April 03, 2013

Resurrection Day celebration

My sister and her crew were in town for Easter this year.  Of course, we had to do some garage door photos.  It's become a tradition.  Even at their house.  That bright white backdrop hardly ever fails, especially at my parents house where the light is always perfect.

Since I was my parents house, I went to church with them, but I have to say that I desperately missed my church.  We always have baptisms on Easter.  It's become a tradition since we moved into our first permanent building a few years ago. It's energizing and exciting. There are a few that are planned and then there are always one or two that happen in the moment.  People in dressed in their Easter clothes who meet Jesus for the first time and take that immense step of faith.  It's amazing to see Jesus change lives right before your eyes.  I missed it.  I missed the worship too.

But it was nice to see old friends (my parents church was the one I grew up going to) and be with my whole family.  And then have a meal together afterwords.  That doesn't happen very often any more.  I take it when I can get it.

I hope that you all had a lovely Resurrection Day, as well.
Hopefully it included a few silly face photos.

ps...anyone else love Easter almost more than Christmas?  It's so joyful and alive and the weather is warming up (or attempting to.  ours was rather rainy and chilly).  It's a celebration focused more on church than presents and gift giving.  And there's always loads of chocolate! 


Stephanie said...

I can't stand it! Every time I see your nieces/nephew I think they are the cutest kids ever!!!!!! ADORABLE! ADORABLE! Glad you had a nice Easter!

Brewed Together said...

Love their little matching Easter outfits! So cute! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at brewedtogether.com

leslie.kidd said...

I love the silly picture! :)

cottage girl said...

Thanks, Stephanie! I know my sister will LOVE that comment.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Easter!!!!