August 31, 2006

What? I get free time?

After 8 weeks of summer camp, I forgot what it was like to have a life. Well, a life outside of my job at least. The last 2 nights have felt like a vacation. I finish up at the office at 5:00 and actually get to leave. I have the rest of the evening to do whatever I want. Read, watch TV (which shockingly I haven't done a huge amount of since my "stories" don't start for another couple of weeks.), knit, scrap, take a nap, visit friends, shop, talk on the phone to long lost friends, clean my house, write a book, jump on a trampoline, ride a bike, weed my flower bed. (man this is an exciting life isn't it. I'm bored just reading it!) Now I know these things sound totally boring to all of you, but I haven't gotten to do many of them for about 3 months now. Amazing how you miss things so common when you don't have it. Things like....

Watching Project Runway. Before you mock my TV choice, have you watched it? I made fun of it too until I actually watched it. I love learning more about fashion. Never really thought I did until I realized that In Style is the only magazine to which I choose to subscribe year after year. It's crazy that these people can think up clothes in their head and make them. I think it's like a super power or something. Maybe cause I absolutely CANNOT. I'm a fashion stealer from other people. My favorite designer is Michael Knight. First of all, as a previous Knight Ridder addict, I love that name. Second, his stuff is amazing. He's my vote for the big winner. If you have never seen PR, grab the remote and find the next marathon. It's fun, fun.

Making a new card. Will post the picture after I get it to the intended receipient. It's my favorite of all that I have ever made. Cool envelope included.

Finding awesome deals while shopping. Nothing better.

Sitting in Sam's Club eating a $1 slice of pizza and drinking a $.60 bottle of water while reading a magazine for an hour waiting for pictures to be developed. It was such a nice hour that I didn't even get mad when they told me that they wouldn't be ready until the next morning. I had so enjoyed that free time that I was a happy girl no matter what.

Sitting and talking with friends that I didn't get to see at all during the summer because of my crazy schedule. Loved that!

Going to bed before midnight just because I could.

What little things have you done lately that have made you happy?

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August 30, 2006

fun suprise

When I returned from Alaska, I found this fun surprise waiting for me in my mailbox. My grandma sent me this amazing card making kit. It's full of paper, cards, stickers, ribbon, jewels, stamps and a cute little box to store it all away nice and neat. I made her a card (pictured below) to say thanks. Hopefully, you got the card already, Grandma or this is a little preview of what's in the mail. Thanks for thinking of me and reading my bloggedy blog.
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August 29, 2006

Emmy fashions

Inspired by the 5 hours of the Emmy's I was watching on Sunday (when I watch the Emmy's or the Oscars, I'm in for the entire night. 2 hours of entries. Judging of best and worst dressed. I-love-it. Then the actual awards, too.)), I decided to knit a hat. So amidst the screams of "KEIFER!" and "please, pick Scrubs so I can see Zach Braff all dressed up" my fingers were furiously working. It's a quick, easy pattern that a friend of mine made up. Took me about 3 hours and I'm a slow, new knitter too. I finished just in time to watch the 24 crew take the stage and make me scream (quietly cause my roommate was sleeping) a triumphant "Oh, yeah!"
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August 26, 2006

Back with picutres from AK

Finally victory over the computer problems! I love people who understand all that computer stuff cause I sure don't! Now, back to the Alaska recap.
These are from the Butte. It looks kinda like Edoras the little city on the small hill surrounded by the mountains on Lord of the Rings. It's this big hill (what we would call a mountain on the east coast) that is surrounded by a glacier, HUGE snow capped mountains and Pioneer Peak. We did a short little hike up. The kids loved it, as you can tell from the picture. I could not believe the view that was waiting for me at the top.

