April 01, 2014

30 days: Day 1 Just Because

Sometimes all it takes is a trip to Hawaii to knock everything back into place.  Am I right?!

A trip to Hawaii and...wait for it...internet at the cottage.
It seriously feels like Christmas morning every day when I get on my computer and connect (cue angels singing) to the www.
It's glorious.
And a little sad that it makes me so happy.

Rambling aside, I am making it a personal goal to post more.
It's a new month.
(My favorite month of the year, no less.)
Why not throw a challenge out there like posting every day for 30 days.
Why not?

I have a trip to document.
I have CA road trip posts to finish up.
I have serious TV to talk about (um...The Good Wife?!!!).
And I really want to write more.
I need the practice.

So here we go Cottage Girl blog.
Spur of the moment, I just decided to spend 30 days filling you up with lots of new fun things.
Do some stretches.
We're doing this.


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leslie.kidd said...

Sweet! Can't wait! We need to email about The Good Wife! CRAZINESS!!!