roller coasters/thrill rides. My parents had us riding roller coasters as soon as we were tall enough. I'm talking little tykes. Were we scared? Heck, yeah! But it created a healthy love of those amazing thrills. We like to ride them several times in a row if possible. The more times the better.

There you go. A couple pictures. It's been a while hasn't it? I have been taking some these last few days, so I promise more to come.
Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

May 23, 2008

comfort from his own words

{This post may be more for me than for all of you who usually read. But I wanted to remember this. I wanted to remember how God used this music during this tragedy.}

As I went through the day yesterday, praying for the Chapman's and just thinking about them, I was amazed at how many times Steven's songs were the ones that said exactly what I needed. As my eyes would fill with tears and my heart would just hurt and I would wonder why, these words that came to my mind. (my thoughts are in italics)

I don't know what to say.

"I will not pretend to feel the pain you're going through/I know I cannot comprehend the hurt you've known/....But we now we're at the mercy of God's higher ways/And our ways are so small/But I will carry you to Jesus/He is everything you need/I will carry you to Jesus on my knees"
-"Carry You to Jesus" from Declaration

It doesn't make sense. She was so young, so loved.

This is not at all how/We thought is was supposed to be /We had so many plans for you/We had so many dreams /And now you've gone away /And left us with the memories of your smile/And nothing we can say /And nothing we can do/Can take away the pain/The pain of loosing you, but
....We can cry with hope/we can say goodbye with hope/'cause we know our goodbye is not the end, oh, no/And we can grieve with home/'cause we believe with hope/(there's a place by God's grace)/There's a place where we'll see your face again
-"With Hope" from Speechless

Why would God do something to such an amazing family?

"...I know I've got an enemy waiting/who wants to bring me pain/but what he never seems to remember/what he means for evil God works for good/So I will not retreat or surrender/now, I don't want to sound like some hero/'cause it's God alone that my hope is in/but I'm not gonna run from the very things that would drive me closer to Him/so bring it on..../let the trouble come, let it make me fall on the One who's strong..../let me be made weak so I'll know the strength of the one who's strong/bring it on"
-"Bring It On" from Declaration

"God is God and I am not/I can only see a part of the picture He's painting/God is God and I am man/So I'll never understand it all/ For only God is God"
-"God is God" from Declaration

God, are you there? Do you hear our cries of sadness?

"So believe Me now/Believe it's true/I never have, I never will abandon you/And the God that I have always been/I will forever be/So believe me now//I am the God Who never wastes a single hurt/that you endure/My words are true/And all my promises are sure/so believe me now/Oh, believe me now"
-"Believe Me Now" from All Things New

There are about 15 more that I can write out. The most appropriate would, of course, be Cinderella, which he actually wrote for Maria (and Stevey Joy). Just listening to it now, it takes on a whole new meaning.
It's crazy that the music he wrote is what usually comforts me when I'm lost and upset and at the bottom of everything. I pray that the Chapman's will continue to hold tight to what God has taught them. That they will trust in the God they knew before this happened because He still is that same God standing with them here today.
I am continually humbled by a God who's plans seem so unbelievable to me. I am in awe of His power and His knowledge of what we can handle. I tremble at His mercy, grace and love to us in times like these.
My favorite song of his is the one that means the most. He is God. He is holy. He is all I need. I just have to be still and remember that.

Friday Finds

Just a few today. I usually fill this in during the week. It's weird now to see how my week changed.

Forget summer blockbusters....I can't wait for this one in November. I LOVE Baz Luhrmann's work (Romeo and Juliet, Moulin Rouge, Strickly Ballroom).

Look at this amazing artwork. I wish to the high heavens that I could draw like that.

This is awesome! I really, really want to meet them one day. I just want them to teach me how to find that amazing light.

The comments on Maria's page are so amazing. It's so neat to see how God works through this family. I can only read a couple at a time cause my eyes fill with tears and I can't read any more.

I loved the words in this post from a favorite blogger of mine. So well said and heartfelt.

She was gone for a while, but what an inspiring comeback. It's the little things in life.

May 22, 2008

Please pray for the Chapman's

See the story HERE or HERE.

My heart is just broken for them.

**thanks everyone for your emails.

2 things

  1. I can't keep my nose out of this book. It kept me up till midnight last night. It's delightfully delicious. I mean that in a "I'll just read one more chapter. And one more. And one more" kinda way.
  2. This movie was even more amazing the 2nd time. There are so many amazing performances. And the colors and music still make me giddy. Watch the deleted scenes. It totally changes your perspective on a couple of the characters.

