July 30, 2011


My simple little Ikea clock finally gave out on me.
So, I've been eye-ing some pretty vintage clocks on Etsy.
One of my favorite shops is Clockwork Universe.
Just look at these beauties....

Vintage clocks and vintage radios. If I had money to burn, these would be two things I would definitely collect.

July 29, 2011

It never gets old

I'm out of words tonight.

So please enjoy one of my very favorite songs instead.

That Ingrid....she's amazing.
And even more amazing live.
If you every get a chance to see her in concert, do it.

July 28, 2011

I had my head buried in the shed. It was the end of a long day and Free Time was over for the night. The life jackets were all put away. The banana and tubes were in their little home for the night. The kids were scampering off to their next event.

From behind me I heard these words...

"I love you, flag pole."

That was it.
Nothing else.

I turned around and saw this little guy with his arms around the flag pole, eyes closed, totally in the moment. I laughed out loud and instantly grabbed my cell phone to take a photo.

I asked if I could take his picture and he beamed me a HUGE smile and said "sure!" I snapped this shot and he asked to look at it and then ran off to finish off his night, laughing the whole way.

It's moments like that that make all the long hot days totally worth it.

Kids having fun,
just being kids.
Hugging flag poles.

July 27, 2011

Book tale

I already told you that I loved this book. I truly did. I was thinking about the characters for days after I finished it.

And I just had to show you the cover because of how beautifully simplistic it is. And those colors...I'm totally into that color combo.

Anyway, this little book found me in the YA section of the black hole 2 weekends ago. It was on a recommendation shelf with another book I had just finished. I tried out about 20 pages and then put it back on the shelf.

That's my book store thing. Try something out. Read enough to get a feel for the story. If it's still talking to me days later; if I can't stop thinking about the characters; if I'm still dying to know what happens, well, then I go to the library and put it on hold.

Books are so freakin' expensive and I could spend a fortune on building this giant library. But then I live in a cottage the size of a shoe box and I wouldn't have room to do anything else but have bookshelves full of books. That just doesn't seem like the best way to spend my money....although I really want to sometimes.

This book was still talking a day later, so onto the hold list it went. And gleefully it appeared at the library a mere 2 days later. I finished reading it in 2 quick sittings and was sad when it was over.

Anyway, after I finished If I Stay..., I vaguely remembered that there was another book by the same author on that shelf. And I was secretly guessing and hoping that maybe it was a sequel.

So, off to the black hole I went again this past Sunday, determined to find this book. And there it was on the self in the exact spot I remembered.

I almost ran over and scooped it up and made a bee-line for the magazine section where there are a few benches (when did book stores stop having soft cushy chairs? I miss that...). I sat down and hurriedly flipped the pages to the beginning of the story. And I disappeared for almost 2 hours. Rooted to that spot with that book cradled in my hands. I ignored everyone around me. Didn't even really know they were there. I got about halfway through the entire book and looked up kinda bewildered at where I was. I glanced at my watch and then had to force myself, several times in vain at first, to close that book and not purchase it that minute. It was tough.

I went home and put it on my hold list immediately. And then the long, long wait began. Today, I couldn't take it any longer and went to the library, convinced in my head that it was there waiting for me on the "hold" shelf and I just didn't get the email. It was. I snatched it up and scooted out of that library super fast and dashed off to finish my errands (a new boat battery that didn't fix our problem. grroannnn.)

I read it at stop lights. Eating up all the short paragraphs. It was crazy tonight, but as soon as I finished the day, I went home and instantly plopped down on our porch couch with it in hand. It was a perfect night. Semi-cool, twilight, beautiful sunset. I turned on the twinkle lights when it got too dark. I finished up the rest. I couldn't stop until the last page was read and the last tear had fallen.

It's no Harry Potter or Anne of Green Gables, but it sure was good. And it sure was fun to be caught up in a story again and to live and breath new characters. Sometimes I think the thrill of reading has more to do with the experience of a good book than the actual book itself. It's the escape. The free-falling imagination trip. The caught-upidness of the whole thing. There's nothing like it.

Yes, I am a total book nerd.

The end.

July 26, 2011

bluey-est blue

We had blue skies today. The blueyest, blue skies with big, white, puffy clouds. Haven't seen a sky like that in over a week because the humidity has been unbearable. Our 90 degrees felt like a spring day. I think everyone felt it. Every one enjoyed it. Everyone was thankful for it. No one took it for granted.

