February 02, 2014

January happy moments

(Wind from the Sea by Andrew Wyeth - hanging in the National Gallery of Art)

January is over.
I must say that I am very, very glad to see it go.
Restart that monthly clock, please.

January was full to the brim of moments that were just...well...not good.
Big not-so-good things and little annoyances that added up rather ridiculously.
A friend was saying that he found himself muttering "I could have done without that" way too many times in the last 30 days.

I tend to lean strongly to the pessimist side.
VERY strongly.
It is something I am really trying to work on.
No one wants to be around a Debbie Downer; am I right?!

So in claiming joy and positivity over grumpiness,
here are a few things that are happy from this month...

This video that was posted by someone I follow on Twitter. I think I watched it about 25 times in a row.

I definitely do NOT agree that Harry should have married Hermonie.  I think Ron is good for her.  She needs someone happy and carefree to balance her out.  And I love that Harry and Hermione were just friends.  I think Harry probably changed a lot after the whole Voldemort battle was over.  Ginny was a good match for him.  Kind, easy going, brave and strong.  Plus, they all ended up family and that's much better.  Sorry, J.K.

It was Big Block of Cheese Day on Wednesday.  And I had just watched those West Wing episodes last week.  It was like my TV world was coming to life.  And that was awesome.

Not too sure how I'm feeling about the trailer for The Fault in Our Stars.  I loved the book and am nervous the movie won't have the same somber yet joyful tone.  But I really love Shailene Woodley, so at least there's that.

My whirlwind trip to Sundance.  I suppose I should at least post a tiny bit about that.  It was so very nice to spend a weekend with my brother even if it was rushed and not exactly what I had planned.

I am loving every single minute of journalling every day.  I actually look forward to it.  It doesn't feel like a chore.

New episodes of Downton Abbey AND Sherlock.  Yes.

I'm in the middle of two Bible studies right and loving having lots of "Bible homework".  God is really using it to wake me up and refresh my soul after a long dry time.  So very thankful that He is patient with me.

Oh, and I posted more about my CA road trip.  You can read about it here.

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Stephanie said...

Beautiful picture! It was nice to "see" you again on here. Glad your crummy month is behind you. I hope Feb. is better. It's been wonderful to me so far. We've had snow days Mon-Tues-Wed and I doubt we will go to school Thursday or Friday! Woo- hoo for unexpected winter vacations! The snow is beautiful out there and I've spent the day reading, knitting and baking with some sledding with the kids thrown in for fun! I love it! I really needed a break from the routine and this is perfect. The kids are being angels and good friends too- playing nicely all day and then having "slumber parties" at night- it's really just Luke sleeping in his big brothers room but they call it a slumber party and I think that is so cute! My sister is having a baby girl due April 4th! Not sure if I told you but I'm over the moon excited. I hope she names her Kate and I plan on calling her Kit Kat :) That's my life in a nutshell...I hope spring comes your way soon!