June 28, 2013

Watching, reading, listening

Let's talk entertainment for a bit, shall we?

It is one of my favorite topics, you know.

How about we check in on that Summer Movie List?

I have already checked 3 off of my list so far.

Iron Man 3:  I loved it. Already wrote that, but it merits another mention.  If the second one was a little disappointing to you, then #3 will be redeeming.  Funny, good story, great ending.

Star Trek:  I must admit that I liked this almost more than Iron Man 3.  The story was so good.  And I can't help myself, I love that Cumberbatch.  And he is all kinds of fantastic in this one.  It was a perfect sequel to JJ's first go-around.  Highly recommended.

The Great Gatsby:  Loved it.  So Baz. Big.  Showy.  Loud and beautiful.  The story was sad (no shocker for those of you who have read it).  My roommate didn't enjoy the story because she said it was  depressing, but I'm a sucker for good depressing, sad story.

Still need to see: Much Ado, Bling Ring and maybe Man of Steel but everyone has been saying how horrible it is.  Maybe I'll skip that one.

Other forms of entertainment:

TV:  I've become obsessed with The Newsroom. The Bro has been telling me to try it for a few months now, but we don't have HBO.  Then randomly our satellite provider had one of those free HBO weekends with a Newsroom marathon.  Score.  I'm a big fan of Aaron Sorkin and especially The West Wing.  If you are too, then this show is something you would love as well.  It's fantastic.  And I have no idea why so many critics have been so down on it.  The cast is adorable and I loved them instantly.  When the writing is good (as Sorkin's tends to be), I've realized that you don't have to grow to love a show.  You love it 20 minutes into the first episode.  The Newsroom is one of those gems.  

Books:  I read finished Everyday about a week ago.  It...was....horrible.  It was an interesting idea and I finished it only because I wanted to know what would happen and if it would redeem itself.  It did not.  It was all around bad.
Currently reading: Searching For God Knows What and The 5th Wave.

Music:  I'm loving and playing on repeat Oh How I Need You by All Sons and Daughters.  And then there is the Sigur Ros album.  I just got it on vinyl yesterday and can't wait to spin that thing all summer long.  Delightful.

What are you watching, reading and listening to lately?  I have no earthly idea what the rest of America is into this summer.  All my "news" comes from my Entertainment Weekly delivered to my mailbox every Thursday.


Meredith T. said...

APRIL!!!! Newsroom is the greatest!!! Season 2 starts so soon!!!!

Ahhhh...I wish we could watch it together. :)

cottage girl said...

I wish we could to, my friend. And I sure do miss you! Praying for you all the time.