January 03, 2006

A whole new world

I've been thinking lately, "what would my life be like without the internet?" I remember distinctly getting my first email address. I was in college at the computer lab trying to figure out this new world I had been told about. "You just sign up and some "one" writes you letters and you get them and you don't have to pay for it? Ahh, zah! This is a new fun territory I must be a part of."
Now I can't survive without it. My life revolves around it at times.
I've been blessed in my life with so many wonderful friends. The not so wonderful part is that they are scattered around the globe. I can send them quick notes about how my day is and what I'm up to. We can chat online if need arises (don't really do that much, but it's there if I need it). I get as excited to check my inbox each day as I do getting the real mail. (ps...does anyone else absolutely love getting the mail? It's like winning a prize when there is something fun in it for you!)
Then there's online shopping. My dad would have found no present under the tree this year without the internet.
I'd never get movie times.
Paper tickets would be my only way to travel on planes, trains and boats.
I'd never know if LOST is new tonight or just a repeat.
No meeting fun new people through their blogs. This is my favorite new addition to my world o'net.
No Conan O'Brien clips of the Chuck Norris Walker Texas Ranger lever. (check out this. Go to his website, click on video, click Late Night at the top, click under Conan "late night feature clips", and then scroll down and go to nubmer 18 and click on Late Night: Walker Texas Ranger.....I know this sounds confusing, but I couldn't get a link to work for it....There are 3 of these clips. My brother showed them to me and I couldn't breathe I was laughing so hard.)
Let's not forget about an entire resource library at your fingertips. Remember the days of research papers that meant hours of encyclopedia research...don't miss that!
Less picture sharing with friends. I'd never see their kids grow up without the invention of the internet and the wonderful new device called the digital camera. Ooooo!
What is this world we live in?

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