January 09, 2007

How to cure a crappy day...

Buffy Seasons 3 and 6 in the mail from Amazon....check.

In Style' February issue PLUS TV Guide with Jack Bauer on the cover, also in the mail.......double check.

Having nothing to do tonight other than watch the Heroes that I taped last night while I was swimming (triple check to exercising!) and play with some paper, paint and playing cards (thanks E!)
Plus, I watched my favorite episode of Firefly today on my lunch break....I've been journaling like crazy lately and that always make me feel better....Getting super excited to take some more pictures. The ones on this post are the first that I've taken since the beginning of December!

And most of all, my boss was able to recover our entire mailing list which decided to corrupt itself and send me into panic mode. It's now backed-up 3 times. Thank you, M!


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