January 25, 2006

and babies make 5

Girl time was fantastic this past weekend. I forget how hard it is to say goodbye at the end of each visit. I spent a good 15 minutes crying on my way home.
When I get together with my college girls, we usually have lots of pictures of us hiking or seeing new places. This time, I got home and had 2 pictures of the 3 of us together and a ton of the babies. Who can resist delicate curls and toddling feet? When I was a high schooler, I hated babysitting. I did it often cause it was a source of income and the kids were usually good. I always feared that I would be a horrible auntie and kids would run in terror as soon as they saw me. Well, when your friends have babies, it's a whole other story. I had the best time just watching the babies and making them laugh and feeding them and putting them down for a nap. Being an auntie is magical. I fall in love with those 2 little girls more every time I see them. Everything they do is so much more amazing because I see my 2 best friends in their babies faces. I love seeing my friends as mothers, so loving and compassionate and funny. It's fun to think about college days and who they were then and now to see them raising little ones (with their significant others of course!). We didn't really do much of anything on this visit. Between naptime, feeding time and running around to use up energy time, we didn't have time for much else. And since I was the only one without a baby, I wondered if it would be hard. No way! It was magical. I know that's such a strange word to use, but its true. Every moment, even the crying tantrums, was enjoyable. Meal times were more fun with high chairs and bibs. Car time was more fun being in between 2 car seats with 2 angels to talk to. The mom's got to talk and I got to play.
I'm so thankful for my roomies. We still talk about everything. We still laugh at each other. And it still feels like home when we're together. I love seeing them grow and change into 2 amazing mothers. If only the goodbyes could be erased....
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