March 01, 2013

Dear, Spring...

I am very ready for spring. By that I mean that I'm already sitting in windows on warm(er) days to soak in every second of bright sunshine.  I also mean that I'm contemplating pulling out my summer clothes even though the highs are still in the 40 degree range here.  I finally mean that I am missing running.  That's right.  I said it.  I miss my morning runs.  But I cannot make myself run when it is in the 30's outside.  I spend the rest of the day coughing because of the cold air.  No thank you.

So, Spring.  Yes, you, desperately missed feel free to come at any time.  It is March 1st, you know.  March seems very appropriate for your arrival.  I vow to bring flowers to announce your presence.  I vow to get rid of all the winter leftovers such as weeds and brown grasses and pale, covered skin.  I vow to use the sunlight and warm weather to its potential with gardening, outdoor games, beach walks, morning runs, hiking adventures.  

We'll be friends, dear Spring.  We will.  We will enjoy each other's company, I promise.  I won't take you for granted.  I'll be thankful for every day. And you will be the reason that I will make it through the insanity that comes to life when one lives on a camp schedule.  

So, please.  Please, won't you?  You must be ready for all of this too, right?!