November 17, 2012

Crazies and food = favorite Fall activity

One of my very favorite Fall traditions is our local Rennaissance festival.  I've heard it's one of the best in the country.  Luckily for me, it's literally 20 seconds from my church which means traffic is super fun on Sundays in the Fall!  Just kidding.  Well, not really.  Traffic really is quite awful, but I'll trade that for being so close to all the Ren Fest magic.

I usually wait and go when the weather cools down and the leaves are just starting to turn and float down to the ground.  After doing the festival in the rain (no thanks) and the heat (again, no way), I've learned that the cool days of October are prime for enjoyment.

The cooler weather doesn't deter anyone from dressing up in their Renaissance best.  There are a host of all sorts of crazies with strangest costumes I've ever seen.  It's highly entertaining and addicting.  People watching is the best part of the Ren Fest.

Okay, more like food and people watching.  Both are portrayed quite well in this shot.  I like to grab my food and then sit and stare at people walking by.  And there are so many delightful treats that it's an easy thing to do all day.

You could eat at a different stand for a whole week and not eat the same thing twice.  After this place has been open for an hour or two, the lines are crazy long and people are shoving food into their faces every where you turn.  And it's good food too.  Delish.

And the shows...some of the best live entertainment I've ever seen.  All the show are included in the admission price, so you can just plan out your schedule and squeeze in as many shows as you can between your people watching and eating.  There are a few favorites that I always make sure to see.  Like this guy in the photo above.  This is his second year here and is now a favorite of mine.  Hilarious.  I laugh so hard my stomach hurts.

This troupe has been at the festival for almost 15 years.  They do Shakespeare mixed with improv.  It's magic.  I see them at least twice each year.

The Bro decided to do the Wall Challenge this year and was super close to ringing that bell.  He's quite the climber now, living in those crazy Utah mountains.

The festival is always the most fun when you can share it with people you love.  It was so much fun to have The Bro back with me this year.  We went for the first time together about 7 years ago.  A favorite tradition of ours until he moved away.  Thankfully, he was back this year while it was still going on.  And we had sweet M with us too.  Such a fun fall tradition.  Magic, food, crazy people.  What more could you want?!

Do you have Rennaissance Festival in your state?
What's it like?


leslie.kidd said...

That looks like so much fun ... the food sounds amazing! :) There is a Renaissance Festival in a city like an hour away from us, but I've only been once. We should go again, maybe when Z is bigger ... although, I don't remember it being as cool as yours sounds! ;)

Allison Drew said...

Well, I need to go there.

Yelle said...

I have never been to a renaissance festival, but your photos make me want to go! It looks so fun and festive!