July 03, 2012

Zombie apocalypse

When I look back over the past few days, I realize why it seemed so entirely overwhelming:

Friday Night 11pm: the power goes out during one of the worst thunderstorms I've ever witnessed. I literally thought the cottage roof would blow off. Tree branches and trees crashed down.

Saturday morning: try to feed 120 kids breakfast with no power. Initial clearing of debris from walkways.

The rest of Saturday: temperature soars to 100. No AC or fans. Venture out into town, but it's like a zombie apocalypse happened. No working streetlights. Flares all over the roads. Grocery stores with empty selves and no power. Restaurants crammed with people trying to stay cool.
Go to a neighbors house for a party. They still had power and blessed AC. Sleep at this house because the cottage is now 90 degrees inside.

Sunday: No church because there is no power there. Fight the 500 other people at Panera trying to get breakfast at one of the few shops with power in the area. Temperature is close to 100 again.
Call every family that is supposed to be coming to camp that night to tell them we don't have power and can't have camp. On our cell phones because we don't have working phones. Every single family for 170 kids.
Have a meeting with the staff asking them to go to a house with power because we can't take care of them.
Sleep at neighbor's house again still too hot to go home. Get sore throat.

Monday: wake up with a cold. Perfect. Start cleaning away debris at 8am. It takes 4 hours with 15 of us working.
Power finally restored!! Call back 170 families to tell them camp will open that night.
Clean out fridge full of spoiled food at the cottage.
6pm Registration for week 3.
10pm management meeting.
Cold now in epic form. No sleep. Watch TV and drink hot tea because medicine won't work.

Tuesday: morning activities on the beach. Try remain conscious, but now have a fever. Get coverage for the rest of the day and spend the afternoon and evening on the couch sleeping, drinking water and watching lots and lots of Dr. Quinn. (I love you DVR). In the AC. Glorious AC.

I'm so ready for things to get back to normal. And I'm also incredibly thankful the Lord kept us safe during that crazy storm. Now I just need to feel better...


Allison Drew said...

Whew. You have been one busy lady. Praying for health for you and the rest of your staff.

cottage girl said...

Thanks so very much!