May 22, 2006

BBQ fun

The other day, I posted about a BBQ that I had with friends. It was like the old days when neighborhoods had their cookouts in the cul-de-sacs and all the kids were running around playing. All the neighbors were out the same night, eating at their porch tables, enjoying the spectacular weather we have been having. It was nice to sit and chat with friends and eat some yummy asparagus and hot dogs. Here's a couple shots from the evening...
Peter finally got his first groundhog. Needless to say, he was rather excited. He asked me to take this picture of his prized kill. (by the way, we are over run by groundhogs in this area. They cause damage to the grounds, give us fleas in the buildings and are just annoying. We've tried to get rid of them for years and they still come back. So don't worry. These disgusting creatures won't become extinct! It's like killing a mouse in a trap. Didn't want anyone to think that I condone animal massacre...)

My buddy, my buddy, where ever I go, she goes....My buddy, my buddy, my buddy and me....

There is nothing like the spring. I just adore it. The weather is perfect and I want to live outside every second. And I love photos. What great memories to have from an otherwise normal evening at home. It's almost like I froze time and can pick it back up whenever I want to.
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someone named Peter said...

I just want to say, although I mourned the death of poor Sally, it was her time to go... and I got another one today!

Shay Shay said...

In the imortal and wise words of JJ P. "Peter, it's to bad that you finally found a girl and you just had to kill her!"
Love the "my buddy" picture. Being posted on your blog makes me feel like a Rock Star!
Love you Apey!