And one bonus:
My sis and adorable nephew are headed to the motherland for a good 10 days. Oh, yeah! They arrive tomorrow. I see them Friday.

May 21, 2008

The dull adventure of Cottage Girl with camera phone

Tuesday night, my little cellphone/crap-tastick camera begged me to use it. After reading this post by one of my favorite photographers, I thought I'd give this little challenge a try. I wasn't on my way to work (I work where I live, duh!), but it's the same general idea. I didn't have my pretty, fancy D50, but I used what I had. So here we go. Crappy, blurry pictures and all. Ole!

I flopped down in my car after spending a ridiculous amount of $ on a few essential items at the grocery store. Albeit was the most expensive one, but I was in the shopping center already wasting time in the black hole. (btw, it lived up to it's name again. 1:45 minutes later I finally left) I've always loved this shopping center because of it's theme. See the lighthouse at the movie theater? Ignore the cars.

Here's my overpriced gallon of milk. And my new Sigg bottle that I got for my birthday. (p.s. I love Siggs. I DO, I DO!)

Here's my purse and my shifter. And a crumbled up napkin from ????. And my 5 pairs of sunglasses. This was when I decided to keep taking pictures whenever I wanted to.

I took this cause a giiinormous SUV pulled up next to me and blocked my intended next shot. Instead I took one of my favorite store that I can't afford to buy anything in except for this. Oh, and the pretty clouds.

Another better shot of the lighthouse/movie theater. This theater plays lots of cool indie films.

A stop sign. Just because it looked like it wanted to have it's picture taken. Hello!

Ahhh, the black hole. How I love you beyond words. You make the hours pass too quickly. You lure me with your 1,000's of delightful paper bound treats. I love getting lost in your nooks and chairs. Never leave me, OK? I can't bear the thought of a Staples taking your place.

Out of the parking lot. Yes! A green turn light. That's like a golden ticket. Again with the clouds...

Yipes! Why would I take one of me? Stop this. Stop this now!

I have a Jetta. I don't recommend them. Well, at least not the 1998 versions with 140,000 miles on them. It's on its last leg.

Seriously! What did I tell you, young lady?! Oh, but I do have my favorite sweatshirt on. It says HERSHEY'S on it. I got it direct from the sweetest place on earth. My sis has the matching on in grey.

Wherever you go around here you have to cross a bridge. If a massive flood ever happens and we lose our bridges...well, let's just say tragedy. The sunset over this one is magnificent (with a good camera).

The other side. Wow, I didn't know this thing had a fish eye lens! Sweet!

Why the steering wheel again? I can't explain this.

My car only shifts when I let off the gas. It's an automatic. That is not good. It WILL die soon. I love these shoes.

Another turn light. On the right is a tiny airport with tiny planes that take off all the time.

Rita's Italian Ice. Yumm-diddily-dum. I was here just a couple days ago. Half birthday cake with half fudge brownie is my favorite. Kid's size, please.

Oooo, if I turn here I can get a Frosty. Let's do it! I need some chocolate. Oh, and this guy's car had a sticker on the back in memory of his dog. It looked like a mini tombstone engraving. Yes, I'm serious.

"Click It Or Ticket." Yes, sir.

"Would you like a combo?"

"Eww, gross. NO! Can I have a small frosty please?"


Oh, yeah. Here's the good stuff. Worth every penny.

Question? How did I take this photo, eat the Frosty and drive at the same time?

It's getting darker and the camera isn't happy. Frosty? Is the you? Frosty?

On the home stretch. It takes exactly 10 minutes to get to civilization from camp. 10 minutes to everything.

That arrow points to the water. I turn here to go home. Right between the house with the vicious dogs and the house that is constantly up for sale.

Every time I drive by this bus stop shelter I say to myself "I have to do a photo shoot here." The color is so cool. And the trees behind it....

No it's not a raptor crossing sign. It's actually for deer crossing. And it ain't lyin'. I've seen herds of 15 deer crossing this road at once. Plus turtles and ducks and squirrels and rabbits.
"Chicks and ducks and geese better scurry
When I take you out in the surrey
When I take you out in the surrey
with the fringe on top.."

Blurrier as we go. This corner and the proceeding road make me want to die when I run. I'm so close to being done, but so far away.

