September 12, 2012

rambling weather post

There's this part in Jane of Lantern Hill (a favorite book of mine since I was young) when a big storm comes.  It blows and howls and shakes the house.  And when it's all over, summer is over as well.  Fall arrives with its crisp cool weather and fall foliage shortly behind.  It has always stuck in my head and I look for that storm every year.  That big last hurrah of summer.

That pretty much describes this storm.  We had had some ridiculously hot and humid weather for most of August and the beginning of September.  Now, I love summer.  It's my favorite season of all.  I love the hot weather and steamy days.  I don't really love the humidity, but that's inescapable if you live on the east coast during the summer.

Anyway, on Saturday, this lovely sky came rolling through.  I knew it was coming because I had been checking the weather all day.  There is nothing more incredible than watching a storm roll down the river.  It's equal part terrifying and amazing.  I ran down to the beach to snap a photo or two and watch it roll in.  There wasn't any thunder or lightning, which was really odd, but the wind was pretty incredible.  A great end of summer storm that really did bring some of the most beautiful weather behind it.

Rambling post all about the weather...complete.

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