July 31, 2008


A brief advertisement for a product that has been wonderful for me lately.....

I was given this delightful soap by a friend not too long ago. I've been using it all summer on my my face.

I have highly sensitive skin (which I just discovered in the past few years after trying everything under the sun to get rid of my acne) and this is so gentle and light on it. It smells just delightful too. It's made from all organic natural ingredients, which makes me so much more at ease about using it rather than the other stuff I usually use which is full of chemicals, which I can't even pronounce. My skin has been so much happier and my acne has calmed down so much.

I recently ran out of it and went back to the old chemical filled stuff and what a horrible difference! The old stuff feels like I'm getting a chemical burn when I scrub it on my skin and my face is breaking out again. So, I quickly sent a email over the the little shop that makes the Black Honey Soap on Etsy. (It wasn't listed at the moment.) I just have to have more!

Just wanted to send along a little love for this little shop with so many other beautiful products. Give it a try!

July 30, 2008

I miss these girls a whole heck of a lot

I'm blessed with amazing friends in my life. But there is something special about these two that feels like home. Our college years together cemented our involvement in each other's lives forever.

They, now, are both married. One has 2 little ones. The other has 3. Our times together are very few and far between.

But when we are together, the years seem to melt away. The time we spent apart doesn't mean much. The old familiar routines come back, and it feels like home again. Home...where everything is safe and I can be myself.

I miss them a lot these last few days. I need to see their faces and give them great big hugs.

July 29, 2008

I feel like Jo in Little Women

In my inbox today:

"I am delighted to let you know that your submitted photo has been selected for inclusion in the newly released fifth edition of our Schmap Edinburgh Guide"

See it HERE.

See the photo bigger here.

Gotta say that I'm super excited about this. It's one of my own photos advertising for a place that I just fell in love with in Scotland. So, so cool!

July 28, 2008

come see my secret spot

"Wanna see my secret spot I found? It's really cool. You can see the whole waterfront and the banana boat!"

I would love to, Dakota (aka: my favorite camper ever). Let's go.

"See! Isn't it cool?!"

Sure is. Sure is. Thanks for sharing it with me.

Today was one of those days that I was just in awe of God. He seemed to show up for me just when I have been discouraged. He reminded me through a conversation that He IS here and still working in the hearts around me. He is seeking me and anyone else who is diligently looking for HIM. He glories in our destitution. He glories in our unworthiness. For in these things, He is able to do amazing things. In these things.....He is.

July 27, 2008

happy thoughts

Peach Snapple Ice Tea

Just one sip makes my day brighter in an instant.

What does that for you?

July 26, 2008

Your choice: the long or the short

THE SHORT:::::::

I saw the X-Files today. It was amazing. Like a walk down memory lane with my old friends Mulder and Scully. I missed them. It was good to see them.

THE LONG:::::::

I went to see The X-Files: I want to believe today. I must say first of all that this is the movie that I was most looking forward to this summer/year. Why? Well, I'll tell you why since you asked so nicely....

When I was a little girl with long brown hair and skinny arms and legs, my parents used to hold us kids to a very specific television diet. It consisted of lots of Star Trek and other sci fi type shows. Back in 1993 a new show came on that, of course, we had to try out because it was sci fi. It was about 2 FBI agents and they had some pretty crazy cases to solve. We LOVED this show (well, most of us. My sister may disagree slightly). Friday nights were full of aliens and monsters and Mulder and Scully. They were funny and frightening and delighful.
I still specifically remember several episdoes that still freak me out to this day. Like the one where a creature with a sucker sharp tooth mouth lives in porta-potties and eats people. I can't use on those things without thinking about that one. Or the episode where some loggers cut down trees and find these ancient bugs that suck all of the blood out of you, but they only find you at night and glow like lightning bugs. Or the episode when Mulder and Scully tell the same story, but with their own twist.....

Oh, sorry.

Am I boring you?

I'm walking down memory lane and I'm sure you are like "yadda-yadda, Cottage Girl. Get on with it. Who really cares about some TV show you watched when you were in high school."


It's hard to stop once I get rolling....

Anyway, it was a fantastic show that I loved to watch with the fam and get delightfully scared over.

Watching the movie today was like stepping back in time. The story didn't rate up there with those old favorites, but it was great in it's own way. Like visting with old friends. The writers were so nice to put in lots of little hidden treasures in there for us who dearly loved that show.