Come on Cottage Girl! You can do it! Don't give up! Only a few more steps!
These are the things I say to myself. That and...
If you stop you are going to feel like you are going to throw up. And you just might in front of the neighbors, so don't stop now. Save yourself from the embarrassment.

Oh, look, the bro is home. Wonder what he's up to tonight? Probably playing with his new kick peddle for his drums.

And we're home. Isn't it pretty? This sight never gets old. Never.

This sight however makes me want to curse. This blasted gate. I hate it with the power of 1,000 suns. There at least used to be a pretty house to look at but the stupid neighborhood kids burned it down.
Did I mention I HATE this gate?

And finally, we're here. The water, the sunset, the Cottage. Home sweet home.

I never get tired of this view either. It still thank God constantly that I get to come home to this view every day.

The end.

May 20, 2008

music that gives me chills

Remember about a month ago when I told you about the dream present I had for my birthday? Well, I found a clip of Bear McCreary performing/conducting my favorite song off of BSG season 2 at the concert. The quality isn't great, but you can get the idea. The song is chillingly beautiful.

You can hear the CD version here. If you play it 2 or 3 times in a row, I won't judge. I've been doing that at least once a week since I first heard it almost 2 years ago. Repeat is my best friend.
There is something about those 2 violins that give me goosebumps EVERY time. I can't explain in words...well, I don't even know how to say what I feel when I hear it. It says things words don't. I'm sure you all have music like that, too.

***here's another song from the concert as well, and the CD version.

May 19, 2008

I'm sorry

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry you opened up Cottage Girl this morning and got nothing new.

I'm sorry I didn't write you a wonderful post full of fun with a lesson or two.

I'm sorry I didn't have a picture to use as a peace offering today.

I'm sorry I'm such a low-down, lazy blogger.

My excuse?
Well, I could give you a couple good ones, but I won't. The main excuse is that I chose to go see a movie last night after a LONG, hard weekend of work.
I chose the movie because my brain had stopped working.
I chose the movie because you wouldn't have wanted to hear anything I had to say yesterday.
I chose the movie cause it was Prince Caspian.
I chose the movie because I didn't have to think or make a meal or pull my shoulder out of socket while catching kids on the Giant Swing or praying I don't get ticks/chiggers (aka: the insects from Hades) as I lead Low Elements or haul firewood from one flooded bonfire to another less flooded bonfire.

I chose the movie, OK?
Hate me if you wish, but that's my story.

I felt much better after sitting in a dark theater watching an imaginary world created by a man in England many years ago come to life.
It was worth ever bit of my (frakin') $9.75.
The costumes were unbelievable (enhance by our digital theater). The music was lovely. The kids were perfect. I really loved it.

And now, I feel ready for another week, busy though it may be.

p.s. I AM sorry.

May 17, 2008

Lookey who's here for the weekend!

I love him more than I'm probably supposed to love another person's dog. He the coolest of cool. And this is a bad picture, but I'm too plum tired to take one today.

Speaking of dogs, read this fun post from Pioneer Woman. It made me melt inside and instantly want a doggie of my own.

The lesson of todays post....Dogs = cool. Dogs = love. Dogs = swishy faces.

The end.

May 16, 2008

Friday Finds

So this is how a town dies. So sad that all those old "hangout" spots for the locals will now be history.

Not too sure how I feel about the Twilight movie preview. My imagination was much better. And if you haven't read the books, you really should.

More Joss is always a good thing.

I loved Decor8's photos of German houses. Here are a couple favorites 1..2..3..4. You can see them all here.

What if your child's art was a photo instead? Love this idea!

Did you see the season finale of the Office last night? I loved it.

Summer movie season is here........

X-Files trailer is here. I simply can't wait! It was one of my favorites in high school.

Go see Iron Man. I loved it.

Prince Caspian comes out today.

Is anyone else counting down the days to Indy's return?!!! Less that one week away now!

It's a crazy weekend around here. We have lots of people on the property doing lots of activities. I WILL find 1 hr to watch Battlestar though!

May 15, 2008 can't stop singing this song.

I la-la-la-love this soooonnng. I want to sing it all the time. I get it stuck in my head by the end of almost every day, and I have to watch this video and then watch it again and then watch it again. I don't know what it is. And the video is just so funny and cute. I love that she is always skipping. I love that he says "Are you crazy? They're birds!" I know it's completely silly and impractical if you listen to the words, but it is so perfect in it's silliness.