And can I get a big yee-haw for the fact that we haven't had one person throw up in the last 2 days?!!! It's the small things.

Today was just a good day. One of those days that I finished and thought to myself, "I really love it here. Truly." In all honesty, it was a day where a bunch of things went wrong. Both of our boats died in the river and had to be walked back to their lifts (thankfully it was low tide, so walking was easy) tonight. Thankfully, one wasn't broken and can run tomorrow when the kids need to go out. And the other is a simple fix. And the whole situation was so comical at the time.

I was reminded how much I love being surrounded by our staff during the summer. I feel like it always hits me right about this time. I get to that place that I form relationships with some of them.....and then they all leave me. Oh, I loath this change that's coming up quickly (only 2 more weeks?!!). But I'm so, so thankful for the people God placed here with us this year.

And I'm almost equally thankful, dear God, for low humidity. Can I order weather like this for the rest of the summer please? Plllleeeease?!

July 25, 2011

list it


Lists are my saving grace for blogging this summer.
Well, I usually don't get around to blogging until about 10pm.
Bedtime, no?

Anyway, a few highlights....

♥ I loved this book. Finished it in 2 quick sittings. I'm still thinking about it. And re-reading parts of it. It's one that I need to buy, I think. YA books are the bees knees this summer.

♥ Sweet Poppy. This melted my heart into one giant puddle tonight. Oh, how beautiful. What a treasure that little one is.

This post from Katie. Her blog/her writing was a life changing find for me. Not because of who she is, but what a beautiful picture of Christ she painted for me. I'm already counting the days until her book is here. If you have never read her blog from the beginning, oh dear goodness, you should. You should.

♥ Got to chat with one of my bestest and dearest girls tonight. I miss her. Desperately. I absolutely hate living thousands of miles from her. I miss how she can make me laugh and can read my mood in 2 sentences and ask me all the right questions. I just miss her.

♥ The heat wave broke for a little while tonight. Big thunderstorm. This is probably the best news in days. Well, that and no one has thrown up in the last 10 hours. Rejoice.

Nikita has wormed it's way onto my DVR. Permanently. Thanks, dear brother.

♥ It's 10:15. Nighty, night friends.

July 23, 2011

live in infamy

(humidity vs air conditioned camera lens. All that fog is literally on the lens.)

You guys...

You just wouldn't believe the week we had. I've never, ever seen a week like that in my 13 years of being here. It....was...nuts. It was one of those weeks that we just knew that the evil one was trying his darndest to get to us. He was throwing it down. And we were doing our best to place it all in the Lord's hands and keep plugging along. And that wasn't easy by any means.

Starting on Sunday night, we had a kid get sick. Like throwing up sick. That's not that unusual, really. But then it turned ugly. By the end of the next night we had about 3 others sick. And the it got really ugly and the staff started getting it. And when the staff gets it...well, then it gets really tough. Finding coverage for people isn't that easy when we are maxed out with kids to care for.

One would think that this weird sickness would die out by Tuesday, maybe Wednesday night. Well, one would be wrong. It didn't stop. ALL WEEK. Seriously. This morning, there were 3 more kids in the sick ward (which is what we started calling our lobby area) and another counselor. I think we sent home about 25 kids. That's almost 4 cabins worth of children. Our junior program shrunk by almost half. And we had about 10-15 staff get it too.

And then....on top of all that craziness, it was furiously hot. For reals. 100's for most of the week. Plus the insufferable humidity. Yesterday, Friday, was the worst of the worst. We had to plan an entirely different schedule to keep the kids cool and out of the heat. Because the programming staff was sick (or taking the place of other sick counselors), my dear old friend, B, who used to do programming (games, big Friday night events, etc) with me years ago, planned an entire game/event in during the afternoon and carried it out that night. And it all took place inside because it was so hot outside.

This morning was spent de-germing every surface we could. Disinfectant on every thing. Door handles, beds, railings, furniture, bathrooms (puke covered...blech). We even set off the fire alarm in one of the buildings because we used so much of it. Bleach, anti-bacterial spray, you name it, we used it. All the while praying we didn't get it, if we had been so blessed to escape it's wrath.