This was just the first thing I saw. There was so much more of Alaska to see after this one little spot. And as you can see, the clouds were doing their best to ruin the view. It was really WINDY and chilly at the top, but so worth that amazing view.
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August 25, 2006

photo from Alaska

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August 24, 2006

it's official

This past weekend I went to Barnes and Noble to waste some time. My choice of reading was in the magazine section this particular day. As I walked to the big, well lit shelves full of magazines, my eyes saw this magazine and I gasped. Yes, I did, out loud for everyone to hear.
I walked (okay, I practically ran not paying any attention to the people surrounding me or the book club that was gathering) and snatched the said magazine off the shelf and clutched it to my chest as I darted for the closest empty bench. I flipped to the correct page and began reading. I had this ridiculous smile plastered across my face as I soaked up every word. The article was so exciting that I almost ran through the store to try and find my brother to share the excitement. But I couldn't stop reading. Finally, he appeared. I held up the cover for him to see. His reaction ("WHERE IS THAT?! MUST READ NOW") made me feel a little bit better about how I had reacted. We both sat there pointing to this sentence and that photo. When I finally finished the article and put it back all I could do was laugh at myself.

It's official. I am a sci fi geek.....and I love every minute of it.

technical difficulities

So, my computer and Blogger are not playing nice right now. I've had to go find another "friend" to be the in between to be able to write to you. That means no pictures from my trip. Sorry everyone! I'm working on it and will get things up and running as soon as I can. I'll continue to update but just can't post any pictures. Never thought I would miss this little outlet so much.

August 18, 2006

The great wilderness

It's like a storybook in Alaska. The mountains are spectacular. The glaciers are blue and magical. The rivers are ice cold. The towns are small with a post office and a few shops. The streets are two lanes and are sometimes dirt. I don't know what I expected coming here. All I know is that I love it.
It has been so amazing to see my friend and to sit and chat with her. That was our "thing" in college. Chatting for hours on end. It's so good to do that again face to face instead of email to email. I have LOVED playing with her boys and making them laugh and smile and have fun.
Now, the weather is the only reason thing that hasn't played nice with me. It has been rainy and cloudy every day. Oh and in the 50's too. Quite a shock from 100 at home, but I am not complaining! But inspite of the weather, we have had a grand time. Driving around, seeing the sights, hiking and hiking. Love it here. Must come back. To all of you that tried to tell me how beautiful it was here (mom and dad) I apologize for not understanding. You are correct, but I don't think I could believe it until I saw it!

Here's a couple shots I swiped (from your computer, Steph! Hope you don't mind, but they were so cute!). Enjoy everyone. I promise to post more when I get home. I have a ridiculous amount to go through as usual.

August 11, 2006

so long farwell...

It's over.

We are finishing up our last day of summer camp here. Can't believe it's been 8 weeks! Well, in some ways I can cause I'm exhausted and so ready for free time. I forget what it's like to have a real life and not work 12-14 hours a day.

But as this day comes to a close, I'm sad to see everyone leave and know that it will be so quiet around here. It was another amazing summer full of lessons that are going to make me a different person in the future.

I had one last morning activity period driving boats with the little 8 and 9 year old girls. They were so much fun. I hope I always look at life from a child's viewpoint. They live full force. They laugh so loud, not caring what anyone thinks about them. I love that they think they are experts at drawing and climbing and learning new things. I love that they are confident in who they are (until they turn 12 of course). I love that they listen intently when someone tells a story. I love that they grow and change each year. I love that they love it here and can't wait to come back next summer. I love that they give hugs and ask questions and are excited about little things like M&M's at snack shop. I learn so much from them.

Here's a couple of shots from the last few days. It has been BEAUTIFUL here. After the heat wave last week, we are thanking God above for this weather. It is perfect outside today. What a way to end it. Until next year....

And to visit Alaska and Miss S and her two kidletts. As Napoleon says, "yesssss."
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August 07, 2006

Next plane ticket is to....

Remember I said that I had bought another plane ticket? Here's some more info....

This is the view that I'm going to get on my vacation. Isn't it spectacular?!! Funny thing is, I'm more exicited for the friend that I am going to see than this spectacular view from behind her house. Can anyone guess where I'm going? It's an airplane ride away. One of the 50 states. Here's a HUGE hint. This picture was taken at 10:30 PM 2 weeks ago.

Answer is: Alaska!

