August 30, 2012

Luna and the Color Run

Without reliable internet at home, I feel like my blogging has dwindled down to nothing.  
Makes me so sad, but it's just such a pain to take hours to post just one little thing.  

What I've been up to lately:

Watching the Harry Potter movies again.  How brilliant are those stories?  I mean, really.  I know we've all heard the pomp and circumstance over them a thousand times, but I'm still in awe when I rediscover them after a while away.  I just re-discovered my love of Luna Lovegood (and the absolutely perfect casting of her character in the movies).  And then there are the Weasley's.  I can never get enough of them.  

Instagramming it up.  I'm obsessed.  I think it's been my "blog" for the year.  My sweet little iphone has been the only consistent place that I can get internet access, which means Instagram is about the extent of my online-ness (besides some email and a little Twitter).  

Running.  It's a love/hate relationship we have.  I hate doing it, but love that I have done it when it's over.  I do think having a goal to work toward is helping immensely.  Oh, goal....The Color Run.   I can't freakin' wait!! Lately, I've been listening to Pandora's 80's Cardio Radio while I run.  So many great song.

Still missing camp.  It's just so quiet around here.

Getting super excited for the Renaissance Festival, which starts up soon and very soon.  It's my favorite tradition of the Fall.  The food, the shows, the people watching.

So for those of you that have been asking (my sister included) where I've been, there a tiny post for you to read.  You're welcome.

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