July 10, 2012

the third week

Week #3 of Summer 14.

Week 3 turned out to be pretty crazy.  Why?

1) We started a day late because of the power outage caused by that crazy storm the Friday before.  First time I think that has ever happened and I hope it will be the last.

2). It was blazing hot.  I mean, I felt melted by 10am H-O-T.

3) I got sick with a yucky cold.  I realized just how sick I was when I was sitting on the beach on that hot Tuesday morning and I wasn't sweating.  It felt comfortable.  Fever.  Yes, indeed.  And I lost my voice too after all the yelling I do at the beach.  It still isn't back.  I miss it.

4) Lots of great conversations with the staff.  So very much younger than me, but oh, how I love them.  I just l-o-v-e them.

5) I got to spend a good chunk of time in our neighbor's backyard while my roommate was house sitting for them.  It's a dream of a back yard (Day 15).  A pond, full garden, green house, chickens, flowers everywhere.  I sat for a long time watching the frogs in the pond and wandering through the yard.  I didn't even mind the crazy hot evening.

6). The jellies are here.  They arrived with a vengeance this week. We didn't have a single jelly fish last summer.  Well, this summer is making up for that already.  They are everywhere.  And huge.  Some of them are the size of a dinner plate.  Jelly fish stings are happening constantly now.  I hate it because there is nothing you can do for a jellyfish sting to make it better. I feel so bad for the kids when it happens.

On to week 4.  Or Teen Week, as we call it.  Lots and lots of boating going on.  But it's only going to be in the temperature is only going to be in the upper 90's.  Bliss.

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