A couple times, I truly felt like I was back in high school sitting on my parents couch with my knees up to my chest, peeking through my fingers, which were covering my eyes. And there were some fantastic Mulder/Scully moments that made my 15 year old heart pitter-patter for them.

Oooo, I just loved it. I'm already wanting to see it again.

July 25, 2008

numbers 1 thru 10

I know a lot of people didn't like The Village, but something about it makes me watch it over and over. I just love it. The colors. The costumes. The soundtrack. It's full of violins, which are my favorite. My very favorite piece is in this scene at the moment where Lucius grabs Ivy's hand. I play it over and over (yes, it is yet another of the instrumental soundtracks I own). I watched it again the other night and was stuck again by how beautiful it is even if the story is just so-so.


I am currently reading this book. The original by J.M. Barrie. The story has always been one of my favorites. When I saw Big Ben in real life a couple years ago, all I could think of was Peter Pan. Just a couple weeks ago I bought this which is FULL to the brim of Neverland goodies. Last night I was hanging some of them up and decided this will be my next book to read. It is beautifully written. How have I missed this for so long?!! The movies are fantastic, but not the same. Plus, the little kit I bought gave me the best idea for a new creation!

3. I'm not the only one who had fun at the prom. Check out this!

I will confess that I didn't order this on Amazon because I realized that they are MAILING it on the day it comes out and then I have to WAIT 3 more days till it gets here. No, thank you. I'm off to the store on August 2nd to snatch one off the shelves and begin reading it immediately!
I am such a book nerd. I am. I admit it and am not ashamed. I have to know what happens to Bella. (p.s. I think the movie is going to be a disappointment. Even the previews don't hold a candle to what my imagination created. I don't want to spoil that world with someone else's images.)

5. We only have 2 weeks left of camp. Now begins the depression that will last until the end of August. It creeps in slowly and then slams me upside of the head once everyone leaves. I'm trying my hardest to live in each moment and savor them all. I'm going to miss so much from this summer, and I just know that many of the staff won't be back next year. Stupid change. It's one of the things that I will never get used to in this type of ministry. Never get used to and NEVER like.

6. I think there is a snake living in our cottage. I found a snake skin on our bathroom floor today. I almost freaked out in a major way. No sighting yet, but I'm on pins and needles all the time.

7. I miss Luke. A lot.

8. Air Jam is tonight. I will be a butterfly doing interpretive dance. Yes, you read that correctly.

9. Is it time for vacation yet? I'm ready. Really, really ready.

10. I have 24 hours off this weekend. I'm not going to waste it being sick this time. No, sir.

Happy weekend everyone. Do something fun for me and tell me what it is so I can vicariously live through all of your summer holidays.

July 24, 2008

I can't stop

I can't stop taking these shots. The kids love them, too. It will get old soon, so bear with me till then.

I would want to go to a camp that looked like this much fun, wouldn't you?!

July 23, 2008

pretty much the sweetest party ever (or this summer at least)

Prom Night was a HUGE success. I love, love, love how I can give our staff 3 words for the theme (high school prom) and they just run with it and create something so much more than I hope for. Costume parties are my favorite!

I'm probably biased, but I think the bro had the best outfit of the night (for guys). I wore an old bridesmaid's dress. My hair....well, it was HUGE. Just because it was fun.

Our cottage is small. With 70 people inside, it's TEENY TINY. But we had some great dancin'. What's a prom without dancing, I ask you?! Here's our living room filled to the brim with happy dancers.

Last dance for couples. Here are two very fine staffers displaying the proper middle school dance posture. Note my roomie in the back ground cleaning smoothie out of the carpet. It happens every year. Resolve is magic, I tell you!

The bro's "hot date" had the girls best costume on. They found their outfits at the Goodwill and what gems they were. This was their last dance of the night. Note her star jewels from the dollar store that her date brought her. What a guy.

It was HOT in there. About 80-85 degrees in our little house. We only have one air conditioner and it was no match for the amount of people that were there. But that didn't stop us. Oh, no. I love the faces in this one. Some singing along, some laughing, some with a dance face. I love a good dance party.

We had a super fantastic time and laughed a lot. What more can you ask for?!!

July 22, 2008

Prom, Chapman's and photos

Tonight is Prom, so this will be quick. What is Prom? Well, I will tell you all about it later. Just know it's going to be one sweet party (as long as my roommates and I can stay healthy for it. Only one of us has managed to avoid the plague so far...).

