August 13, 2012


I never know how to return after being gone so long.

For example...what do I start with?

Do I tell you how melancholy I am today because camp ended Saturday and life is too quiet and lonely?
That seems like a huge downer.

Or do I tell you about the time we went to the carnival to celebrate my roommate's birthday and we rode the Tilt-A-Whirl and I laughed till my sides hurt.

Or perhaps about Smoothie Night 2012 and the crazy 80's outfits that abounded.  Such a good time.

Or how our water at camp has been un-drinkable for 4 months and turned half of my clothing and swimsuits orange, not to mention my skin and everything in our bathroom. frustrated.

Or perhaps how I have 517 (honest Abe, that's the number) posts to read in my Google Reader because I haven't been online in weeks.  Overwhelming.

Or how about how I'm back in the office and being inside all day feels like torture after a summer in the sunshine.

Or maybe I'll show you how I completed my summer photo challenge and posted a photo every day of summer camp on Instagram.  56 photos.  Actually, I've been posting every day 8 months, but the summer challenge was specific to camp.

There are so many choices.
So many stories.
So much of life that has gone by.
I'm learning to accept that there are times when it will be desolate here.
And that's okay.
But for now, it's good to be back.
I missed you.


Cottage Girl

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