April 13, 2014

30 Days: Day 13 - Thirty-seven

37 highlights from my 36th year (not in any order)

  1. Meeting Zachary Levi and seeing him perform in First Date (front row!) with S
  2. Seeing Wind from the Sea by Andrew Wyeth at the National Art Gallery with my dear friend M
  3. Read My Lips from David's Tea
  4. Mint Julep from David's Tea
  5. The Good Wife
  6. The Vampire Diaires
  7. The Originals
  8. The Walking Dead
  9. Parks and Rec
  10. Downton Abbey
  11. The beach and tree line at Kiahuna Plantation in Kauai
  12. Volcanoes National Park
  13. Sea Glass Beach on The Big Island
  14. The Banzai Pipeline off of Ehukai Beach Park in the North Shore on Oahu
  15. Na Pali Coastline on Kauai
  16. Riding in the car with the windows down while the Hawaiian countryside zooms by
  17. Bodie and all its stories
  18. Big Sur at sunset
  19. The Redwoods and Giant Sequoias 
  20. That giant cinnamon roll The Bro and I shared at a bakery at Pacific Grove, CA
  21. The magical Pacific Coast Highway
  22. This spot in Julie Pfeiffer Burns State Park
  23. Base Camp Hotel in South Lake Tahoe
  24. Seeing Mike Cahill's new movie with a Steven Yeun bonus at Sundance
  25. Seeing Zach Braff and cast at the world premiere of his new movie (even if it wasn't very good)
  26. Meeting this miracle girl
  27. Sunsets at camp
  28. Lots of good books like Steve Jobs, The Divergent trilogy and Unbroken
  29. Worship at church every Sunday
  30. Time with family
  31. Knowing that our campers see Jesus when they are at camp
  32. My first sprint-triathlon
  33. Time with my 2 of my dearest girls
  34. Laughing until my sides ache and I can't breathe with my camp friends who are my family
  35. Great movie theater experiences like Catching Fire, Thor 2, Gravity and Iron Man 3
  36. Discovering the magic of essential oils
  37. Kickstarting and getting to see the Veronica Mars movie

Ready to start year 37.  Adventure awaits!

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