Wanted to share this post from Jim about the Chapman's GMA taping. Since several of you have asked, I'll post a reminder when it airs in August. The impact that little Maria's life is having on the world is God-big. Beyond what we can think or imagine. I hope that GMA lets the Gospel be told bodly as they edit what the Chapman's said.

These pictures are ingrained in my brain. Most especially, the first one. I dream about it. I try to imagine what it would be like to take something like that and then be able to process it on Photoshop to make it pop like that. They are constant inspiration.

As for me, my life has been camp, camp, camp. I love it. Oh, I do. But this point of the summer always makes me want a free day to just sleep and recover from the constant exhaustion. But I wouldn't trade it for anything. The hot, the tired, the kids, the staff, the conversations. The fact that a little boy just lept over a railing to run to the snack shop line. (I just witnessed this outside my window, right now!). These things are all amazing.

I hope that each of you have something you are passionate about and believe in. Seeing God work on a daily basis is simple the best thing in the world...

July 21, 2008

i'm back

I know, I know....where have I been?

I'm sorry to disappoint you all for 2 whole days with no new posts. It was tough for both of us let me tell you. I wish that I could have posted with tales of glee and fun. But, alas, my time was spent in bed, not feeling very well. Thankfully, I got off easy when it comes to the extreme sicknesses that have been floating around here the last week. Thankfully, today I feel better and almost 100%.

On Saturday, before the plague arrived, I was able to go to the movies (with apparently everyone else in the US) to see The Dark Knight.


I won't say more than that cause I hate when people talk up a movie and then I see it am disappointed cause all I think about is how amazing it's going to be. I will say there are many great performances in it. Even from people I don't usually enjoy like Gary Oldman (who I think was a terrible choice for Sirius in the Harry Potter's) . Go see it in the theater to enjoy all the big stunts and explosions!

This weekend, I am trying to plan my 24 hours off so I can get to the theater to see the X-Files movie. It's the one that I have been looking forward to since the beginning of the summer. I LOVED the X-Files in it's glory years (mid 90's). It was delightfully scary and creepy and funny all at the same time. More Mulder and Scully is a very good thing in my book. Oooo, I just can't wait!!!!

I also finished The Appeal while I was lying around in bed with the sickness. I didn't like it at all. It was by far the most disappointing Grisham I have ever read. I didn't like it from the beginning, but kept going cause I wanted to see how it would turn out. The ending was even worse. So....don't read the Appeal. Read The Firm (not the movie cause it's a completely different story and much stupider too) or The Partner instead. They are both light years better than this one.

That's all for now. I missed you my friends.

****this is another picture from last week's photography class. The girls did this totally on their own. I had to snap a picture quickly before they got into their "jump" poses.

July 18, 2008


Just to make you smile.

Watch this.

Read about it here.

I'm off to watch the Sound of Music be performed by kids. Christmas pageant time!!!

July 17, 2008

I'm so sleepy....

...but I did get this shot when I was teaching photography tonight.

I had 2 girls come to the class on Tuesday. One of them had so much fun that she brought 6 other girls with her tonight. They were all in the same cabin together, so I wanted to do something fun with them.

That's all I can muster tonight. I'm beyond tired and gone to exhausted. It's Week 5, oh yes, it is. I can feel it in every inch of my body....

Not to mention we had an ambulance, a counselor pass out, 3rd strike for Tadpole, kids going home cause they were sick and more counselors sick...all just today! As the boss said, "the staff are dropping like flies." The plague is sweeping through claiming it's weakest victims. It was one of THOSE days...

July 16, 2008

'tis the season

This week is Christmas in July week at camp. We try to have everything revolve around the Christmas theme in one way or another. It's pretty amazing to walk around camp and witness things like:

  • Crafts this week are making Christmas ornaments for the tree set up at the snack shop. We are also making snowflakes to decorate the gym on Friday.
  • The day camp programming coordinator's name and character for the week is George Bailey (It's a Wonderful Life). On Monday he was singing, over the megaphone while the kids were doing their morning game, "Hark the Herald Angels Sing." Verse and chorus.
  • The over-night programming coordinators character names are The Keebler Elf and Sprinkles.
  • On Friday, the Big Event is a Christmas pageant. Everyone is performing a song from The Sound of Music. I can't tell you how many times I have walked around camp this week and heard the sounds of "How do you solve a problem like Maria" or any of the rest of the songs. It's a dream come true for this girl who loves musicals.
  • Kids are singing Christmas carols around camp as they walk from place to place.
It's really quite wonderful. Christmas without all the stress. Everyone should have Christmas in July with no presents.

