December 03, 2012

365 update

(my brother and my niece washing dishes at my parents.  melts my heart)

I'm about a month away from finishing up my 365 photo project.

What an experience.

I'm so glad I decided to do it.
On a whim, no less.
No forethought other than...
"Take a photo today and one tomorrow and the next day"

(the Winnie dog completely puzzled by the sounds from the record player.)

That turned into 11 months.

I will say that I don't think I would have done it without my iphone.

I just know that if my photos depended on lugging around my DSLR everywhere, it would have ended on week 3.

(pretty fall colors)

But my phone, I have with me everywhere.
When I go running.
When I go to the store.
When I'm sitting in my room playing with yarn or glue.
When I go on adventures.
It's right there in my pocket, getting pulled out dozens of time to capture something.

(my view while running this morning.  so crazy beautiful. no filter either.)

It will be exciting to finish up mid January (I started the day I activated my iphone).

A Blurb book should be in the works to commemorate it.
It can go along with my #campsummer14 book.

A year of photos.

A year of my life.

So much fun and just a little bit of work.


leslie.kidd said...

Wow, all these pictures are taken with your iPhone? They are so good .... what kind of DSLR do you have? We are thinking about getting one and I'm not sure what to get ... any advice?

cottage girl said...

I have a super old Nikon D50. Ready to upgrade, just saving my pennies.
My advice is to just try them out. Go to a store where you can play with them. See what they feel like in your hand. Find out which one makes the most sense to you with menus and button placement.
Nikon and Canon (the two top brands) are very similar. I think the kit lens with the Nikon may be a big better quality in the lower end models (which mine is). I chose Nikon because I got to borrow my brothers and liked it. But Canon is also great.
I'm by no means an expert though. I just play at photography. But I have been very happy with my Nikon and don't plan on switching any time soon.
Hope that helps!

leslie.kidd said...

Thanks! I'm curious what we'll end up getting...I'm still hoping and not convinced yet that hubs is totally on board! :)