Yes, I know this blog has been very video heavy the last few days. But, hey, it's my blog and I like videos. I mean I did major in video in college. Why not THINK about it every once in while since I don't actually USE it.

p.s. Did you watch the video from yesterday? You must. You just must. Watch it in 5 minute increments if you have to, but WATCH it.

May 14, 2008

The Dying Room

***edited: I fixed the link to the video. Sorry about the mix up.

Words don't really describe this.

Click here to watch (38 minutes)

The pictures have haunted me. I found it last night online, and I just think everyone should see it. Just so you know, it was made in 1995, so things have changed for the better in some ways because of this video. I have a feeling that rooms like these aren't all gone though. We would be silly to think this doesn't still happen.

You all know, if you read my blog at all, that I'm big into adoption especially Chinese adoptions. Something about those particular little ones has grabbed my heart since I was a little kid. This video just breaks my heart. I would be on the next plane to China and bring a whole bunch of them back if I could.

If you are interested in adoption or would like to help in some way, here are a couple links to organizations that are fighting the good fight in the trenches.

Shaohannah's Hope (loved them for a long time. lots of great links and ways to help)
Living Hope International (I'm supporting a friend through this ministry as she and her family move to China to be orphanage resident advisors)
Show Hope (a branch of Shaohannah's Hope)
How to Adopt (if you want to take a BIG step!)

There is also a great video from National Geographic called China's Lost Girls. I found it at my library.

"Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself unstained by the world." James1:27

May 13, 2008

Ah, Mrs. Featherbottom.

If you have never seen Arrested Development, your next click should be HERE. It is the funniest show ever.

May 12, 2008

What did you do today, Cottage Girl?

Well, since you asked so nicely, let me tell you.

It was another one of those crazy camp days.

It all started yesterday. It started raining, no make that POURING, at about 4 or 5 pm. And it didn't stop until about that same time today. It was mixed in with some high winds and VERY high tides. I didn't venture off the peninsula, but I hear it was like white water rafting down the roads around here.

So it rained and rained and rained some more. I woke up and headed to work at the usual time. But I wasn't greeted with the usual day. Oh, no. You see, the power had gone out in almost all of the remaining buildings and areas of camp including all the rest of the staff housing (which also meant no internet....oh, the HORROR!!!). Now this is annoying in itself, one would think. However, this was only the tip of the so called iceberg.
I arrived to find several fellow staff members sloshing around the basement of our big Lodge, which houses 2 of our most important offices. The lovely pumps that keep our basement dry when it turns into a deluge outside were.....that's right.....not running because the power was out. Lovely. There was about a foot of water in the entire basement. AND it was still pouring.

We spent a while trying to save ultra important documents, radios, video cameras, display boards and various other things. Not the way you want to begin your week, right?! After this fun time, the power was still out, so we all went home. The cottage became the refugee camp for the day and us cottage dwellers threw our door open to all who would come and warm themselves in our heat-filled, dry (except for one area where our roof was leaking...again.) abode. We all had dinner together and sat around and talked. It was nice.

The power finally came back on at 8pm tonight. It was another adventure filled day. Ah, the wonder of living at the end of the peninsula and not being cared about by the power company.

I don't even want to think about the clean up tomorrow. Groannnnnn...

May 11, 2008

I've got answers

Here's a couple replies to your comments....

I especially liked that you called it cream rinse.

Yes, I call conditioner "cream rinse" sometimes. My mom always called it that when I was growing up. And I believe that's what all conditioner used to be called. At least it was written on the bottles we had. My bro, sis and parents still call it that sometimes too.

BTW, why do you never eat fast food?

Three words: IBS aka my own personal weight loss regiment that I have no control over. Had it since high school (maybe before, but this is when I first realized the symptoms). It IS as miserable as it sounds.

You say you are OCD and do things in order always so show us yourself thoughout the day doing the things you do.
My alarm clock is always set at least 10 minutes ahead. I always hit the snooze at least 2 times.
I immediately wash my face after waking up and then turn on the Today show and then make my bed. EVERY morning. My bed MUST be made immediately. I walk to work avoiding the same pot holes every day. My room must be completely straighted when I go to sleep. If I leave something messy, I will get up out of bed and fix it cause it will drive me crazy knowing that it's there. I'm sure there are more.

Post more camp stories!
I shall do my best. We start in 3 short weeks (staff training) and about 5 more weeks (kids arrive). The stories will abound, I'm sure.

Photo Assignment: All things blue.
Love this idea. Will definitely try this one out. Remind me if I forget.

