December 25, 2012

Happy, happy

I've been doing lots of nothing but...

eating lots of food.  Not "good for you" food.  Yummy fattening deliciousness.

watching lots of TV/movies.  Helped my parents finish Downtown season 2 to get ready for season 3 in 2 weeks! And Thor.  I can't stop re-watching Thor.  It's even better the 2nd, 3rd and 4th time.  And Iron Man 2 because...well, because it's Iron Man.

thankful for some time to celebrate the birth of my Savior as well.  Amazing church services and worship time. 

Merry Christmas, everyone!

December 19, 2012


Have you seen Frozen Planet?!

I'm obsessed with it right now.

Found it at the library and have been trying to slowly watch it instead of watching all 8 hours at once.

It's crazy good.

And the snippets of how they film 

Anyway, if you need a last minute gift for someone who loves documentaries or nature, Frozen Planet would be a great idea.  I mean there are narwhals, polar bears and penguins.  And the frozen tundra that melts and becomes some of the most beautiful landscape you will ever see.  It's addicting.  And educational!

December 18, 2012


Still running.

Can't even believe it myself.

I feel like I started to slowly turn the corner with my whole attitude towards it.  I don't do it as much as I should.  Only a few times a week (or once a week, if I can't nip that laziness in the bud). But when I do actually do it, I don't feel sick or like I'm dying every second.  The winter weather may be the blessing in disguise for that.  Whatever the case, I'm thankful for the change. 

I started running back in the spring of this year.  After many failed attempts in years past, this time it stuck.  Maybe it was turning 35.  Maybe it was having goals to look forward to.  Maybe it was having a plan in place rather than just winging it.  Maybe it was me praying "Lord, help me get the better of my laziness." Probably a combination of all those things. Whatever it was, it's working.

I must tell you that I'm not an athletic person.  I was blessed with family genes that have given me a small, slender frame for my entire life.  I didn't have to exercise to be skinny.  I wasn't good any any sports, so I just didn't really participate other than some volleyball in high school. I was much more content to sit in my room and read, craft or write.  A dangerous habit, if you want to live a healthy life.

Reaching middle age (really?!) I realized that if I want to be healthy, I have to do something about it.  I have to be the one to get off the couch and do something.  I have to be the one to gain control over my laziness and go outside in the mornings.  So I did.  I choose to run.  I choose to have those tough  mornings when I just want to walk and not run so badly.  I choose to push myself to go further when I don't want to.

So for those of you that just don't want to.  You hate running. You don't have time.  You can't run to your mailbox to get the mail, not to mention 1 whole mile.  For all of you, let me say that is is possible.  You CAN do it.  You can train yourself.  You can run 1, 2 or even 3 miles.  Just put on those running shoes and do it.  Stop making excuses.  Stop waiting until next year.  And then keep up with your goal.  Refuse to let your laziness win.  Refuse to keep giving up and starting over.

You may not love running.  I don't.  But I do love the energy I get from doing it.  I do love finishing a run and knowing I "ran".  It's a mental game.  It is.  The physical stuff is much, MUCH easier than the mental game.  It's exciting to gain control over that crazy mental block.  It's exciting to feel the wind in your face and push yourself.  And all those comfy running clothes aren't too shabby either!

****ps..I still would much rather swim than run.  It's just that the pool is so expensive and my favorite one to swim in is 45 minutes away, by my parents house.  Thankfully, the holidays mean that I'll be able to jump in a few times while I'm visiting them. 

December 07, 2012


(Blue Window by Michael Carson)

"You have been uniquely wired and uniquely gifted by God. You've been drawn to certain hobbies, drawn to certain habits, placed in certain neighborhoods, and given certain positions that you might reflect the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ in powerful ways to the world around you so that my hope is you wouldn't be so bored in life but rather would enjoy the life you've been given as you see the eternal weight of it. " -Matt Chandler "Galatians - A Former Life" Feb 12, 2012 

This little section of a message by Matt Chandler (heard via podcast) has been stuck in my head since I heard it on Monday.  (I've started listening to podcasts while running and LOVE it).  Totally inspiring.

December 03, 2012

365 update

(my brother and my niece washing dishes at my parents.  melts my heart)

I'm about a month away from finishing up my 365 photo project.

What an experience.

I'm so glad I decided to do it.
On a whim, no less.
No forethought other than...
"Take a photo today and one tomorrow and the next day"

(the Winnie dog completely puzzled by the sounds from the record player.)

That turned into 11 months.

I will say that I don't think I would have done it without my iphone.

I just know that if my photos depended on lugging around my DSLR everywhere, it would have ended on week 3.

(pretty fall colors)

But my phone, I have with me everywhere.
When I go running.
When I go to the store.
When I'm sitting in my room playing with yarn or glue.
When I go on adventures.
It's right there in my pocket, getting pulled out dozens of time to capture something.

(my view while running this morning.  so crazy beautiful. no filter either.)

It will be exciting to finish up mid January (I started the day I activated my iphone).

A Blurb book should be in the works to commemorate it.
It can go along with my #campsummer14 book.

A year of photos.

A year of my life.

So much fun and just a little bit of work.