September 26, 2012

Shall we?

I miss my dear little blog.  

And all of you.

I miss connecting with people.

I miss writing so very much.

But I don't have internet at home right now and it's just not possible to write when I want to.

That's so frustrating and sad to me right now.    

So let's just pretend I can invite you all over for a nice cup of iced tea or chocolate milk.  We can have a face to face chat instead.  I can tell you all about my trip to see my sister last week and my love of the new iOS6.  We can trade photos.  You can tell me all about your favorite TV shows that are back on the schedule and the best movie you've seen lately.  I can tell you all about how my Netflix queue is full of TV shows (ER season 15 and Breaking Bad).  We can talk about the books we are reading (me:  My Life in France by Julia Child which I found for a quarter at the thrift store). We can sit and watch the river turn into a pink and purple and orange wonder during sunset on the most beautiful Fall evening.  Then we can watch The Avengers because I had to run out and buy it the day it came out on DVD.

Let do that instead, shall we?

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