What is your favorite soundtrack, since you said you like them?
At the moment, Battlestar Galactica season 3 by Bear McCreary. I also love Legends of the Fall, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Stepmom, Forrest Gump and Lord of the Rings.

Thanks for playing along. I'm happy to answer just about anything you ask, so keep them coming.

May 10, 2008

I am my mother's daughter

Setting the scene:
sitting around the dinner table having just finished a yummy meal

Cast of characters:
Cottage Girl, the bro, Mom and Dad

Hey, Mom, what do you want to do tonight? It's Mother's Day. You get to choose.

Well, I wanted to play badminton, but it's too wet (it's been raining for 3 days solid). Or a campfire would be fun, but the wood may be too wet. Ooo, or go to the movies. There's a movie your dad and I want to see.

You get to decide. Whatever you want.

Um, well...let's go to the movies. I want to see Iron Man.


So that's what we did for my mom for Mother's Day.

When we got back from the movie:

Mom, you know most mothers want spa days and jewelry for Mother's day. But you want Iron Man.

I just don't like that spa stuff. No thank you.

Fine by me, Momma. I'm right there with you.

And Iron Man, by the way, was "flippin' sweet" as the bro would say. 4 stars. Go see it! My mom says so.

May 09, 2008

Friday finds

Check out these amazing pieces of art that were created by a blogger I enjoy. Love the elephant one. She also met up with another favorite blogger on her tour around the US.

Zach finally had a new blog post. Plus, it was the last episode of Scrubs last night. (on NBC at least) I must say, it was pretty funny and creative. No one can do over the top, crazy like them.

Elsie was full of inspiration this week. The ideas are swirling after looking at her blog this week.

Pioneer Woman was celebrating her 2 year blog-aversary complete with give aways. What did I do without her?

I like TV and all, but this is a little over the top. And I even loved Veronica Mars! But then again on my cruise down the west coast, we made a few dozen stops and TV/movie locations....

Tara, Tara, again Tara
. I can't love her shots more. Imagine having you MOM take such amazing shots of you!

Loved this outfit on The Sartorialist this week. So perfect. So inspiring.

Do you have your sunscreen for the summer. It's a MUST have here at camp. I was happy to see the stuff I use on this list. This one is my favorite for my face and I've tried tons of different kinds.

I LOVE this hat from Anthropologie. So Audrey Hepburn.

New Coldplay. I had no idea that people really hated this band. Seriously?! They are one of my top favorites. I can listen to their entire CD (all 3 that I have) from beginning to end without skipping a song. I think that puts them in the *amazing* category for me.

The situation in Myanmar is just heartbreaking. I feel so sad for those people left with no food or water and their government won't accept help. Just devastating.

the image is found has all my photography love when I look that these photos. Gulp...the light, oh, dear goodness the light. I want to find that light.

Au revoir. Have a lovely weekend.

Smell them, Marillla. Drink them in.

Oh, how I wish that Blogger could install some type of device that would let you smell these unbelievable flowers. You would be standing outside my front door, along side of me of course, sniffing away like a hound dog. Ahhhh....

Now, I do admit that they aren't the most beautiful blossoms in the world of flowers, but their scent will rival the best of them. Our honey locust trees are in full bloom here at camp. This particular one is right outside my kitchen window. You can always tell the moment the buds open cause the entire property smells like heaven.

These trees are full of thorns and small leaves. They get beaten to a pulp in the winter and during our many, oh so many, crazy thunderstorms in the summer. But they stand up pretty well. And when this time of the year rolls around, I would trade them for anything.

***title of this post taken from the best piece of literature ever written. Remember this? (begin at 7:15 to see what I mean.)

May 08, 2008

package from Elsie

Last week, I was in an Etsy mood, so I went window shopping. Elsie had just released a bunch of new paintings and a brand new set of embroidery patterns. I totally caved and bought 3 of the patterns.

They came in the mail yesterday. The packaging alone made me instantly happy. These are the three I chose, but she has tons of different ones to choose from. (plus her adorable prints! I'm in love with the space girl series!)

Of course I chose this one.

And this one has a couple designs of old fashioned TV sets. Again, duh!

This one was my favorite. I've loved the story of Peter Pan since I was a kid.

Plus she added her adorable business card.

I was one happy shopper. Can't wait to try out the patterns. I have to teach myself all the stitches as I go cause I've never done it before. I love learning new crafts!