But through a tough week, you always see the blessings that are so evident. Maybe even more evident because it's so hard. Blessings like....a nurse who was experience in dealing with a situation like this. A management staff that didn't get sick and was still able to run things. No jelly fish (the kids still wanted to play in the river to stay cool). Air conditioning in all of our buildings except one (such a new, amazing blessing). Counselors and staff with beautiful attitudes of servanthood. Kids who lasted the whole week and loved every minute of their time here. Kids that had to leave early from being sick, but came back after they felt better because they loved it here. A relative peace and calm that was completely God amidst the toughest of moments. Pools and sprinklers and cool water from hoses. Chapel speakers who get enough Gatorade to keep the whole staff hydrated on the hottest days. Kids singing chapel songs in the middle of hot activities and laughing joyfully.

Those are the things I want to remember with the tough things. The reminders that God was here with us every moment, never giving us more than we could handle, even though it sure felt like it at times. And there is something to be said of surviving a week like that. It builds a bond with the staff, for sure.

Week 5 is going to live in infamy. Yes, it will. And my friend, T, and our two head counselors are my heroes. They cleaned up more throw-up than any person should ever have to in their entire lives. And they never complained once. Heroes...

July 22, 2011


Temperature = 101 degrees

Heat index = 114 degrees

Attire = wet swimsuit (since 11am)

Drink = semi-frozen water and gatorade

Kids that have gone home sick because of freak virus = lost count yesterday

Staff sick = at least 10 at the moment

Off to the beachfront where the sand is so hot kids are crying as they walk from their shoes to the water. My partner-in-crime and I have to jump off the boat into the river every 20 minutes so we don't pass out from heat stroke.

Yeah, it's crazy train here. But God is good!

July 21, 2011

Not tonight

Just finished a good sob story. Tears, big ones. Another book finished in 24 hrs. I'm in YA book heaven right now. (And taking suggestions if you've read any good ones lately)

It was that kind of book that had characters that are going to stick with me for a while. A good, long while. Just want to revel in it tonight. Live with the characters for a little longer.Not write anything else.

Be back tomorrow with tales of our 107 degree day (we melted) and the 115 degree we're supposed to get tomorrow. Oh and the plague that sweeping camp. I've never in all my camp years ever seen anything like this.

Night, friends...

July 20, 2011


*taken last night after a long HOT day
* taken after the campers caught an entire 5 gallon bucket full of crabs
*it was crazy
*we couldn't pull them out of the water fast enough
*who would have thought that some string, a stick and an old chicken wing could make crabs so happy?

*it's going to ridiculously get hot here and has been for a few days
*we have a plague sweeping through camp
*kids and staff are dropping (puking) like flies
*we're hitting that tough week 5 middle week
*i think "you know who" works overtime to destroy us at this point in the summer

*i picked up this from the library today and am halfway through
*love the front cover
*my list is getting some major re-working this summer and i'm lovin' it

*recently found and now really enjoy White Collar
*Matt Bomer is ridiculously adorable
*his voice is definitely part of his charm
*and the perfect wardrobe they have him in
*he'll always be Bryce Larkin to me though

July 19, 2011

filled to be emptied again

I woke up singing this song this morning. A Brooke Fraser/ Hillsong United favorite.
Anyone else totally love Brooke?!

This part has had me thinking all day...

This is my prayer in the harvest
When favor and providence flow
I know I'm filled to be emptied again
The seed I've received I will sow

So many times, I just want the comfortable and easy. I want that season of harvest, of good, of abundance to last...always. I want to fill up and never have to let it go.

But that isn't the way it works, is it? God blesses us. He does. He gives. He provides. He gives out of the love that He IS. And then He asks us to give it back. Not to hoard it for ourselves. Not to keep it close to our hearts like some precious treasure to be hidden or buried away (like the parable of the talents).

I love how this song puts that concept. It's like it finally clicked for me when I sang those words. I'm filled to be emptied again. This precious seed will go into the ground, and I will work to see that it grows into what God intends it to be.

It seems easier to give and serve when I see how He has already given to me. It easier to be emptied because I know that I will be filled up again when I need to be. I will be grateful when I am in the harvest season and enjoy every moment that He chooses to fill me up again.

Not only that, but I will seek to be filled for the purpose of giving it away again. I will look for moments to give away things/verses/wisdom/love that He has graciously bestowed upon me. I'm slowly learned that in that giving away, that letting go, there is where I will find true joy. In those moments of selflessness, I am able to be used by Him in the greatest way. When I'm most empty of me, the more full I am of Him.

I may have written this more for myself tonight than for any one else. But it just had to come out. The words needed to be written down (or typed out, if you will). Journaling and writing is my link to sanity.

