November 16, 2012

Tourist in your town city

When The Bro was in town last month, I wanted to make sure we had lots of options for fun things to do.  I had seen a discount for Segway tours on Living Social and immediately knew this would be something fun that we could do together.  Not because we needed to see DC again.  No, we've done that a bazillion times.  But we could see DC while riding Segways.  Yes, that was the secret ingredient.

The day we ended up choosing wasn't the most spectacular weather-wise, but we made the best of it.  The rain and drizzle held off for most of the day.  It wasn't too chilly either.  We zipped all over that city.  White House.  Washington Monument.  Lincoln Memorial. Capital.  And a host of other fun places.  All of which we had seen before, but again not on a Segway.

It's funny how you create a scene when you are in a Segway Tour.  People were taking pictures of us instead of the monuments not to mention stopping and staring.  I have to admit that I've done the same thing when I see groups go by in the city.  It's just a strange contraption and they zip along so fast.

It was all kinds of fun and we both would do it again in a heart beat.  Segways are really easy to operate. Very easy to get comfortable with.  And it really was a fun way to see lots of the city especially one that is so spread out and requires hours of walking.

The whole time all I could think of was Gob yelling "Michael!" as he zipped around.  How can you not?

There you have it.  Segway tours = thumbs way up.  Even if you seen the city so many times you can't count.  It's fun being a tourist in your own city sometimes.

***We did the 3 hour tour through City Segway Tours in DC.  The tour guides were great at making sure that you knew what you were doing before you headed out into the city streets.  The tour part was fine.  Not very detailed, but if you are more interested in seeing lots of sights instead of knowing lots of facts, this is the way to go.  We saw almost all of the "big" spots in DC in just 3 hours which is impossible if you are walking.  It's pricey, but you can always find coupons and deals if you know ahead of time.  We got our tour for half price.  

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