May 24, 2006

The other day I... this yummy stuff in the mail the other day. Can't wait to use it! I'm a sucker for anything with Tara Whitney's name on it. The rub-ons and paper from 7gypsies are perfection. There are no paper or scrapbook stores around me, so I've given in to using other means to get my supplies.

I've realized that any place that sells books turns into a black hole when I step over the threshold. I went to the library last night to look around for a book to read and realized that 2 hours had gone by. Seriously. This is a time warp thing, right? I came out with a HUGE load of books and magazines. The best part. ALL FREE. Love the library. I wish I could specify that my taxes go specifically there. I get my money's worth and all of yours if you don't use it!

And now...I'm off on another plane. This time, it will stay in the country though. Iowa is my destination. A wedding is the event. I'm sure there will be many pictures to post.

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May 22, 2006

BBQ fun

The other day, I posted about a BBQ that I had with friends. It was like the old days when neighborhoods had their cookouts in the cul-de-sacs and all the kids were running around playing. All the neighbors were out the same night, eating at their porch tables, enjoying the spectacular weather we have been having. It was nice to sit and chat with friends and eat some yummy asparagus and hot dogs. Here's a couple shots from the evening...
Peter finally got his first groundhog. Needless to say, he was rather excited. He asked me to take this picture of his prized kill. (by the way, we are over run by groundhogs in this area. They cause damage to the grounds, give us fleas in the buildings and are just annoying. We've tried to get rid of them for years and they still come back. So don't worry. These disgusting creatures won't become extinct! It's like killing a mouse in a trap. Didn't want anyone to think that I condone animal massacre...)

My buddy, my buddy, where ever I go, she goes....My buddy, my buddy, my buddy and me....

There is nothing like the spring. I just adore it. The weather is perfect and I want to live outside every second. And I love photos. What great memories to have from an otherwise normal evening at home. It's almost like I froze time and can pick it back up whenever I want to.
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May 20, 2006

TV, Scrapping, and BBQ's

I have so many things to post, but no time to actually sit down and do it! Life in May. What else can be said...
I have lots of pictures to post, which I know everyone would love to see, but I haven't had time!

I had a BBQ with friends the other night and there are priceless photos from that little event. Promise to share soon. And you won't be disappointed!

My Grand Cayman scrapbook is so much fun! I'm LOVING doing it! It just takes forever cause it still is so new to me. I should have pictures to post in a couple days of the final project.

My roommate and I got hooked on a new TV show. I got Veronica Mars season 1 for my birthday from an awesome friend who shares my TV obsession. So much fun to watch. Logan is my favorite. Another fun one to check out if you are looking for something to watch!

TV seasons are ending! Good gracious are they ever. It seems like everyone wants to have a cliffhanger this year. After this week, all my shows will be gone until September (or January, 24 and Scrubs, sniff sniff. What's a girl to do with out a Zach Braff fix every week?!) And did anyone else see the ER season finale? Great googly-moogly (fun word, eh?). It knocked the socks off everything else so far! ER's been getting a little botox around the eyes this year. Good stories!

Let's see, what else? Cleaning my house and scrubbing the iron stains out of my toilet because of hard water for 5 days isn't that exciting, but hey, these are the events of my life.

What have you been up to? Remember, the comments section is for YOU to join in on the fun! Did anyone else have an eventful week?
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May 17, 2006

giving it a try

I'm working on a scrapbook with pictures from my trip to Grand Cayman back in February. I was inspired by the great TW. Here is her awesome work that got my thoughts going.... I'll post pictures as I get the pages done. I still haven't decided if I'm going to like scrapbooking or not yet. It's still really tough for me. I'm too much of a perfectionist, I think. I read a great ariticle written by Ali Edwards that reminded me that it doesn't have to be perfect. Just have fun. Play. Tell a story. Okay, I'll try....
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What's out there?

Love this picture of my friends' little one. Looking over the fence at the boats on the river. Love those cute little shoes and socks!

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May 16, 2006


That's right. I think that they were the creatures under my house. Here are the methods we (there were several people involved in exorcising them from the house). Note: they were located between the floor of the house and the shower/bathtub stall that sits on top of it. See THIS to get a metal picture of the actual size of this bathroom.

  • Pounding on the shower stall for 1 1/2 hrs.
  • Dropping mothballs under the shower (oh, yeah. great idea. however, my house will now smell like mothballs for months.)
  • Running a vaccuum in the shower for 10 minutes.
  • Sliding one sheet of paper in the crack that was created after the caulking pulled away from the floor. (this was especially fun when I touched one of the babies with the paper and they shrieked bloody murder.
  • Shining a flashlight under the miniscule crack to frighten them with light (supposedly raccoons HATE this.
  • Yelling at them. Loudly. Thank goodness my roommate was gone at the time.
  • Leaving the light on all night in the bathroom to keep them quiet.
  • Listening to the mom move around the shower. (How did I know it was her? She was so big that her fur rubbed along the sides of the shower (underside). Yakkkk.)
  • Giving up and finally watching TV.

So what happened? They decided they'd had enough at about 11:30pm and my roommate came home in time to hear them LEAVE.

yes. yes. yes.....sweet victory was mine. Gone. Gone. Gone.

May 15, 2006

Momma's card

I decided to make my Mother's Day card this year. I have such a hard time finding cards that I like other than one line that Hallmark makes. Unfortunately, since it's my favorite, I've used almost all of the cards that they have. My parents left for a trip of a lifetime on Friday, so I had to get this out before she left. Love you, Momma!

May 12, 2006

Picture peace offering

I know. I know. It's been like a week since I've updated. I get annoyed when people don't update their blogs everyday, and here I am doing the same thing. So sorry. It has been SO busy around here that blogging has had to take a back seat. Here's a couple pictures from the camping trip 2 weekends ago. Been wanting to post them for a while, but haven't had the time.

Also, The Creature Under The House has now had babies. Oh, yes, that's right. Last night I was awake from the hours of 3 am until 5 am because of their screeching. And now I can't find out how to get them out! AHHHHHHHHH. Hopefully all will be solved before the weekend is over.

I will try to write more soon. If only life would slow down for a couple minutes!

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May 04, 2006

Shaohannah's Hope

I've said before how much I love Shaohannah's Hope. It's an organization that gives grants to parents who are wanting to adopt but don't have the funds. I love it because it's Christian based. I love it cause it's Steven Curtis Chapman. I love, love, love being a part of helping little kids find their forever families. Can't wait till it's my turn one day!

This is the picture that I got in my inbox yesterday from them. How adorable are his little girls?!!
Go HERE to find out more about Shaohannah's Hope.

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May 03, 2006


Walked home today to find a shovel stuck in the ground in the driveway behind my car. I walked a little bit closer to pull it out. Then my eyes beheld why the shovel was there. S-N-A-K-E. That's right. Chopped in half and it's dead carcass left to bake in the sun. No, I don't have a picture. And yes, I'm terrified of snakes.

Thanks alot, P. You know, most boys leave girls flowers or chocolate.

May 02, 2006

Cabin on the creek

My dwelling place for the "camping" trip this weekend with the girls. Oh, the lazy times we had. More to come later.

Isn't it just BEAUTIFUL!

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