March 08, 2013

Goodbye, week

(by the fantastic Nan Lawson.  A forever favorite artist of mine.)

I'll be glad when this week is over.
Anyone else?
Just one of "those weeks", you know?

Here's a few pieces of randomness for you on this Friday...

>>>  I've been watching It Happened One Night again, hence the above artwork.  

>>>  Joss is doing a big ol' bus tour with the cast of Much Ado on their way to SXSW.  Love it.  Can't wait for the movie.

>>>  The new Divergent book comes out in October.  Oh-so-long-to-wait October.  I've been thinking about Tris lately and wondering how this story will end.

>>>  David's Tea.  Oh, good gracious.  I could spend way too much $$ on their deliciousness.  My current favorite it Read My Lips.  It came as a sample with my order and now I need more.  It's crazy delicious.

>>>  Finished Bunheads and now I must wait like the rest of America for the new season to start.  It definitely fills that Gilmore Girls hole.  I love the dancing.  LOVE.  

>>>  Loved this post from Elsie about lifestyle photography.  I find myself gravitating to this style 90% of the time.  Very few moments that are posed or "look at the camera".  I like the little moments and details, the bits and pieces that catch my eye while life is happening.  

>>>  I've found myself looking forward to Tuesdays thanks to You Are My Wild.  Several photographers post 1 photo of their kids from the past week.  I want to soak in all the light and perfection in each shot.  This is crazy inspiring to me right now.  

>>>  Speaking of inspiring...does it get any more inspiring than a shoot like this one from the great TW?  For years now, I just drool over the light she paints with in her photos.  

>>>  Another post from a blog I follow.  The third photo...I want to live inside those perfect colors.  

And so on and so forth....

What's caught your attention lately?

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leslie.kidd said...

Wow, those picture blogs are incredible. I wish I could take pictures like that ... i love the colors as well in that picture you linked to ... so perfect! Have a great weekend!