January 17, 2006

roommate reunion

This weekend is going to be great. I can just feel it. Both of my college roommates are going to be in town with their husbands and their kids! We haven't been all together in years. I've seen both of them recently, but to have all of us together is like catching lightning in a bottle these days. This past weekend I was going through my old picture albums from the college days. What times we had! These girls know more about me that just about anyone. College life tends to lead to lots of late night chats, embarrassing moments and memorable dance routines (so many great stories there!). I was able to see each of them fall in love with their husbands and then become mothers. They are so patient with me and everything that has happened in my life. I can call either at anytime and know that they are listening, not just hearing, everything I say. We have all changed so much, yet each time we get together, it's totally comfortable. It's home.
I can't wait!
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