July 09, 2012


Week #2 of my #campsummer14 project on Instagram.  
Because of the power outage last week, I couldn't post last weekend, so here it is a bit later.

Week 2 was lots of HOT days.  Close to 100 degrees mostly every single day.  Yes.  Hot.
I was talking to one of my camp co-workers about the weather the other day.  You know how people say that you talk about the weather if you can't think of anything else to mention?  It's like a safe topic of nothingness?  Well, when you spend 85% of your day outside, the weather becomes essential.  I check the updated forecast about 37 times a day.  Praying for rain (we haven't had a good rain in over a month).  Looking out for storms that would affect our activities on the waterfront.  Planning my day around the hottest part of the day if it's going to be sweltering.  Case in point:  the weather is important when you work outside all day. 

Week 2 was also one for the books because we had that crazy storm that knocked the power out on Friday night.  No running water.  Trying to feed the kids breakfast with no power.  No phones.  We managed (read: the Lord showered mercy upon us) to have one random phase stay on giving us limited electricity to get the necessities.  And we got two generators hooked up so that we could have running water.  

The campers were gone by 11am and we were left to die of heatstroke in the extreme heat.  Thankfully though, the kids were pretty much unaffected by the loss of power.  Had it happened a day or two earlier?  Nightmare.  But, as hard as it was the days that followed, the Lord was gracious and the damage was minimal.

And lastly, Week 2 was the week we had problems left and right with our boats.  Those two old workhorses are showing their age with a vengeance this year.  We haven't had two boat working simultaneously even once this summer.  It's been tough, but again, the Lord is gracious and we've been able to move the schedule around and get all the kids through their activities with just one boat.

So there we go.
A quick re-cap.
Week 2.
Over and out.

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