June 29, 2013

random thoughts

There's something about writing that is so calming to my soul.  Kinda like sitting by the ocean side with the sand covering my feet and the wind whipping my hair.  Like taking a deep breath that I didn't know I was holding.  Writing just makes the crazies go away.

Sometimes, when I sit down to type out a blog post, I have no earthly idea what to write about.  Like right now...do you want to hear about the 2nd thunderstorm of the day that is rumbling around out side at this very minute?  The one that sent the campers and staff running (no, really.  RUNNING) into the gym because the wall of water (rain) was thundering down the river towards them.

Or perhaps, you'd like to hear about how we only have a trickle of water pressure right now.  For the entire camp.  It's super fun when you are trying to take a shower at the end of the day to wash off the sunscreen/bug spray/saltwater/pool water/sweat/grass/sand/dirt off that has collected upon your person through out the day.  And washing clothes?  Now that's funny.  It takes about an hour to fill up the washer.  I feel so bad for our facilities guy.  He has to keep this 70 year old place running and alive for 200 people every day.

Or how about how I love eating meals with clumps of friends.  We chat and laugh.  Oh how we laugh at the silliest things.  We talk about random things and silly things and unusual things.  And it's just fun sometimes to know that there will be a table of friends to join at meals on the little staff porch each day.

Maybe you'd like to hear about how the jelly fish were so bad yesterday that I was continuously scooping them out of the water for almost 2 hours straight.  Bad.  I've never, in all my years at camp, seen them like that.  And it was totally out of the blue too.  The day before, there had just been a few here or there.  And then the next day...plague of jellyfish.  It created quite the drama filled day.  Because, you see, campers have somehow gotten it into their head that a jelly fish sting is pretty much like a shark attack.  Why?  I have no idea.  It honestly doesn't hurt that bad.  They seem to think that these floating piles of goo can sever one of their tiny limbs.  Or at least send them to death's door.  I try to explain to them that jellyfish don't have eyes, nor do they hunt humans like polar bears.  That logic doesn't seem to work, however.  Instead I deal with blind panic and screams of terror when their life jacket straps brush against their legs in the water.  All part of the joy of working with children.

Finally, how about I tell you the story of how Friday's mean Friday Night Snack Shop and I'll be in the middle of the chaos once again until 11pm.  It's always a late night and it's always one of my favorite nights of the week.  There will inevitably be jokes about how hot cheese that comes in a can isn't really cheese.  And probably a few comments like "how in the world can you eat that much candy?" or "can you really drink 5 sodas tonight before you go back to your cabin?" or "how old ARE you?"  That last one is for me because I may state a few times that it's way too late for a person of my age to be awake with those young kids.  I will probably eat something that isn't at all nutritious but is 100% delicious. I won't feel bad about it either.

Okay, brain feels less crazy.  Done.

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