September 27, 2005

Ren Fest

For the first was so much more interesting than I expected. Thought that Renaissance festival meant peasants, lord and ladies. It was shocking to see it filled with pirates. Captain Hook everywhere. Skulls and cross-bones. Then found out it was pirate weekend. It has been so dry here that it was a dust fest too. Evidence, my feet! They were black by the end of the couple hours I spent there. I guess I was wearing the wrong shoes, as you can see in this picture. Need my pointed toed silver. The food was yummy and the shows were great.
Isn't it crazy to think that we pay money to spend time in someone else's time period. Will people pay money hundreds of years from today to spend time surfing the net and seeing movies on the big screen and driving gas driven cars? Will they dress in blue jeans and carry expensive purses?
It was kinda what I would think that a movie set would feel like somewhat.

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