February 28, 2011


My favorites from the night. Half the fun of the Oscars is watching all those beautiful gowns, isn't it?!

I know lots of people hated this one, but I loved it. Maybe not as fancy as it should have been, but wow. Love.love.love.

Truth be told, I hated this when I first saw it. So weird. But it grew on me throughout the night. And when Cate presented, it flowed so daintily as she walked on the stage. It's a piece of art, not really a dress. At least that's how I'm appreciating it now. And, let's be honest, not really anyone else could wear this and still look so beautiful and effortless.

The best color. And so sophisticated. She really did look like a Queen, that Helen Mirren.

Half of why I loved her look so much was her adorable pixie cut. But that dress....I wanted to see it up close in real life because I just knew it was stunning.

Um, how adorable was he? Seriously.

So perfectly age appropriate and sweet. She looked perfectly 14 and perfectly lovely. LOVE the length.

My favorite of the whole night and the whole awards season this year. It was a little sci fi and a little glam. I just L.O.V.E.D it. It's one of those that I'll remember years from now.

It would be so fun to see all those gowns in real life just once. I can't image how beautiful they are in person. And yes, I know it's just a dress. And yes, I agree that we can go overboard on the critiques and thinking it's the most important thing in the world. But as a woman, it is fun to get dressed up and feel pretty for a night. Even if it's just a party with friends.

And look...the Oscars were so long that I finished an entire hat. Granted it was just a baby hat, but still. I feel at least a little better about sitting in front of the TV for an entire evening. Baby gift #1 = finished.

**all images found here (except my hat, of course).

February 27, 2011

Knitting Academy

It's Oscar night! Basically, that means I'm plopped on the couch for the entire night. I've been watching the Oscars forever. Always loved them, even though TV is more my thing. I asked my brother once if he would take me as his date to the Oscars if he ever went. His answer..."no way, I'm gonna take someone hot. Not my sister. Gross." I still laugh thinking about that. I miss him so much lately.

Yesterday, I ventured out to my local yarn store and loaded up on yarn for baby hats. I have so many friends and family (my sister is single handedly taking care of the grandkids situation in our family) pregnant (or just had a baby) that it's nearing the double digits. Yikes... Awards shows always make me want to knit something. Maybe because I can't just sit there for hours doing nothing. Maybe cause I feel like I have to be creative while watching artists. Who knows...

So, I'll be knitting and Oscar viewing tonight. And trying not to watch the end of Friday's Smallville another 15 times. (yes, really. it's despicable, I know.)

My name is Cottage Girl and I love the Oscars, knitting, Smallville, Chloe and Oliver happy endings, parenthesis, italics, my brother and babies that belong to my friends...especially my sister.

February 26, 2011

Why I didn't post last night

This photo (taken on my crappy cell phone) looks quite unsuspecting unless you know this river. We don't really have waves. Unless it's windy. And even still, white caps? They don't really exist.

Yesterday, that was not the case. It looked like the ocean. And if you look really carefully, you'll see the mist that was blowing all over the top of the water. It looked like tiny water spouts trying to form, all over the river, blowing every which way. And standing about a football field away, I could feel the salty water hit my face (as well as the sand. ouch.).

It gets windy here often. We're on a peninsula. There's nothing to block the wind from 3 different directions. But yesterday....it felt almost like the hurricane that hit almost 10 years ago.


  1. A catamaran that sits down the hill on the beach ended up way up here.
  2. A HUGE tree branch took out (read: smashed the windshields/demolished) some of the camp cars.
  3. The power went out for 7 hours.

My roommate and I decided to make the best of the situation (and abandon our cold, dark cottage). We went out to dinner. Finished dinner and realized the power was still out, so we ran over to a movie. And the power was STILL out so we went to B & N to stay warm until we couldn't stay awake any longer. Then came home to a cold, dark house only to crawl into bed to try to stay warm.

The lights finally came back on. But no power meant that I missed (and the DVR didn't record) Smallville. The horror!

Thank goodness I had some $$ left on my Amazon Instant Video promotion or I would have missed Chloe's last episode with the best ending ever (which I won't tell you how many times I've watched on repeat this morning because it's embarrassing).

