January 09, 2006

Writers and wishing I could be one...

I may have said this before, but I am in awe of writers. True, make me cry, make me laugh out loud, make me believe in a world that is literally impossible, writers. I have so many that I just love, but here is a quick list of my favorites..

L.M. Montgomery. (Oh, how I love this woman's style. She wrote things in her books things that I think, but can't put down on paper. I've read the Anne series so many times, that I almost know it by heart. I loved being in Prince Edward Island and seeing all the things that were her inspirations for her stories. The Lake of Shining Waters. The Haunted Woods. Lover's Lane. Her stories are fun, imaginative, honest and real. It's hard to believe that Anne Shirley isn't a real person.)

Joss Whedon. (So he doesn't write books (isn't TV just another form in the art of writing), that doesn't mean that he isn't an genius writer. He creates multi-layered worlds that are full of 3 dimensional characters. It's hard to believe that Spike and Buffy aren't real somewhere on the earth or in the 'verse. Or that Captain Tightpants isn't roaming the skies with his hap-hazard crew o' eight. Shiny, indeed.)

J.K Rowlings. (Say what you may about "that Harry Potter stuff", but J.K. is a writing wizard.)

Louisa May Alcott (Meg, Jo, Amy and Beth. They were like my own sisters when I read this book. I cry every single time I read about Beth's death. Every time.)

If there were one thing I would love to do before I die, it would be to write a book. A really good book. One that means something. One that tells an amazing story. I often think about what the story would be about. Who would these characters be? What would their lives be like? Where would they live? How would the ideas for them arrive in my brain?

These are the thoughts that were running through my head on the walk to the mail box today.

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