August 22, 2012

roller coasters and camping

Hooray for calm, relaxing, camping weekends.

My family was (and still is) big into camping.

Let me define trailer with air conditioning, bathroom and sink.

That's how we roll.

Anyway, this weekend has been my light at the end of the long summer.

A weekend away with my parents at the campground I grew up going to.

Plus....wait for it....a trip to King's Dominion.

Hey-o! Roller coasters galore.

We also went to downtown Fredericksburg to do a bit of antique shopping.

So many fun things.

And such crazy expensive prices.

Vintage is "in" now and the prices reflect that.

Our day at the park was amazing.

No lines.

Walked on to almost every single roller coaster.

The weather taunted us for a while but ended up being perfect.

Cool.  Cloudy.  No rain.

It was a sheer delight.

Dear S came down to share in the free fun as well.

My dad's company had given him 4 free tickets to the park plus free food too.

Free day.  Good weather.  No lines.  Brilliant.

This was the roller coaster that actually scared me when I first saw it.

I'm big into roller coasters and will ride just about anything without a second thought.

This one...eeesh.

That hill looked crazy high and straight down.

I was nerrrvous.

But I walked up to the line, got on and screamed my head off with glee.

I may never ride that one again though because after the hill, everything got fuzzy.

Out of focus and wouldn't go back into focus.

Tunnel vision and things started to get grey around the edges.

Yes, I almost passed out on the ride.

Had to close my eyes and breathe.

It was so fast.  SO fast.

My mom had the same experience.

Never had that happen to me before.

So while it was THE BEST hill I've ever been on on a roller coast, the rest of it was too intense for my little body I guess.

We had a super fun day and rode tons of roller coasters 
and finished up early because of the "no lines" thing.  

(yes, my parents ride/love/are obsessed with roller coasters.  they instilled that love in all their kids)

We did a little more shopping the next day and found some gems like this clock.  

And this sign that Don Draper must have left behind.  

And this sign that I wanted to get badly, but had a price tag that was beyond ridiculous.

All in all it was a fun, happy end of the summer weekend.

Every summer should involve a roller coaster ride or 10.

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Anonymous said...

It was a great weekend! Thanks for sharing it with us and Winnie. Made your mom and dad very happy.