(Have you ever used your free promotional credits on Amazon? It's the best! I often get them when I order things and have gotten lots of free songs and TV shows).

Just a little wind...or a lot of wind...but it wreaked havoc here yesterday.

The end.

February 24, 2011

Morning chuckle

My friends and I quote this all.the.time. It's one of Kristen Wiig's best.

February 23, 2011

pretties I don't need

1. Moorea Seal 2. Ever So Lovely 3. Crave Jewelry Design 4. and 5. Mini Cyn (ring and earrings)
6. Wheat and Wildflower 7. and 8. Hip Mom Jewelry (Africa and China) 9. Nashelle

Truth be told, I'm not a big jewelry person. I wear the same ring and earrings every day. Actually, I never take them off. Never. They are simple and plain.

But these pretties, that I've found all over the internet, have caught my eye. Some of them, like #5, have been on my personal "want" list for a long, long time. But jewelry is always one of those things I say no to because I don't wear it. It seems like such an indulgence of riches for me. I do love these simple pieces though.

#1 is so light and small. #2 has that perfect pop of amazing pink. #3 I actually want in a necklace, but I just adore the tall ships. #4 and #5 I love how simple these are and that they are silver instead of a CZ or some other fake stone. #6 needs no explanation. #7 and #8 would remind me of the two countries where I sponsor orphans. #9 also comes in letters, but I love stars. The biggest drawback is that it's gold, and gold isn't really my thing.

What pretties have you found and love? Or wear/have and love? I love to see how very, very different people's jewelry tastes are.

February 22, 2011

headaches and raindrops

The internet is being not playing nice.

I've had a horrid headache all day that no amount of Advil can seem to kick.

But this photo makes me think of camping in the summer. The perfect sound of rain drops on the roof of the camper (there is no better sound in the whole wide world in my opinion). Opening the door after the storm blows by to a sunny, humid day. Slipping on my flip flops that were hiding under the camper to stay dry. Taking a walk down the road avoiding the rain puddles and the muddy patches. Greeting fellow campers with smiles and knowing nods of the storm we all just weathered.

Sigh....so ready for summer time.

Off to turn out the lights and hope this headache goes away while I sleep!

February 21, 2011


There is currently ice tinkling on my windows. We are getting snow tonight. That happens on an almost annual basis on President's day here. Why? Why can't spring stop teasing me and just come already.

I'm super thankful for an extra day off though.

....and PW chocolate cake. I'm really thankful for that cake. If you've never had it, call tomorrow a holiday and make yourself some. It's horribly bad for you, but worth every sinful bite. The rule in the Cottage is that we can only make it if we are having a large group of people over (or going to a potluck party) because we can't keep it in the house. If it's on the counter, we'll eat it non-stop. But dear goodness, it's the best cake in the world.

Night, everyone!

February 20, 2011

i read books

I got sucked into this book for a long time today. Mary-Kate and Ashley interview some of the people who have inspired them and influenced their creativity. Artists, authors, designers. It's actually fascinating. It's more of a fun peak into some insanely, creative people's lives.

So inspiring at the moment. I liked the sentiment behind this quote from Bob Colacello about Andy Warhol...

"Kids always used to say, 'Well, I want to be a photographer but I don't have the right camera,' and Andy would tell them to just go buy a cheap one in a thrift shop and start taking pictures. 'Oh, I want to be a pointer but I don't have a studio.' -Well, go paint in my bathroom. Just do it. Just do it!"

Thank you, dear library, for your wealth of free books. I love finding gems upon your shelves in the most unsuspecting places.

ps....Doesn't this just seem cruel?

February 19, 2011


I found some super cool things this week at my favorite consignment shop. One of which was a totally awesome vintage, green Pyrex dish (with the lid!) on sale for dirt cheap. I didn't take a photo of that, but here are two other things that just had to come home with me....

It was his pipe that called to me. He's going to get a fun coat of paint to brighten him up. There was a women to complete the set, but I didn't like her. I know...horrible to split it up, but I had to when I saw this piece...

So weirdly quirky. I have no idea what it's for, but I love it just the same. It looks like it's hand carved.

