June 19, 2012

because I like to obsess over things

I've been desperately trying to blog for a few days now.  
But the intreenets is not cooperating. Driving me nuts!    
Today was a minor reprieve, so here we go.  
A post I have been trying to write for almost a week now...

Things I am obsessed with lately.
Because I'm a girl who gets crazy obsessed with things randomly.

1.  Amazon Cloud App for iphones.  It just came out about a week ago.  Amazon is always giving away free credits.  I've gotten about $5 worth of free music in the last month.  Follow them on Twitter to get in on all the fun.  The cloud has 5G of free storage, too.  Side note:  I'm am not a fan of itunes.  In fact I despise it.  I buy 99% of my music from Amazon.  Their sales are the best.

2.  Boats, boats, boats.  This is my life.  Making sure they are running.  Putting gasoline in them.  Praying that the "sick" one will be "well" soon and that the "doctor" can figure out what the heck is wrong with it.

3.  Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman.  Wait, what?!  'Tis true.  I love me some Dr. Mike.  My blog friend Allison (whose new blog is the bees knees. seriously.  you should check it out!) admitted to her favorite ridiculous TV show recently.  I feel the need to come clean as well.  My favorite part of the ridiculousness that is Dr Quinn is when the acting/writing is so very bad that I can't help but literally laugh out loud.  I love it.  I just love it.  And I DVR it and watch several episodes at once.

4.  Raspberries.  They are all a'bloom right now.  I've already gathered a bunch on three different occasions. I took some to my parents on Saturday (Happy Father's Day, Poppa) along with some shortcake from Trader Joe's (oh my, delish) and some whipped cream.  Heaven.  And they have been going in my cherry/raspberry/pineapple/spinach green smoothie.  It's the best one I've made in a long time.

5.  ER Season 14.  My Netflix has been full of it.  I squeeze a few episodes in on the weekends.  It's just as delightful as the first time around.  Archie....Morris...

6.  Phonto and VSCOcam. I've been exploring the fun in adding text to my photos on Instagram. I'm trying to do a photo with the day # text on it every day for camp this summer.  A little photography challenge for myself.  Side note:  I've kept up with my other challenge too.  5 1/2 months of a-photo-every-day on Instagram.  And I'm still loving it.  It tough some days and a pure delight on others.  But looking back through them makes me giddy inside.

7.  Running.  I didn't do it once last week.  But I think about it and obsess over it every single day.  It felt really good to get up early this morning and go before my crazy camp day.  I still didn't like the running part.  Nope. But I do love how I feel after.  And by "feel", I mean glad that I didn't let my laziness win.  Mental victories even if the physical ones are small.

8.  Waterproof iphone cases.  Because my phone has to be on me at all times, even at the beach, I've been researching cases like a crazy person.  I'm so scared I'll drop this expensive piece of my life into the river and it will sink straight to the bottom. This one popped up on Instagram this week and now I'm in the "do I spend $60 on a silly phone case" debate.  Anyone know anything the scuba suit vs. lifeproof?

That's enough for now, I think.
I hope the waves of the internet decide to go my way more often.
I sure do miss blogging....sigh....

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