June 20, 2006

Dinner shock

Last night, I was peacefully eating dinner with friends on the "staff porch." (remember...someone makes meals 3 times a day around here and we all come running when the dinner bell rings) We are enjoying a nice evening thunderstorm that is the norm when you are located on the water and the days are hot and humid. This one was a good one, but not as bad as some have been. It seemed to be slowing down and we were all happily eating and laughing. Mid-story a BOLT of lightning stuck. Not just anywhere. This BOLT was so powerfully close that several people's ears popped. I could feel the heat. There was a whiter that white flash of light. The scariest part was the feeling it sent through my body. Kinda a mix of the world largest bass drum (like at a concert when it's REALLY loud and you can literally feel it in your chest) and the heat wave you get when you open the oven when it's at full blast. Needless to say, stunned was the word of choice to describe it cause there were no words to accurately describe it. Here's some pictures to prove it. The BOLT hit a tree right outside where we were.

I was sitting right at the window on the left hand side. Yes, it was that close.
This was how far the bark went flying. And fly it did! Smoke too!

What a way to start the first day of camp!
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1 comment:

stephanie said...

WOW! my mom "got struck" when we were kids- it hit the telephone pole outside our house- just as she opened up the dryer- the oven blew up in the kitchen (had to get a new one) and downstairs at the dryer-the shock traveled up her arm and down her body and out her foot-she was numb for a day or two. we called her lightning bug for awhile :)