September 30, 2005

Across the pond

Did I mention that I'm going to England in just a few short weeks!!!!! I've been blessed to have traveled as much as I have. (Let's just say that I love my travel agents more than most people do!) However, I have never been to the other side of the world.
I'll be going to London, Brighton, Ireland, Scotland and Paris(hopefully). My relatives are from England, and I've always wanted to see that side of my heritage. Scotland just looks beautiful. Come on, the Highlands of Scotland? Who wouldn't love to go there? And Paris? Sitting at a cafe with the Eiffel Tower behind me?!!! I'm also super excited that I get to go with friends. A former roommate moved over there ago, plus a bunch of other fun friends.
One of the reasons I started this blog, was in the hopes of being able to post while I'm over there. Then all of you can share in the fun too.

behind door #3

The joys of living in a cottage. You can go to the bathroom and wash your hands at the same time!

September 29, 2005

"Is there any felicity in the world, such as this?"

Name that quote for 100 bonus points....
This is one of my favorite places in the world. The water is just so beautiful when the sunsets. Of all the places in the world that I've seen the sunset, this is my favorite. On this particular night, there were sailboat races here too. Huge sailboats zooming past with people hanging off the side because the wind was almost tipping them over.
We have running question where I work as to whether you would rather live by the water or the mountians. I would always choose the water. I went to college in the mountains and loved it. The trees changing color and the hills changing color. Now, these are East Coast Mountains. No snowcaps here. But the water.....oh, yeah!

September 28, 2005

China what?

I am obsessed with all things China lately. China adoptions, fabric, books, history, letters, families. Adoptions mostly. It's the one thing I've wanted to do since being a little tyke and time has sped up since then. It won't be for a few more years still, but it's on my mind constantly! I can't get enough of the blogs and other websites of families who are there now becoming a Forever Family. I think about it every morning when I eat my Cheerios for breakfast. Yes, I do still eat Cheerios for breakfast. A little sugar and Craisins, oh yeah. (I know you're thinking why's the food choice of little ones and many parents carry them to China.)
So how do I curb this obsession/addiction? Pray, pray, pray. Internet time in numerous blogs and websites of families going through it now. (I need to learn as much as I can now, right?) Shaohannah's Hope. Write my Compassion kid. Journal. Read.

September 27, 2005

Ren Fest

For the first was so much more interesting than I expected. Thought that Renaissance festival meant peasants, lord and ladies. It was shocking to see it filled with pirates. Captain Hook everywhere. Skulls and cross-bones. Then found out it was pirate weekend. It has been so dry here that it was a dust fest too. Evidence, my feet! They were black by the end of the couple hours I spent there. I guess I was wearing the wrong shoes, as you can see in this picture. Need my pointed toed silver. The food was yummy and the shows were great.
Isn't it crazy to think that we pay money to spend time in someone else's time period. Will people pay money hundreds of years from today to spend time surfing the net and seeing movies on the big screen and driving gas driven cars? Will they dress in blue jeans and carry expensive purses?
It was kinda what I would think that a movie set would feel like somewhat.

September 23, 2005

Picture Test

Who can't love a red geranium? Don't they just make your heart happy.

Hello, Blogworld

This is my first, hopefully of many future entries. I've been hounded by so many to join the blogging world. I've decided to give it a go and enjoy the ride.