March 21, 2013

history is fun

If my history classes had been as entertaining and informative as The Men Who Built Amercia, I would have been a history major.

My parents introduced me to this mini-series when I was home for the holidays.
It's fascinating.
The story of Vanderbuilt, Rockefeller, Carnegie, JP Morgan and Ford.
I never knew how much their stories intertwined.
And how very, VERY wealthy they were. (At one point, Rockefeller had more money than the federal government.)
And greedy.
And smart.
And how they changed America.
How we have oil, steel, modern day banking, automobiles and assembly line factories because of them.

If you are into history,
or if you think it's boring, but wish you knew more about it,
give The Men Who Built America a try.
I just finished it last night and am already wishing there was more.

Reading side note: I just started Steve Jobs biography, which I have been wanting to read since it came out.  People's stories always fascinate me.  People who change the way we do things, even more fascinating.  I feel like there could be a mini-series about men like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and all the other computer geniuses one day.  They have changed the way our world operates and the way we communicate forever.  

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leslie.kidd said...

Interesting! I'm definitely gonna have to check it out! Thx for the tip!