June 23, 2006

This week, I love....

when I'm walking across the gravel with my flip flops on and the gravel gets onto the back of my flip flop and I keep walking and the rock flies off my flip flop in front of me. It's always fun to see how far it will go.

I also love Snapple Peach Iced Tea. It's the best thing to drink in the whole world.

Further more, I love having to look at my watch at least once every day to see what day it is (Timex Ironman has been my best watch friend for the last 7 years. Date, time, day of the week, stopwatch, timer. Love it!) Everyday is so similar, in a good way, that I seriously forget what day it is. It's fun to live in the moment everyday.

What did you love this week?
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1 comment:

stephanie said...

i love the way your mind works- it's very interesting how the rock does always work it's way out the front huh! and yes, i love living in the moment and not knowing what day it is :) i do that now that i'm a mom and i wouldn't want it any other way. i asked matt one day what day it was and he thought it was so funny he told me i was "all that and a bag of chips" which of course made me laugh cause it was sooo 90s :) i like reading your blog :)