September 28, 2005

China what?

I am obsessed with all things China lately. China adoptions, fabric, books, history, letters, families. Adoptions mostly. It's the one thing I've wanted to do since being a little tyke and time has sped up since then. It won't be for a few more years still, but it's on my mind constantly! I can't get enough of the blogs and other websites of families who are there now becoming a Forever Family. I think about it every morning when I eat my Cheerios for breakfast. Yes, I do still eat Cheerios for breakfast. A little sugar and Craisins, oh yeah. (I know you're thinking why's the food choice of little ones and many parents carry them to China.)
So how do I curb this obsession/addiction? Pray, pray, pray. Internet time in numerous blogs and websites of families going through it now. (I need to learn as much as I can now, right?) Shaohannah's Hope. Write my Compassion kid. Journal. Read.

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