July 18, 2011

summer reading: bonus

I can't remember the last time I read a book this quickly.
Picked it up from the library at 4pm on Saturday.
Finished it later that night.
This is a page turner.
The story sticks with you.
For days.
Brilliantly told.
I enjoyed it immensely.

July 17, 2011

as promised

Smoothie Night 2011 was mustached themed. I was slightly nervous about such a tough theme, but just like every other year our crazy, creative staff came up with the best costumes. And we danced, danced, danced like it was 1999.

My roommate and I, the party hosts, were Mark Twain (me) and Albert Einstein (her). My costume was so hot this year. I was dying by the end of the night when we were taking down all the decorations. The humidity outside was about 155%. Blech. But other than that, we looked pretty good.

Our boss (aka: Executive Director) is our DJ for the night. He shocked us by wearing a mustache. Usually he just hides in his corner and spins some sweet tunes.

The joke is that we can't get in trouble for any of the music he plays (we have a pretty strict music policy in place at camp) because he's the one doing the choosing. He does know how to pick some great tunes. Look at him in action....

There were some great costumes this year. Unfortunately, as it happens every year, I'm stuck behind my blender or out on the dance floor, so I don't really get that many photos. My dream would be to have a photo booth. That would be sa-weet.

Anyway, here are a couple of the greats...

These two were my absolute favorite. Pedro and Kip. And let me just tell you that Kip was shockingly identical to the Kip. Just looking at her/Kip made me laugh.

Here we are dancing it up. You can see a few more costumes in the background. And please note Kip getting down in sandals and socks (back right).

We had so much fun. And I think all the new staff really enjoyed it too, which makes it all worth while. Another Smoothie Night success.

July 16, 2011

Why today was awesome...

#1. Sleeping in
  • complete with good dreams all night.

#2. Harry Potter 7 Part #2
  • Good seats. Getting there an hour early does that.
  • A (almost) fight between two women over saved seats. It.was.nuts.
  • Opinions over this movie...would you like to hear mine or go into it blind? I could write a whole post on my thoughts.
  • Loved that they used John Williams beautiful suite at the end during the credits. He's the man. I ♥ JW.
#3. Sushi for lunch
  • We have an A-mazing sushi place near by. So, so good.
#4. A walk around one of my favorite cities in the world. Annapolis.
  • It's charming beyond words. For reals.
  • It was "let's show the world how much crazy money we have and take our million dollar boats to Annapolis and show off" day. Ok, that happens every day there.


  • Twice in one week. Don't judge.
  • They have a new flavor called Wildberry Tart that is beyond...well, it's just really, really good.
#6. Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher
  • I picked it up from the library at about 4pm.
  • It's almost completely read.
  • I...can't...put...it...down.
  • Not on the list. I love it when a "can't put it down" sneaks its way onto the list before the summer is over.
  • This is the first book by this author. And it's also another reason I fear ever trying to write anything.
#7. A quick nap
  • Only to wake up and quickly get back into #6.

#8 Vampire Diaries Season 2 episode 8
  • My roommate was kind enough to let me re-watch my favorite part.
  • Damon Salvatore. It's always the bad boys. He goes right into the Spike and Tim Riggins category.

And I'm signing off cause that books is staring at me and I can't wait any longer to find out what happens.


July 15, 2011

boring skin care

I was a bad today and didn't re-apply my sunscreen for the 2nd or 3rd (or 4th) time today. It was a busy day and not that hot, so I didn't even realize that my right side was turning red. My fair skin (thank you, British genes) burns in 10 minutes flat.

And can I just ask out loud, why just my right arm and shoulder when I was in direct sun all day? Why?

I'm usually super careful about using lots of sunscreen. I keep a bottle on the beach with me. There's one in my room. I take one on the boats, if I'm on them for more than an hour. I have lip balm with sunscreen. I don't mess around.

But because I spend ALL day in the sun, there are those times when a burn (usually very light) occurs. I hate it when it happens and over apply sunscreen for days after. But it does happen.

This year, I wanted to find an Aloe without alcohol and menthol (gross). Whole Foods is our magic wonderland for all things natural and organic, so to Whole Foods I went. After much searching, I decided on this...

Aubrey Organics Aloe Vera

When I got home, I realized that it said I have to keep in the refrigerator once it's opened. Weird, right? But it had the least amount of ingredients (always a bonus) and I knew what they were (additional bonus), so I kept it and stuck it in the fridge.
This Aloe has become my favorite find of the summer. COLD Aloe on a sunburn is the best thing ever. I want to take a bath in it. I put on way too much because it just feels so good. And it's a liquid and not a sticky gel that gets cakie. I use it on super dry skin too because it feels so good.