And yes, I'm a overly excited to go. A week away. Camp will be over and my only job will be to sit and chat with a friend and play with her two boys. Can't wait! Can't wait! Can't wait.....
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Is it crazy that I get so excited for the commercials for the new CW network? There are quick flashes of my favorite TV characters all together laughing and having fun. What could be better than Logan and Veronica crowded into a shot with Clark Kent, Lana, Loreli and Rory. Plus the awesome green back ground. Oh how I cannot wait for the new Fall season to start....bring it on!

August 03, 2006

Stick figure lessons

In crafts this week, we are doing sand art. I got sand from our beach and colored it with paint and water. Then the kids draw pictures and use glue and the sand to create a "masterpiece" (because saying masterpiece sounds so much cooler than "a picture"). Today, I had one of my favorite groups from daycamp. They are boys and girls ages 8-10 years old. One of my all time favorite campers is in this group. Dakota. This is his picture.

Here are some snippets of conversations that we had today.

Dakota: "I'm into stick figures. I'm really good at it. And sketching too."
Me: That's really neat.
Dakota: "Yeah. This girl, Ashley, at my school wanted to buy my art cause it was so good."

Me: "Are you enjoying doing sand art? Your picture is really good."
Dakota: "I'm, like, really good at this."

Dakota: "Hey, you want me to teach you how to draw a stick figure?"
Me: "Yes, please!"
Dakota: "Okay. What do you want? Animal, person, or plant?"
Me: "Person"
Dakota: "Boy or girl?"
Me: "girl"
Dakota: "stick legs or people legs?"
Me: "stick"
Dakota: "big neck or short neck or no neck"
Me: "big neck"
This went on for each thing he drew. Then we went on to an animal. A dog. With long ears and long hair and stick legs. Then he threw a plant in just for fun. Here was the final masterpiece.

I cannot get enough of this kid. He makes me laugh everytime I come in contact with him. He's cute as can be too. Sometimes my job is the best.

August 01, 2006

Facts by way of bullets

My mind has been swimming lately with tons of thoughts. Things that I would love to blog about but since I have no free time, I forget. So, I shall do my best and use the popular "bullet" method to catch up on my lack of time.

  • My fingers are purple today. I've been mixing paint and sand by hand for a couple days. Then we had cherries for lunch. They were juicy and yummy and full of purply goodness.
  • I have about 15 mosquito bites on just one leg.
  • Stepping outside is like walking into an inferno. It's 100 degrees here today and today is supposed to be hotter. The sun rays almost hurt they are so hot.
  • My sister has safely relocated. I have barely had 2 seconds to call her in the last 3 days. I miss her big time.
  • Highlight of the weekend: I got to read bedtime stories to 2 little girls that were staying over at our house for the night. I was reading Shel Silverstein's Falling Up, a personal favorite. One of them fell asleep as I was reading. It was magical. I love reading stories to kids maybe cause my mom always did that for us. There is nothing like it.
  • I'm dreading the end of camp next week. How in the world has 8 weeks gone by so fast?
  • Driving the boats again. Last night, Skippy and I were saying that it's the perfect end to a workday. Hearing kids laughing and screaming in delight.
  • My roomie and I are having a huge party tonight. The annual Cottage Smoothie Night. Each year we pick a theme (this year is Holiday Inn. come dressed as your favorite Holiday) and tell everyone to dress up and come and enjoy a frosty, fruity smoothie. Good times. 80 people crammed in our little cottage. There will be pictures to prove it. I love how creative our summer staff is.
  • I've been dreaming about people whose blogs I read. Weird!
  • I bought another plane ticket. It's to a place I've always wanted to go. More to come....
  • I LOVE this picture that I took when I was doing garage door photos with my sis. The light was just amazing. Love that I'm wearing the anklet that we made in crafts 2 weeks ago and my Dennis the Menace flip flops. (and I do get laughed at because of said shoes. that is until the laugh-er tries them on and realizes they are the most comfy shoes ever. and then I tell them they are from the dollar store. Priceless)

There you go. My life in snippets.....