These two will look great with this guy, which I got at a yard sale years ago.

I have a thing for silhouettes.

ps...I'm totally hooked on The Good Wife.

February 17, 2011

I made this

Tiny hair bows for a little kiddo's first birthday. Knitted up in some of my favorite yarns and fashioned with love.

If only my niece would keep things in her hair, I would make some for her too. Hear that, sis?

February 16, 2011

Sundance recap 3: Costumes divine

I saw this photo for Meek's Cutoff when I was first shuffling through the lists of movies at Sundance. Instantly, I knew I needed to see this one. Just that bonnet alone made me get the ticket. Can you see the details?!

The movie is loosely based on the real Meek's Cutoff and a story that may or may not have actually happened. I'm a sucker for anything about the Oregon Trail. That whole time period fascinates me.

The movie was just so-so. It moved so slow, but in a way that was perfect because that's what it was supposed to be about. They needed water. They trudged on day after day to find it. The excruciating monotony. That same squeaky wagon wheel every time they moved. I really felt it.

The director said during the Q&A that it really was hot and dry and awful. They had a hard enough time filming it.

But those bonnets....I was smitten. The director also said that the costume designer hand sewed every dress and bonnet. Wow. They were amazing. I would see it again just to stare at them for another hour. They were that full of beautiful details.

And the muted colors. Aren't they perfect?! The pale pinks and greens and yellows that had faded from every day use. The delicate flower patters and pin tucks. The girls said that the bonnets were hard to wear because they were like horse blinders. They had no peripheral vision what so ever.

One my way out of the theater, after the Q&A was over, I was carefully stepping out of the row at Prospector. The seating there is probably the worst of all the theaters. I always get stuck behind a giant and can barely see the screen. And the aisles are really narrow with this giant step the front. You have to be extra careful not to trip. So I was doing just that.

I rounded the corner to the stairs, head down, watching my step carefully. I saw someone coming the opposite way, back into the theater. Strange. It was mostly empty. I looked up so I wouldn't bump into them and looked directly into James Franco eyes. Not even kidding. We stared at each other for a second and then kept walking.

I said to myself, "I think that was James Franco." Not really believing it was true, I stepped out of the theater into the hallway. I just stood there and waited. I had to be sure. He walked out of those same doors. Yep, it was 100% him. He was racing to get out the door before a mob surrounded him. I smiled to myself walked out the door and caught my bus home.

The end.

February 15, 2011

lost in thoughts

Today was one of those days where I was lost in my thoughts for pretty much 95% of the day. Deep, talk-to-yourself, figure out life, question everything thoughts. It was kinda intense.

So tonight, I opened up my homework and begged, literally, for God to speak and clear out the foggy brain I was having. And it was amazing. The three of the specific things I had been obsessing over all day...they were in this study. One. Two. Three.

It brought me to tears of thankfulness for a Savior who hears and answers, if I will only take the time to listen. The craziness has calmed to a whisper. And the whisper is just Him reminding me how loved and treasured I am. And that He wants me to "abound in hope."

ps...Alexi Murdoch has a free download right now. Getcha some. It's fab.

February 14, 2011

love notes

I love making Valentines. A perfect excuse to use hearts and red and pink and lots of other girly things that make me happy. And a perfect excuse to sit in my room crafting for a few hours.

This year, I decided to add a little candy to my Valentines. These were super easy. I just love the way they turned out.

The little treat bags are just wax paper zig-zag stitched on the sewing machine. I just folded it in half and stitched up the sides. Then I folded the top over and straight stitched it to a piece of cardstock. The wax paper held up really well considering how delicate it can be.

After the treats were stitched on, I used stamps and paint to add a little pop. The heart is an old Stampin' Up stamp I've had for 20 years, maybe? All the other were given away years ago, but this one was just the perfect heart, so I kept it. The mustache was just traced and cut out of a foam meat tray. It's a little tricky because isn't stuck to a wooden block, but still seems to work just fine. I like to use paint instead of ink pads because the colors are just more vibrant.

After the paint dried, I wrote the lyrics to the Beatles "All You Need Is Love," "Happy Valentine's Day" and my name in Sharpie pen.