***the above photo is part of my adorable little craft room that I don't really get to use because it's too small to fit all of my campers in at the same time. I fixed up anyway and made it quite cozy in the deep, dank basement. I decided to cover the back of one of the shelves with some of my favorite paper to liven the room up a little. I love how it turned out! It sits below a counter top that holds the computer we use for photography class. The kids sit on stools to edit their pictures, hence the pair of legs in the shot.

July 15, 2008

my life is camp

Loved hearing all of your thoughts on the last post. You just never know what God has for you, huh? Thanks for sharing. (tp: I love being your neighbor too!)

Today has been SO VERY busy. CRAZY parents on the phone, tons of mail to sort, crafts to teach, photography class to teach. 11 hour day "at the office" with a camp-wide party tonight from 9:30-midnight. (We have to have parties late so that the counselors can come after their kids go to sleep.)

Off to play in "the corn hole tournament of the world."

***photo taken while I was teaching photography class tonight. Isn't just beautiful here?! I never, ever get tired of the view here. Never.

*****listening to Jeremy Larson's new song "Exposition" today. Sighhhh. I enjoy him.

*******I really love you, my dear readers. You brighten my days in ways you'll never know.

July 14, 2008

10 years from now

Pioneer Woman had a really great post that I read today.

She was asking her readers (all 5 bazillion of them) if their life was what they had imagined it would be 10 years ago. I think about this a lot because mine definitely is NOT what I imagine at all.

When I was 21, in my senior year of college, I imagined that I would be married, working in the tv/movie production world, have a couple kids (adopted, of course, most likely from China) and a house. I imagined that we would be settled and content and travel when the urge struck us.

VERY different than my reality in the present.

This was my answer to her question:

"I am 31, single, no kids. I work at a camp full time and live there too. I wake up every morning with a view of the water and for 8 weeks during the summertime, my job is to make kids happy and tell them about Jesus. It wasn't the life I imagined 10 years ago, but God's plans are usually so much more amazing than mine anyway. I love it!"

What would your answer be?

July 13, 2008

bad internet = short post

see you tomorrow instead.

Check this out in the mean time. (bad sound quality, but you'll get the idea)
I cried when I watched it.
His first concert since Maria's death.
And I dare you not to cry after listening to this one.
This man is still following hard after Jesus, even with a broken heart.

July 12, 2008

i can't believe it

We are halfway finished with camp.
How in the world have 4 weeks (6 including training) gone by already?
I refuse to let myself get choked up over the little time that is left.
I want to remember what I said at the beginning of it all and enjoy each moment.
I know God still has amazing things to accomplish here....

July 11, 2008

Friday finds

I almost forgot! Here's this weeks....

I have been glued to Jim's blog this week. Steven and his boys are back for their first show since Maria's passing. My heart is still broken for them. I know God has amazing plans still ahead for them, but this first step must be so very tough. I'm excited to see God shine through them on GMA, Larry King and in People. Jim's words have been incredible (like in this post). I hope you take the time to click through his blog to see his heart.

There is a good chance that I may have bought this amazing kit from Elsie. I'm a sucker for Peter Pan stuff. It's been my favorite story since I was a kid. And I just love her artwork.

I found this blog this week on another blog that I read. Their story is so neat! Then at lunch today, I was talking to one of the staff and she was describing a family that sounded exactly like them! Then she said the name of their newest adoptee and I realized it was the same family. Crazy!

This shot made me want a tilt shift lens so badly.

July 10, 2008

Whilst I have been slaving away. 12 hour work days. Hot sun and sweat. Whining campers AND parents. etc....

My little sister has been doing this.

Now not just her, mind you. You can also include my little nephew, who is only 17 months old. I do believe that 17 months is much too young to truly understand the immensity of seeing such sights. He can't sing the songs. He can't recall with glee the first time he saw that glorious movie and almost wept with joy over Julie Andrews. I'm sure he wasn't re-inacting each scene as he stepped on the the filming location.

You can bet I would be. Oh, yeah.

Hey, Lukes? Yeah, um, your Auntie would like to have a word with you, young man.

July 09, 2008

what to post....

tonight....don't have any ideas. Here's a couple pictures I took last week. That's better than rambling words, I think.

I did my best to shoot in manual on this night. It is TRICKY with moving kids.

July 08, 2008

TV diet

As you can see from the image above, I have not watched TV in quite a while. I've had my Netflix DVD since June 16th. And, yes, it is still not watched (entirely). The DVD has 5 episodes and I've only seen 3.

