June 27, 2012


I have 112 (that is the real, true number) posts that are waiting to be read in my Google Reader.
That seems highly overwhelming.
Plus, the intreeenets is still painfully slow here in the ol' Cottage.

So, instead, here is my first week at camp in photo form.
I gave myself a little photo challenge, and I must say I'm enjoying it a crazy amount.
One photo each day with a quick sentence or two to describe it.
They are all taken with, editing on and uploaded with my handy dandy iphone.

Photo app details:
VSCOcam for editing/filters.
Phonto (free) for text.
Picture Frames Free for diptych.
Instagram posted.

***this post brought to you by a slice of PW chocolate cake.  Make some for yourself.  You'll thank me.  
***my friend, M, ate a piece of this cake right before we took that last photo.  See how happy she is?!

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Nick and Kaley said...

I love PW chocolate cake! This post reminds me of home! thanks for sharing!