I made about 14, I think. Only took me one disc of The Good Wife. Easy-peasy.

Side notes:

I realized that I have been threading my sewing machine incorrectly since I bought it. A HUGE revelation. After going back through and reading the instructions all over again, I put all the threads (top needle and bobbin) in their proper place. It didn't get tangled once. Sewing was a delight!

The Good Wife. It captured me from the first episode. So good! Now I have to wait for disc two via Netflix. Why, oh why don't they just put all TV shows on Instant? It drives me insane. But seriously, I'm starting to understand why TV critics have been recommending this one. It's not the same story every week, but has a continuing story line while the weekly cases are being solved. And who doesn't love Julianna Margulies from the Carol and Doug days?

Here are the Valentines I made last year.

Happy Windy Valentine's Day

On this lovely Valentines day, we are enjoying a 65 degree day. It's heavenly. Truly. I had my windows down in my car, NO coat, warm sunshine. Now I'm aching for spring.

The only downside is the 40 mph winds that have accompanied this glorious weather. We already get pounded in the winter with horrible winds. But this is crazy.

Any-hoo, I have another somethin' to share with you later tonight, but I wanted to pop in and say a great big Happy Valentine's Day to each of you. And since today is all about love, here's a little list of things I ♥ right now...

  • Vintage Here, Vintage There (two of my favorite bloggers have a weekly post about vintage clothing. It's crazy inspiring)
  • Anthropologie's new wedding shop BHLDN. (oh, dear goodness, those dresses. this one makes me melt with vintage delight)
  • This song which seems very appropriate for today.
  • Netflix (currently I'm hooked on The Good Wife. More on that later)
  • 10 Cent's designs (If ever I come upon buckets of gold, she will be the one I go to help me decorate my house. I love everything she does including her incredible photography.)
  • Vintage finds (I found some amazing ones today at my local consignment shop. Photos soon)
  • Friday Night Lights (just because I can't wait for the final season in April)
  • Picnik (Crazy fun. I edit all my cell phone photos with it. Like the ones in this post.)

♥ ♥ ♥ from the windy peninsula,

Cottage Girl

February 13, 2011


Since I returned from Sundance, this has been my desktop background. It's from a movie I really loved at the festival. The colors just make me happy. The parade of blues in succession. The pop of yellow from her sweater. And that hair swept to the side, blowing in the wind.

Side Note:
I was a total green eyed monster for Brit Marling's hair in Another Earth. She's one of "those girls" with amazing hair that everyone else is totally jealous of. And yes, it looks just as good, if not better in person. (this is what she was wearing/looked like the day I saw her.)

And then there are the birds. The pops of white and gray over the blues. And the earth silhouette. One of the coolest parts of the movie. Seeing that silhouette in every shot of the sky. It looked completely real.

I love to have my background be something that speaks to me. Sometimes it's a photo of people I love. Sometimes it's something that makes me laugh. Sometimes it's something I'm to lazy to print out, so I make my giant monitor my frame and leave it one when I'm in my room. And sometimes it's just something inspiring that I'm completely obsessing over at the moment. Colors, lighting, costumes, shot composition. You name it.

What's on your desktop background? Do you change it often?

February 11, 2011

eat this immediately


The moment I saw this photo, it went instantly into my "save for inspiration" file. I wanted to eat one of those cookies immediately! Don't they look like the yummiest things you've ever seen?!

(I use
Tumblr to save all those images I find on my adventures all over the internet. I love it because it's simple, user friendly and lets me follow other people whose Tumblr's I also love. Tumblr rocks, yo.)

In other news...
  • I'm dog walking this weekend. Nice little side adventure while I'm also working at camp.
  • Found this blog a few weeks ago and really enjoy it. Love her fun, fashion photos.
  • This video is super cool. One of my favorite movies of all time. And beautiful photos to boot. I don't think Annie Leibovitz is "it," but she is crazy talented. Those dresses...I die over those dresses.
  • I realized today that almost half of my jeans have holes in the knees from too much wear.
  • I also realized that my two favorite pairs of shoes have holes worn in them. (granted, one of those pairs was a rescue from the camp-end-of-summer-lost-and-found, which is a great place to score some cool stuff.) Need to buy some new shoes. Actually NEED to.

