June 12, 2006

It was a .....

beautiful day. So beautiful that my camera was screaming to be used. I had just gone to an Artfest in town and realized that some of my photos were just as good as the ones that cost $250. My little Kodak Easyshare was working it's magic the best that it could. I love how blue the sky looks, how green the trees are and how the clouds seem float by lazily. (no, I didn't doctor them in photoshop either!)

This past weekend was delightful. I have a great picture to share as soon as I get a chance. The busy summer season is upon my life but it's so much fun. There is always something to do and someone to laugh with. What more does a girl need anyway?
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1 comment:

stephanie said...

i love the picture of the grass- i always called that wheat as a kid- but i'm sure it's not ;) nice to see you too :)