Part of the problem is that our TV died. I can only watch DVD's on my computer.

The other part of the problem is that I just don't really feel inclined to watch TV when I'm this busy. I'd rather read or check up on blogs or play on Photoshop or, let's be honest, SLEEP. I'd much rather sleep.

However, this weekend, I AM planning to plunk down 10 buckaroo's to see The Dark Knight. And I will go see the new X-Files movie in a couple weeks.

That seems like more than enough at the moment.

Now, when all the fun shows start back up in Sept. I'm sure I'll be right back on the bandwagon. But for now, I'll bury my nose in The Appeal and read some more China adoption stories. That sounds so much more relaxing.

July 07, 2008

dress up

I found some more lovelies in lizarietz's shop on Etsy. And her website is so fun too.

I am in love with this dress. I have a slight addiction to 20's flapper clothes. The yellow tights are just perfect. And the hat that I covet.

Isn't this just lovely! The ruffles. The white. Oooo, I just love it.

Do you ever wonder what your style would be like if you weren't hindered by $$. Yes, I know that clothing is just to cover yourself. To spend ridiculous amounts of money on it is silly. I know. But it's fun to think about it as an art form, isn't it? I love the 20's and the outfits in Jane Austen movies and Marie Antoinette. But I also love emo, a little gothic and thrift store/vintage, too. Or just about anything from Anthropolgie. And then Japanese street fashion too. Such a weird mix.


July 06, 2008


I love this movie. I've said it before, but it's true. I was looking around Zune Marketplace tonight searching for fun music. This popped up and I listened to the samples for a while. There is just something about the colors and the music and the costumes that thrills me to the core. I had to go on a hunt for some pictures.

Do you have something that thrills you? A movie or a piece of art or a photo or a book that you just can't get enough of? Do share! I love to hear what other people get inspired by. Everyone is so vastly different.

And if you haven't seen Marie Antoinette yet, what the heck are you waiting for!

July 05, 2008

I want that....

I did a little window (online) shopping today. Etsy is like a dangerous black hole that sucks me in for hours if I let it. I spend most of that time trying to convince my self that I "need" this or that. I didn't buy anything (yet), but I was very, very close. Thought I should at least share some of the fun stuff with you. If you have never shopped Etsy before, well, hop on over there now and dive in. It's a wonderland of uniqueness!

Shop: elsiecake
(this won't be available till Monday, but I got a sneak peek on her blog)

Shop: lizarietz
Isn't this hat to die for?! It's straight out of the 20's.

I must have these for my living room.

Shop: johnwgolden
So fun. Perfect for a little kid's room, don't you think?!

Shop: TickledPinkKnits
So very far from my price range, but isn't just gorgeous! I would wear it with everything.

Shop: perhaps
There are so many prints that I love on Etsy. This one looks so warm and cozy, don't you think?

This last one isn't from Etsy, but it's too adorable not to share. I found her on Flickr. You can buy her adorable creations here. Plus she lives in one of my favorite places in the wide world.

Now remember...you don't NEED anything. But it's fun to look!

July 04, 2008

Friday finds

Hula Seventy went on a trip and has amazing pictures to show for it. More pictures here too. This one is an instant fave. She is so inspiring to me.

This may only be interesting to me, but I love it when worlds collide. Two bloggers I enjoy met up with each other.

Kinda wish I was celebrating the 4th with PW. She is makin' some yummy treats! And they have a big show too.

This post made me laugh. Seriously, can their picture get any more amazing!

That's it for the moment. Happy 4th to all of you that get to celebrate this holiday of our nation. I am spending my 10th year in a row working with our lovely campers. Wow, 10 years without a 4th of July BBQ. That's crazy to think about.....

July 03, 2008

sometimes I wonder

Sometimes I wonder. I wonder why you read this here blog of mine. What is it about my nonsense and ramblings that makes you say, "ok, I'll take a minute of my precious time and read this mess." I wonder. I ponder your answers.
Because for me, well, let's just say that for me, I think it's therapeutic. I've been writing down my thoughts as far back as I remember. I would also write down stories and scripts, but we won't go into that tonight cause it's late and well, do you really want to know these things?
So, yes, I write down what's in my head a lot. I've been keeping a journal since I was in jr. high/high school. I have volumes filled with my bazillion thoughts and whining and hopes and despairs. Somehow I feel so much better when it's on paper. It makes sense and I can process it better. Journaling revolutionalized my devo times as well. I often write out my prayers instead of speaking them.

