June 30, 2013


(Iceland via The Commons)

I'm currently trapped in The Black Hole while a thunderstorm rages outside.  Buckets of rain and my car parked far from me.  I'll happily stay in the land of free internet and 1,000's of books, thank you.

I finished up my free 70 pages of The 5th Wave yesterday on my Kindle.  Now, it's all I can think about.  Fascinating story and I'm left hanging and the local library doesn't even have any copies of it yet.  Oh the torture.  I may actually have to purchase the rest of it because I just have to know what happens.  Purchasing books is on my "frivolous" list.  I always feel guilty doing it when I can find just about anything for free at the library.

Anyway, I'm finishing up my 29 hours off for the week.  Granted much of that I would love to spend sleeping, but that's just silly.  Tonight, a whole new pack of children arrive, excited beyond words and full to brim with energy. We begin again.  Loving, playing, swimming.  Making sure they have the best week of their summer that we can manage.  And always showing them Jesus because without that, well, it's all just pointless.

Rain finally stopped.

Signing off...

ps...I REALLY want to go to Iceland.  And Sigur Ros' new album is not helping the situation.


stephanie said...

ugh- Iceland? Really? Looks like Alaska to me- been there- done that. Usually I can relate to what you say- but not on this one sister! I enjoy travel but not to cold places! :) Glad things are going well for you this summer. I'm having a more relaxing summer than normal. It's been really nice. I wish it would go on forever- but we start school August 15th. Trying not to think of it though. Jack has had some really exciting baseball games this summer! He has a tournament next week. I'm looking forward to that. Then it's up to PA for family time for a few weeks. Enjoy your day!

cottage girl said...

Miss you, Stephanie!

And Iceland is so beautiful! After seeing Sigur Ros' Heima, I knew I had to go. Definitely have to go in the summer, but still. It just looks magical.