Have a great weekend, all!

February 10, 2011

breathe...just breathe...

I pretty much hyperventilated my way through Buried last night, but enjoyed it just the same. I still can't stop thinking about it today. The Bro saw it at Sundance last year. (And saw Ryan Reynolds, but I try to forget that little fact. Jealous.) I wanted to see it in the theater, but it never came any where around here.

It is, seriously, no joke, Ryan Reynolds in a box/coffin for the entire movie. No one else. And it is a tiny box. I think I would have had a panic attack even if I was the actor just filming this. I almost had one watching it.

So, if you suffer from claustrophobia like me, be forewarned. Otherwise, I give it a solid 7 out of 10 stars. Such a cool idea.

ps...anyone else remember RR from Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place? Way back then I remember thinking that there was something special about him. He was a gem in that silly little show that wasn't that great. So funny too. Loved him.

February 09, 2011

best university

Sorry I was MIA for a few days.

I was on a business trip.

It was quite lovely. I had to return to my favorite university on the entire planet. It was a tough assignment, let me tell you. My friend/co-worker had to beg me to come. I mean, not only would I get to spend 2 whole days with my super cool friend, but I would also get to hang out with more camp friends that go to this university. All under the guise of work. No, please, don't make me go!

We had a grand old time recruiting for camp. All those young college kids looking for summer camp jobs. And when I say young, by that I mean babies. I felt like a grandma there. It's only been....7....no, 10...no, make that 12 years since I graduated. Gulp. How did that happen? Wasn't I just there last week roaming the halls, running from class to class, chatting with friends in the courtyard? Wasn't I?

In any case, I did get to see my dear sweet friend, whom I miss desperately. She graciously let us stay in her cute, new, married home. She is one of those girls who I can instantly feel at home with the second I see her, even if it's been 2 years since we've seen each other. We clicked all those years ago, and it just stuck. SO good to talk with her and give her a big hug.

But no matter what the circumstances are for me going back, I never ever can shake the ghosts of those who made those years so dear to my heart. I think the walls are soaked with our laughter and tears and joys. The memories are so thick that I have to push them away just to stay in the present. For a little while, I'll let myself get lost in those moments, reliving every moment I can recall in vivid detail. I let the joy roll over me, and then stop before my misty eyes turn me into a blubbering fool.

I love you, LU. I love for the 4 years you gave me. I love you for helping me to grow in my relationship with Jesus and drawing me closer to Him. I love you for giving me the best friends a girl could ever ask for (you know who you are!). I love you for challenging me beyond what I thought I was capable of and taking me to the edge and back. I love you for standing firm and proclaiming the Gospel. I love you for doing it all over again for a whole new generation of kids.

February 06, 2011

this photo

Sometimes I dream about this photo.

There's something about it that just grabs me and sucks me in. I'm instantly transported back to the moment I took it:

A cold, cold morning. I had just crawled out of the tent where I had been camping with my brother and a friend. I was stumbling to the non-heated bathhouse, not looking forward to my cold water face wash. The gravel on the asphalt road scuffing under my wobbly feet. The air full of the scent of trees and earth and Fall.

I was rubbing the sleepiness out of my eyes, when I looked up and saw this. The light streaming through the trees. The mountain in the background. The golden haze of the morning burning off.

I stopped dead in my tracks and stared. Suddenly, the previous long cold night in the tent was completely worth it. The cold water that was soon to come was no big deal. This sight in front of me was magical. Beautiful. Wonder-filled.

I turned around and ran back to the campsite to grab my camera. Didn't spare one moment because I was afraid the light would change by the time I returned. But when I got back to this spot, it was still there. Waiting for me. I pulled off the lens cap and snapped away, laughing out loud gleefully. I glanced at the viewfinder to make sure the exposure was right and gasped. The magic of the moment had trickled into my camera.

Photography is a magic hunt, that whispers to me. Sometimes I get to capture that magic. But I'm always on the lookout for more.

February 05, 2011

nerd alert

last night...