And tonight, as I write this, yet I should be in bed, but I just can't because I have this overwhelming need to write on this here blog every single solitary day, I feel at peace as the words flow out of my brain and onto the screen. I feel like I've accomplished one thing today that is 100% uniquely me. I enjoy it. Nay, I revel in it.

And that is my thought for the day....

Well, that and a short explanation of this photo. This is our evening game with the 11-15 yr olds (senior campers). They are getting ready to play my favorite game in all the world American Eagle 1-2-3. It was banned from camp for several years, but is back in action this summer.

I love that silly van with a platform on top. I spent MANY hours atop it. Tonight, in fact, I was reminiscing with my old programming partner about the good times we had.

You'll also notice the house that was destroyed in the great fire of '08 is being rebuilt in the background. As of today, it has a 2nd story and a roof all framed out.

And with that, I MUST go to bed! Au revior, all!

July 02, 2008


I really don't know what to post tonight. My mind has been going a million different directions today. And really WIDE directions too. I tend to over think things at times and this is definitely one of those times.

iron filled water in hair and on clothes...I wreak of iron all the time. My toilet, shower and sink are stained orange as well as my white clothes that were washed in said water.

adoption...China especially. No, make that 100% of the time. I dream about the orphanages. I dream about those little faces. I pray about this whole area of my life about a trillion times a day.

flying kites...we are making them in crafts this week. There is nothing sweeter than watching kids fly kites. Even the 13 year old girls revert to little kids running around with their kites flying high.

singleness...some days, it's easy. Some days, it just plain sucks.

The Beatitudes...reading The Jesus I Never Knew. If you have never read it, do it now. The chapter on the Beatitudes was today's reading and man, is it convicting. We are also discussing them in our staff Sunday meetings. And we talked about them in church this past Fall. Hmmm, think God is trying to stress something to me?

China...going there. the babies there. friends who will be going there to live. it's been consuming my thoughts.

family in Europe...my sister/bro-in-law/nephew are there. My parents are in a whole other country over there for 2 weeks. It's just me and the bro for the next 2 weeks. It makes me want to find him when he comes home from work every day and just make sure he's still here. I NEED to see him.

food that is making me feel yucky...for the past few days, I have just not felt great. I realized today that it's the food I've been eating. I'm pretty good about what I eat normally. At camp, I have to eat what's available. And while our camp food is good (for camp food), I'm am desperately missing my tons of veggies. I have to stop eating so much junk!

The Chapman's...this post (and this one) just makes me weep for them. My heart is still so very burdened for them so many, many times through out the day.

alarm clock...the one I bought (and have had) for my first year away at college finally died this morning. I don't know why this made me sad. Not like I really LIKE my alarm clock.

sleep...I'm tired. My body is feeling the 12 hour days. And I'm learning, again as I do every summer, to rely on God for my strength each day.

chapel...I went to our junior (7-10 yr olds) chapel tonight. One of my friends was helping out the speaker. She's amazing at creating characters and acting them out for the kids. I was laughing so hard! The kids loved it too. We were talking about the story of Daniel (which I just finished reading my own devo's. again, God is pounding on me!)

prayer...trying to be better and doing it through out the day. For the counselors, for the kids, for my friends and family, and for me too.

God...it's just amazing that He loves me. Don't you every just feel in awe of the love that is bestowed upon you every day?!!

Okay, that's enough for now. There are a ton more, but time marches on and to bed I go.

Good night and good luck, my dear readers!

July 01, 2008

my little students

I started teaching a photography class last week during my week of craziness. The summer director had asked me to teach one this summer for the campers. We decided to do it as a sign-up, extra activity in the evenings. I had 2 girls that really seemed to enjoy it.

It was kinda tough putting into words how my brain works when I take a picture. I'm almost completely self taught. I did take one class in college, but it was mostly developing rather than shot composition. I think that's really something that you learn by practice though. Taking 1,000's of pictures will only make you a better photographer. That and just looking at photos from photographers I admire.

So as I'm walking around with the kids and they have their cameras, I'm just soaking in all their ideas. The above shot (with processing by me) was on the second night of the class. The 2 girls that came back the second night asked to take more pictures. They were really starting to get the whole "rule of thirds" thing. It's so neat to see them take a picture a sign and not just make it a boring picture, but find a fun angle. They also started to watch where the light was and use it to their advantage.

Can't wait to see what my next class does tonight! Fun night ahead here are camp....