My lotion of choice this summer is....

Everyday Shea Unscented lotion

Again, found after much label reading at Whole Foods. You gotta read those labels, friends. Companies are great at sneaking in stuff even if it says "organic" or the super annoying "all natural." This lotion has few ingredients and it's the perfect consistency. Not too runny and not too thick. I wish it came in more scents, but I kinda like the unscented cause I wear perfume anyway.

Because I'm in the sand all day and our river is brackish (half saltwalter/half fresh), my poor skin is a mess if I don't use this stuff every single night. It begs for moisture. My face is a little more sensitive, so it always gets this lotion. It's the best face lotion I've ever found hands down. I'm in love with it.

So, there you go. Some boring skin care direct from Cottage Girl. I'm sure there are at least 5 of you that are grumbling that I didn't post smoothie night photos. Sorry. I just haven't had the time to do photo sorting and downloading. It takes a while. But I'm planning on it this weekend. Right after I cry my way through HP #7 Part 2 tomorrow. I work up this morning excited about it and I'm not even seeing it til tomorrow. Giant N-E-R-D.

July 13, 2011

Numbered yet random

(photo by Bryce Johnson)

1. "The young months had grown old but autumn was still remembering summer..." -L.M. Montgomery. Leave it to my favorite author to use the perfect words to describe a lovely fall day.

2. "...but night after night she lay in her bed, weeping the bitter rebellious tears of youth until at last tears were all wept out and the patient ache that was to be in her heart until she died took their place." - L.M. again. Had to go read this passage out of Rilla tonight. Sometime I just must read my favorite pieces of that one. All the Walter talk in Ingleside warrants it. Sweet Walter.

3. I finished up GWB's book this weekend (so, so good. everyone should read it.) and started a new book. This one is so poorly written that I don't think I'll even be able to force myself to finish it. As I read it, it crystallized into cold, hard fact something that has been floating around in my head for years.
I fear writing a book (a life long dream) because of the great, great fear that it will turn out just like this one. Simply written. No real magic. Just words that don't really live. Who wants to add a book like that to their shelves? More than that, who wants to suffer through reading said book? I don't have to write a best seller or some great novel of the century. But I sure do want the words to breathe and live. If I can't do that, what's the point?

4. We had another big, rainy storm today. Rain, rain, rain. I'm hoping it keeps our jellyfish away for the another few weeks. The river is a wonderland of fun when they aren't here.

5. I may have bought a dress for super-clearance cheap at Quicksilver this weekend because the brand name was "Me & the Sea" and the logo had bird and wave silhouettes. That store sucks me in with its surf posters every single time.

6. Anyone else furious at Netflix right now? New plans = the worst idea ever. It's like they wanted to tick off all their current customers. Grrrr....

7. Tomorrow night is Thursday night. That means that there will be new Vampire Diaries and Nikita on the DVR by 10pm. Yessss.

8. No, I still haven't gotten my smoothie night photos off my camera. It's deplorable. I apologize. This weekend, it shall happen....maybe...

9. Harry Potter #7 Part 2. Gasping in thrilled expectation for the viewing that will happen this weekend. And the tears that are bound to fall. And the joy and intense sorrow as the end happens. I can't even think about it too much, or I'll go a little crazy.

10. The programming staff has decided that it is Harry Potter week, even though it was supposed to be Olympics originally. They created a muggle version of Quidditch. And let's not ignore the fact that at pretty much any time of day I hear "Griffindor!" or "Hufflepuff!" or "Slytherin!" being shouted across camp because those are the team names for the week. It's, like, the best idea ever. (yes, there are a whole host of us Christians who love Harry Potter here. LOVE.)

11. I'm continually blessed by the revolving door full of friends that happens here at camp. It is a wonder to me that I was humbled by in a real way this week. True friends, the kind that last a life time, are something I continually pray for. I have been blessed beyond measure by the host of friends that have come into my life because of camp. They make my world brighter. Summertime is like a parade of friends that goes on for 8 week. It's a little piece of heaven, if you will.

12. As of Friday night, we will be half way through. Four week in....four weeks to go. I like the middle. It's my favorite.

July 12, 2011


After driving the boats for 5 long hours today, I kinda feel like this....

Aaaand I feel like I'm still bobbing up and down upon the sea. Plus, I'm a little wilted because it was wicked hot here today.