Um, I'm totally geeking out over how good it was.
An enormous welcome back, Chloe.
It's about freakin' time.

Sometimes I have to laugh at myself. I still get as excited as I did when I was kid when my favorite characters have great moment on my favorite shows. It's ridiculous.

February 04, 2011

love = Sundance buses

(click on photo for links and descriptions)

One of my big loves in life is public transportation. It's weird. I know. Disney buses are a huge fave. Park City's are equally as amazing.

During my entire stay in PC, I didn't drive, not once. This year, my brother was nice enough to pick me up and drop me off at the SLC airport, so I didn't have to rent a car.

All the city buses and theater buses are FREE in Park City. 100% FREE. It's wonderful to run and jump on and not have to worry about finding cash or change. You just jump on and ride around as much as you want. You can grab a seat or stand. Sometimes standing is a must because the buses are jam-packed with people. Especially if you get on at Eccles or the Yarrow. Those theaters let out and it's madness to find a spot.

The drivers are super nice. They were always so nice to answer a quick question of "will you go to Prospector?" or "does this bus go to HQ?" And they were fun and liked to chat with the people on the bus, if it wasn't too busy.

And then there were the volunteers. The Sundance volunteers. I think The Bro said there were about 1,500 volunteers. That's right. Free help. Anyway, I talked to bunches of them, and they were so, so nice. Seriously. Just kind and ready to chat. There is a volunteer stationed at each theater stop (side note: there is a theater loop bus that runs to just the theaters set up for Sundance. My condo was on that loop, which was awe-some. The theater loop bus would come every 10 minutes, so I never waited long.)
(my bus stop with the library (and my condo) in the background)

The volunteers would be there in their Sundance gear and traffic vest. They had walkie-talkies to help answer questions and let you know when a bus was coming. They also had a small propane heater at their station to try and keep warm. At each stop, there was a huge poster giving the theater loop directions and stops and telling you what bus went to what stop (you can see it in the back of the little glass bus stop hut).

I'm telling you, this thing is organized like Disney World. It's incredible. Last year, as a newbie, I asked about 5 million questions about which bus to take and what would get me to the stop I needed. Each and every time, I was answered with a happy smile and a kind word. This year, I felt completely confident in my bus hopping skills, so it was fun to sit back and enjoy the rides a little more.

If you ever go to Sundance, ride the buses. You'll meet tons of cool people. You'll have fun conversations with volunteers at the bus stops. It adds so much to the whole experience.

February 03, 2011

busy evening

(the view from the Temple while I was waiting for a movie to start)
  • I still have Sundance stories to tell, but I ran out of time tonight.
  • I miss it. I miss the movies and I miss my brother. So thankful for the photos and the memories that keep popping up in my head. I'm ready to get over the silly 2 hours jet lag that made me sleepy all week. It's only 2 freakin' hours, for goodness sake!
  • Had some AOW things to do. So fun. So amazing. So thankful to be able to help out.
  • Then I was deep in my new Bible study. I'm super excited to see how God uses this study at this time in my life. (Thanks, Steph for your perfectly timed words of wisdom. I love you to pieces!)
  • And Thursday nights are Dinner Club night. So fun. Friends, yummy food. It's the best. Here we are last spring, minus sweet Bethie.

  • After dinner it was more AOW editing. Plus, while editing, I've decided that it's time for some Friday Night Lights. All this chatter online about it ending this week on Direct TV and not airing on NBC until April....
I'm missing it big time. And dreading it ending all at the same time. Gotta decide if I want to buy the DVD's, watch it all at once, cry my eyes out or watch it on TV and ration it out week by week. So starting back at season one is feeling pretty good right now. And yes, it's still as good the 10th time. Even more so.

Clear eyes,
Full hearts,
Can't lose.

Night, night, all.

February 02, 2011


Oh my gosh.
I love this kid.
To pieces.
And today he turns F-O-U-R.
Can't even believe it.
I remember the day I met him.
The day he entered the world and stole all of our hearts.

I love you so much, Lukey. Wish I could be with you to give you a big birthday hug and sneak Star Wars when your mommy isn't looking.