It was a long, camp day.

July 11, 2011

weather update

Gotta get off the computer.
Another awesome summer thunderstorm just rolled up.

I'd love to catch a shot like this one day.

Seeing the storms roll up our river is
one of the most awesome/humbling/scary things in the world.
Not to mention the 10 minute nuts-o, run around like crazy people to make sure boats, life jackets, banana, tubes, pool umbrellas, climbing ropes, giant swing ropes and of course the children are all put away and safe thing that happens here when a storm is approaching.
It's fun and crazy in a panicky, "we could die if we don't hurry" type of way.
And then the prayers that the power won't go out.
And the prayers that the storm will break the heat and humidity.
Not tonight though.
The temp is supposed to top out at 150 degrees with the humidity factored in.

Hello, summer time.

July 10, 2011


(the amazing Banksy)

I should be posting about...

1. The snake

2. The great Mustache Party of 2011

3. A perfect dinner party with a ridiculous amount of laughter.

But instead, I'm going to enjoy the last bit of this ENTIRE day off that only happens twice during the summer, whilst camp is in session. Yes, enjoy it I shall with a viewing of True Grit.

These other topics must wait. For later.

July 07, 2011

party it up

Tonight is our annual Cottage Smoothie Party. It's a costume/smoothie/dance party all rolled into one. One of the best nights of the year. My costume is super lame this year, but who cares...

Our theme this year is Moustaches. We'll see how the staff does with a tough idea like this one. As long as they all have fun and the smoothies taste good, all will be well.

And hopefully, I'll be able to sneak out from behind the blender to snap a few photos.

July 06, 2011


My friend, Chaych, asked me a question today.

Just a simple question as we were enjoying our pizza on Pizza Day Wednesday
(We have pizza every Wednesday and everyone eats outside by the water).

The conversation went something like this:

"When is the last time that you went on a summer vacation?"

"Define 'Summer.' Does the end of August count as Summer?"

"Um, let's say no. How long has it been?"

"Well, in that case....13 years."


"I've been at camp for 13 years. No summer vacation."

"Ok...what about if we count the end of August?"

"Last year."

"Oh. Then that's not too bad."

Now if she had asked me how long had it been since I'd dreamt of a summer vacation...

Answer: every 10 minutes or so.

Especially this week.


July 05, 2011


I've watched this about 10 times today. So many of my favorite scenes from this fantastic movie made it into the preview. Her fingers running along the house siding. Her standing at the water's edge with the the second earth in front of her. That house that he lives in. And let's not forget Brit's amazing hair. I'm totally jealous of it.

This was "the one" at Sundance this year for me. And truthfully, I've looked forward to seeing it again in the theater as much as I have anything else this summer. I hope this is just the beginning for all those involved in this beautifully shot, low budget gem.

Please, oh please, let it come to a theater around here!

July 04, 2011

Happy 4th

I kinda forget that it's a holiday.

We still have children to entertain, which means our day doesn't change much.

I am headed to the front wall to watch the fireworks that seem to go off all over the place tonight. I can hear them outside my window as I type this. And it will probably continue until around midnight. Color explosions all over the place. Kinda cool.

In other news...you should listen to this sermon series. It's rocking my world lately. I started at the end and jumped back to the beginning. Genesis is jam packed of humbling lessons.

That is all.

Farewell, fellow Americans.

July 02, 2011



After attending two parties,
editing a bunch of photos,
checking counselors out of their dorms,
doing various office tasks....
my brain is mush.

Time to start it all over tomorrow
(except the parties....no time for that)

Week 3:
I'll be ready for you tomorrow.
After I've had a nice, long nap.
Oh, please let there be time for a nice, long nap!

Night, all....

July 01, 2011

gifted with love

New craft.

I've seen felted soap for a long time, and have been wanting to give it a try.

A friend's birthday was a perfect excuse to make one up. I love giving hand made gifts. And thankfully, my friends seem to enjoy receiving them.

This is my friend, J (and her adorable family).

We've known each other since....um....let's see....my first summer here at camp...13 whole years ago. We go way back like spinal cords and car seats. I love her. We've been through some crazy stuff together. Crazy good and crazy bad. Through the midst of it, we've cried, laughed, talked, eaten good food, been wet, sandy, soapy/sandy, face painted, dunked in soda, chased, covered in mashed potatoes, laughed some more and just shared life together.

Today is her birthday. She's in my birthday club, which means we now share the same age.

I love you, J. I hope we share a backyard forever.